A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 57

The Fiery Phoenix and the Blue Heavens Divine Sword

The camps of the orthodox clans were burning furiously and there were chaotic fighting everywhere!

Thousands of exponents from over two hundred martial clans were fighting against one another in great confusion!

Everywhere, there were fallen exponents, the thunderous impact of fists and the shrieking clanging of weapons as martial clan fought against one another.

Everyone was accusing one another to be a heretic exponent as they fought against one another. Most of the accusations were actually false as the martial clans took advantage of the confusion to settle old feuds and realign their alliances.

When the heretic sects had descended upon the camps of the orthodox clans, there were no prior warnings. It was because most of the sentries had already been killed or had been infiltrated by the heretic sects!

Indeed, the extent of the infiltration of the heretic sects were so widespread that the entire orthodox exponents found themselves in great confusion as they fought the heretic exponents and other orthodox exponents at the same time!

Six of the more prominent heretic sects, the Ancient Relic Sect, the Salvation Palace, the Three Swords Clan, the Episode Sect, and the Rhapsody Sect were led by the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan in a sudden attack on the orthodox clans in the dead of the night!

Panic quickly spread throughout the camps of the orthodox clans!

“They are…the heretic exponents! There are so many of them!?”

Among the more than one hundred martial clans, there were more than a dozen martial clans that were secretly aligned with the major unorthodox clans and had infiltrated the camps of the orthodox clans.

Adding to the number of heretic clans and unorthodox clans that were already on the opposing sides, were their infiltrators in the various orthodox clans that deliberately created more confusion and chaos during the attack by misleading the others that the clans that they were in were actually the enemies!

Three immediately factions were fighting for supremacy in the chaos, the Evil Heretic Clans, the Unrighteous Unorthodox Clans and the Righteous Orthodox Clans!

Assembled inside the large tent of the Virtuous Palace were the leaders of the three major Sword Clans; Yan Nanfei the Protégé Master of the Zen Sect, Zuo Tianyi the Protégé Master of the Infinity Sword Clan, and Shangguan Qingyun the Protégé Master of the Divine Sword Martial Clan.

The Honor Manor led by Han Shaodong, Gu Tianle the Protégé Master and the Heartless Scholar who had just assumed the new leadership of the Twelve Golden Halls of the Honor Manor were also presented.

Also presented were the Sword Sage of the Aegis Sword Clan, the Element Sage and his protégé grand-nephew Chi Zhengqi of the Five Element Clan.

Beside Xiao Shuai were Yuan Shao, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao.

Xiao Ao was the son of Xiao Da. He was casting long glances at Han Xinyue, who was the granddaughter of Han Shaodong. And it was pretty much obvious.

Han Xinyue did not seem to mind the attention given to her. Even though she was no more than twenty and had an innocent and angelic look, Zuo Tianyi and the Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar were secretly fearful of her!

When her mysterious gray eyes looked at them, they were immediately seized with fear!

It was because despite her angelic and innocent look, she had seized Zuo Tianyi’s divine sword, the Blue Heavens just a few days ago and had severely injured them!

Her real name was actually not Han Xinyue but was Shen Xinyue the Fiery Phoenix. Even though she had been introduced as Han Shaodong’s granddaughter, she was actually Han Shaodong protégé mistress!

As a matter of fact, Han Shaodong’s Divine Rejuvenation Force was imparted to him by her!

A few days ago…

Lu Baiyun was saying to Zuo Tianyi, “I see that you have a good sword in your hands.”

Zuo Tianyi said, “The sword is not unsheathed yet, how do you know that it is a good sword?”

Lu Baiyun said, “I am also an accomplished swordsman myself. The sword isn’t unsheathed yet but already I can sense its killing intent. It is a good sword but it is a pity that it is a malevolent sword. If I am not wrong, this sword is a calamity sword and would bring harm only to its master. A swordsman should be in control of the sword and not let the sword controlled him, don’t you think so?”

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Don’t you worry about it. As long as this sword is able to help me to kill my enemies, this is a good sword. With my present attainment, no matter how malevolent this Blue Heavens is, its sword energy won’t be able to harm me.”

Lu Baiyun laughed, “I am really curious about this sword. May I have a look at it?”

Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “If the sword is unsheathed, then it must draw blood. Do you want your blood to be upon this sword? Moreover, the mere sword energy of this sword will only harm you. This is something that you won’t be wishing or else the Honor Manor would soon lose one of its most capable fighters.”

“What if I want to look at it?” An angelic voice said alluringly.

It was Han Xinyue.

She was always cold and kept to herself. Today was the first time that she had spoken to them.

Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “If anything happens to you, how would we answer to Master Han Shaodong. You have better forgot about it.”

Han Xinyue smiled. Her smiles were beautiful and really enticing to behold as she sighed softly, “Is that so?”

Lu Baiyun was looking lustfully at her as he said, “If maiden you are interested in swords and swordplay, you can come to the tents of the Honor Manor and I would be pleased to show you our precious swords…”

Han Xinyue had already seized the scabbard from Zuo Tianyi with a startling speed, as she broke the harness of the sword scabbard with her fingers!

Zuo Tianyi was stunned to see this display. Even though he had seen her making her move and was about to stop her; his scabbard was seized right in front of his very eyes! What was even scary about her was that she seemed to have deliberately hinted that she was coming forward and when Zuo Tianyi had raised his hands to stop her, she had simply seized it.

Beautiful or not, whether she was angelic or not and whether she was from the Virtuous Palace or not, Zuo Tianyi’s malevolent killing intent was aroused and he raised his sword fingers to stab her. It was because taking and stealing a swordsman’s sword was considered to be an act of great sacrilegious. In the fraternity, it was an act that was punishment by death duels on the spot!

Even Lu Baiyun was shocked!

But just as Zuo Tianyi had just raised his sword finger, Han Xinyue had already unsheathed the blue beaming cold blade of the divine sword. When the Blue Heavens was unsheathed, a sudden burst of cold bluish burst of sword energy burst in all directions, fatally wounding Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun as the shockwave of the sword energy sent them flying backward and rolling on the ground in agonizing pain!

Zuo Tianyi was stunned!

It was because even for his state of divinity, he had to be careful about unsheathing this sword and had to use his sword energy attainment to suppress the sword energy of this sword. Even though the Blue Heavens was radiating a powerful sword energy force in his hand, he had never seen this type of sword burst before!

This sword energy display was already the attainment of the Infinity-Zero!

What was even more startling was that Han Xinyue was still standing in the same spot and was not affected by the sword energy burst as she said, “Lucky I am able to have to release the cumulating sword energies of this naughty sword with my Rejuvenate Divine Force or else the backlash would be great. Oh well, it does seem this is a calamity sword. When it is unsheathed, it must draw blood. Luckily, it is not mine.”

As she raised the divine sword in her hands, the light of the sun was diffused by the sword and a golden halo formed glaringly on its blade, “So the name of this name is the Blue Heavens.”

She sheathed the sword and carelessly threw it down on Zuo Tianyi’s feet as she hummed coldly and said disappointing, “It is a pity that this sword has been tainted by a malevolent force that has yet to be dissipated. If you continue to use this sword, you will only be harming yourself.”

She looked at Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun as she said, “See, I didn’t lie to you am I right? The both of you are now fatally injured by the sword. Unfortunately even if I want to help, I am helpless for your internal injuries are really too severe. You have better rest in bed for the next three months if you value your life.”

Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun had turned ashen with agonizing pain as they broke out in cold sweat even as they stared at her with shock.

Han Xinyue said, “I forget to add. Even if you can recover from your internal injuries, your internal strength will be lost forever. But then consider yourselves lucky, lesser mortals will have died immediately.”

She appeared to sigh as she talked to herself.

Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun were trembling uncontrollably as they stared at her with burning hatred! They were using all their strength to suppress their agonizing pain and were gagging in pain on the ground. Whenever they mustered the strength to interrupt her, they found no words and instead of words, they had coughed out blood!

Han Xinyue sighed again; she picked up the Blue Heavens again as she kicked it into her hands, saying. “Come to think of that, I guess such a precious sword isn’t safe in your hands. What if it would to fall into the wrong hands? Let me keep for you until you are able to handle this sword safely.”

She looked at Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun curiously, “Are you trying to say something? I can’t hear anything. Maybe you want to cough out all the blood first before you say anything to me? Or maybe you want to beg me to save your lives? Oh very well, even though it is none of my business, I guess I will try to help. I just can’t stand emotional distress.”

She took out two pills from her pouch as she threw it carelessly onto the ground, “This is the Heavenly Dreams Divine Pills. If you consume it, your internal strength will be protected. After your internal injuries have recovered, you may even receive a significant boast in internal strength from it! But of course, the side effect is that you must consume one Heavenly Dreams Divine Pill every month or else…”

She appeared to be sad but quickly recovered her angelic composure, “Since I have saved your lives, you must address me as your benevolent mistress when you see me and do my biddings. Or else…”

She looked at Zuo Tianyi, “You know, when a person has saved your lives, even if it takes you an entire life to repay your benefactor, it is never enough. If you are willing, I just take your Blue Heavens as a gift. I take it as a yes then since you didn’t protest.”

She blinked at them before walking away; leaving Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun alone on the ground as they could only stared bitterly at her with their bloody tears!

That was why they had been so terrified of her when they had seen her standing angelically beside Han Shaodong!

Xiao Shuai was laughing inside the commanding tent of the Virtuous Palace as the chaos outside ensured, “So the heretic sects have finally taken their action.”

Yuan Shao nodded, “This is exactly as you have predicted. The heretic sects have seized the three days armistice lull to attack us.”

Xiao Shuai said coldly, “The heretic sects are baiting their time for us to annihilate each other as we assaulted the fortress of the Holy Hex Sect and their allies. By announcing a ceasefire and an ultimatum in three days’ time, the heretic sects know that the Heavenly Relic and the Holy Maiden would be ours when that time comes.”

Han Shaodong added wryly, “When they have taken action against us, we can take this opportunity to weed up all the infiltrators and collaborators as well. In a masterful move, we would get rid of the dangers of the heretic sects.”

Xiao Shuai nodded, “Once we get rid of the heretic sects then we will immediately charge up the mountains with our full force and we can accuse the Holy Hex Sect for conspiring with the heretics and breaking the truce.”

The Element Sage said solemnly, “There will be many dead and the price will be heavy.”

Han Shaodong said, “The fraternity has been too peaceful, producing weaker and weaker exponents every generation. This fight may be costly but it will be helpful for the experiences of the survivors. Our real objective is to ascend to be Celestials and fight the deplorable Celestial Palace. We must not let the Celestial Palace knows that we are already aware of their manipulative influence in the fraternity.”

Chi Zhengqi whispered to the Element Sage, “Grandpa, I don’t understand. What Celestial Palace and what this ascension means?”

Element Sage whispered, “Keep quiet and listen. You have no right to talk here.”

Han Shandong laughed, “Child. Your name is Zhengqi? You don’t have to worry. It is something beneficial and good for you.”

Chi Zhengqi mustered the courage and said, “The others are fighting with their lives outside. Why are we here and not helping?”

Gu Tianle laughed, “Young man. Five hundred fighters from the Honor Manor are fighting outside already. It is more than enough. We are conserving our strength and waiting for the Three Evils of the West to appear first. If they are not killed, then all our plans will not come into fruition!”

Chi Zhengqi was stunned as he stammered, “The Three Evils of the West! I have heard many terrifying tales of their rampage in the martial fraternity. They will be here tonight?”

Gu Tianle said, “With my protégé master here, the Three Sages, the Virtuous Palace and the protégé leaders of the three major sword clans here, there is nothing for you to fear. However, to lure them out, we must not appear to be prepared first and when they think they can influence the fight with their presence, they will naturally appeared.”

Xiao Fei added, “Even though it appeared chaotic outside, there is a perimeter of death around this camp. Our best fighters are lying in ambush for them.”

Chi Zhengqi nodded, “So it is actually a plan. But after this fight, do we have the strength to assault the Holy Hex Sect? Most of our fighters would be in need of rest and for their wounds to be tended. I really don’t know how we are able to fight the notorious Holy Sectarian Master.”

Xiao Shuai was amused by this young man. He had actually smiled and said, “Don’t you worry. I have news from my informant that Ji Wuzheng and most of the top exponents of the Holy Hex Sect are injured. This is really the best time for us to attack them. Heavens is really on our side.”

Chi Zhengqi looked reassured, “Then I am really relieved. The Holy Sectarian Master and the Righteous Axioms Clan are all vile people. It is really a blessing of the fraternity if we can get rid of them.”

Han Shaodong was the old man that day. He had recognized the banner of the Five Element on Chi Zhengqi that day. Suspecting that Chi Zhengqi had been bullied by the Righteous Axioms Clan, he decided to teach those young exponents a lesson. But in the end, he was forced to beat a humiliating retreat.

As this was meant to teach those young exponents a lesson, he had actually restrained himself on them but these young exponents had retaliated with all their skills and he got more than he had bargained for. That was so much for teaching them a ‘lesson’.

But now, he knew that they were the notorious Righteous Axioms Clan, he would not restraint himself anymore and moreover, he had to avenge his humiliating defeat and silence them or else his reputation in the annals of the martial fraternity would be tainted.

No matter, he must not let Xiao Shuai know of it or he will be a laughing stock.

So Han Shaodong said, “I didn’t know that they are the notorious Righteous Axioms or I really will teach them a harder lesson.”

Xiao Shuai said, “It is a lucky thing you did not. I have heard the Holy Maiden is travelling with them. You should have brought her back that day…”

Han Shaodong smiled bitterly when he had recalled that battle that night but he said, “I told you I didn’t know they were the Righteous Axioms Clan. Their skills are really mediocre and not a threat to us at all. I got tired of playing with them after a while.”

The Sword Sage interrupted, “I am a little worry for the Martial Sage. He has been gone for one week. I suspected that he has gone to the Holy Hex Sect to seek vendetta for the Old Sword Saint.”

Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Indeed he has.”

The Element Sage interrupted as he asked anxiously, “You know?”

Xiao Shuai said, “Don’t worry. He is still alive. He is now a guest of Holy Hex Sect. He is lucky to be still alive after barging into the Holy Hex Sect and has almost screwed up our plans. I hope it is a lesson that he can remember well.”

“What lesson?”

An old man with a ruby complexion and a portly tummy was standing at the entrance of the tent. He was the Martial Sage!

Everyone was stunned.

Xiao Shuai asked, “Aren’t you being held prisoner in the Holy Hex Sect?”

The Martial Sage laughed, “They are lax and thought that I am too seriously injure to move. They didn’t know that I am called the Invincible Ironfist while I was younger. Haha. There are fighting outside and why are all you chatting so leisurely here? Come out quickly. We got a good fight waiting for us!”

He patted his hard body and laughed.

Xiao Shuai was silent for a while before he asked solemnly, “How did you come here? Didn’t you see any sentries? Why didn’t anyone inform us?”

The Martial Sage laughed merrily, “Oh those? I thought they are on the heretic sects’ side when they suddenly attacked me. Don’t worry, after a few knocks, they did recognize me and let me through…Haha. I told them not to inform anyone of you. I want to give you all a surprise!”

Han Shaodong said coldly, “Great, great. For a moment, I thought that you almost disable our defenses. Do you know how much effort I have put in that Golden Blades Formation and you have actually survived through it?”

The Martial Sage laughed again, “I recognize how tricky that formation is. After playing with it for a while, I began to shout that I am the Martial Sage. Luckily, there were a few that had already recognized me!”

He lied of course. All his thoughts were into the breaking of the Golden Blades Formation. It only stopped when the protégés of the Honor Manor were able to immediately recognize him.

The Sword Sage said coldly, “Have you forgotten the real reason why we have come out of our recluse? It is to escape the eyes of the Celestial Palace and eventually ascend as Celestials.”

The Martial Sage did not seem to be pleased as he said rudely, “I only know I have here to avenge my brother the Old Sword Saint. This ascension thing is more like a wishful thing. I admit I don’t know as much as all of you and never seen a Celestial before. But I know something that all of you don’t! Haha.”

The Sword Sage hummed coldly, “Stop beating around the bush and tell us. You will actually know something that we don’t?”

The Martial Sage walked into the center of the tent with a jovial expression as he looked at everyone, “I know where Xian’Er is now!”

Almost immediately, the Sword Sage, the Element Sage, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun were startled.

Yan Nanfei who had been keeping quiet all along stammered, “You know where Xian’Er is now?”

Shangguan Qingyun quickly caught hold of him with trembling hands, “Old fellow, quickly tell me! You have really seen her?”

Aside from the Martial Sage, Shangguan Qingyun was also infatuated with Xian’Er. Once he had found a priceless martial treasure, the Divine Dragon Pill. Without a second thought, he had wanted to give it to Xian’Er.

After many years of martial cultivation and mediation, he still could not put down Xian’Er from his heart. He wanted to see her for the last time before he died and was always wondering where she was!

Those that did not know who Xian’Er was had started to wonder who she was now!

Even Shen Xinyue was intrigued for she could see from the startled expressions of these old men that they were familiar with this Xian’Er!

The Martial Sage said, “Even though I have not really seen her but I do recognize the twin swords that she used to carry with her all the time. I say, she must be related to the Holy Hex Sect. Therefore we must not attack the Holy Hex Sect anymore. I see a couple of maidens and they have some of her resemblances!”

Yan Nanfei said, “Let’s don’t attack the Holy Hex Sect then. If the Holy Maiden is related to Xian’Er, then we are doing her a great disservice. Surely we can find another way to defeat the Celestial Palace and to ascend into Celestials.”

Han Shaodong was trembling as he muttered, “Xian’Er, are you still alive after all these years? How long have it been? I really miss you…”

Even the haughty Sword Sage was muttering incoherently now!

The Element Sage asked, “Xian’Er, she is really from the Holy Hex Sect? That is the last place that I have been expecting from…”

Xiao Shuai interrupted coldly, “Don’t worry so much. Xian’Er isn’t at the Holy Hex Sect nor is she related to the Holy Hex Sect. Therefore our plans must continue.”

The Martial Sage shouted angrily, “What do you know? I owe my life to Xian’Er in that accursed underground palace ruin. Just because you say she is not there or related to the Holy Hex Sect, do you expect us to believe you?”

Xiao Shuai noted the angry glances and smiled bitterly. At this point of time, he must not allow his plans to come to naught. Even though he was not willing to share with them where Xian’Er was, he found himself left with no choice. “I know where Xian’Er is.”

Everyone was stunned.

Han Shaodong shouted at him, “You know where Xian’Er is? And you didn’t tell us?! Where is she now?”

The Martial Sage was also shouting, “Xiao Shuai, you old scoundrel. Do you still consider us as your brothers?!”

The Sword Sage was staring coldly at Xiao Shuai.

Xiao Shuai said coldly, “I have originally intended to tell all of you after we have vanquished the Holy Hex Sect so that none of us will be distracted by the forthcoming battles…”

Han Shaodong hummed coldly, “So you are saying, only you can be distracted and not us? What a joke? Stop beating around the bush and tell us where Xian’Er is now. Is she well?”

Xiao Shuai said, “She is well. I have seen her. You may have heard of the name of the Celestial Fairy in the fraternity. That is her.”

Shangguan Qingyun was shocked, “Xian’Er is the Celestial Fairy? But I have heard that the Celestial Fairy passed away last year…”

Xiao Shuai said, “That is the rumor of the fraternity. She still lives and in fact…”

He pointed at Yuan Shao who was coughing weakly, “…Xian’Er has even injured my benevolent teacher.”

Han Shaodong was suspicious, “Xian’Er has the martial skill to injure Yuan Shao? Is that possible?”

Xiao Shuai said, “You have better believe it. Until now, Yuan Shao has not recovered from his injuries and yet to expulse the deadly Icy Heavenly Tears intricate energy from his body.”

Yan Nanfei said, “How do we know if you are telling the truth? I trust the Martial Sage more than you. The Eternal Ice Palace is so far away from the fraternity and moreover the Eternal Ice Palace has never entertained any strangers. How do we know you are telling us the truth?”

Xiao Shuai pointed at Zuo Tianyi, Lu Baiyun and Xiao Fei as he sighed. “They have seen her too. If you still don’t believe, you can ask them!”

Han Shaodong turned and asked Lu Baiyun, “Is that true?”

Lu Baiyun stammered, “Is true. We have seen the Celestial Fairy and her sight was simply out of the world. I have never any maiden as beautiful as she is.”

Han Shaodong slapped Lu Baiyun, “Rubbish! Do you know how old the Celestial Fairy is rumored to be in the fraternity! Beautiful my foot. You don’t even know how to flatter us!”

Lu Baiyun was startled as he stammered, “But the Celestial Fairy we have seen is really very young and she is like a goddess…”

Xiao Shuai interrupted with a soft sigh, “That is the truth. I have seen Xian’Er a few months ago. She didn’t age at all since we have last seen her and she has even become more elegant in her beauty.”

Han Shaodong was startled as he secretly looked at Shen Xinyue before he asked, “Is that possible?”

Xiao Shuai said, “It is only possible if that someone has extreme cold negative internal strength. It happens that the Eternal Ice Palace’s practitioners are all cold negative internal strength practitioners.”

The Martial Sage said, “Alright, let’s say you are right but how do you explain Xian’Er swords that I have seen that were in the Holy Hex Sect?”

Xiao Shuai said, “They are Yujian the Jade Sword Fairy and Meijian the Beautiful Sword Fairy. They are the protégés of the Celestial Fairy.”

The Martial Sage was startled. Indeed, he had heard them calling themselves Yu’Er and Mei’Er…

Han Shaodong was stunned. He had fought with Yujian and Meijian before but he had failed to notice the swords that they were wielding hence missing an opportunity to find Xian’Er. He thought, “Is that why Xian’Er has left me? Because I am not attentive as the Martial Sage?”

The Martial Sage asked aloud, “Is Xian’Er at the Holy Hex Sect now?”

Xiao Shuai shook his head, “Where she is now, even I do not know. But one thing is for sure, Xian’Er seemed to be under the spell of that Yi Ping. Unless we can kill him, we can’t save her from his evil clutches.”