A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 56

The Universal Force

Many years ago, Ding Jun was one of the followers of the Heavenly Temptress. He had pretended to join Xiao Boyi, Yuan Tieqi and You Nikuang in a rebellion against the Heavenly Temptress. Unknown to everyone, Jing Xing who had died in defense of the Heavenly Temptress had actually pledged herself to Ding Jun and they were actually a loving secret couple.

So when Xiao Boyi, Yuan Tieqi and You Nikuang had killed Jing Xing in the ensuring rebellion, Ding Jun secretly sworn to avenge her and founded the Sacred Divine Sect to continue the legacy of the Invincible Divine Clan.

Dugu Zhen said coldly, “So you want to know who is our Holy leader is? Only the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan know who the Holy Leader really is. Not even the likes of Gongsun Bai have that knowledge.”

Lingfeng interrupted coldly, “The heretic sect can claim to be holy? What a joke! Your leader is nothing but a coward who hides in the darkness.”

Dugu Zhen hummed coldly as she looked at Ding Yun.

Ding Yun gazed at everyone intently before she said, “Look no further. I am the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan.”

Ji Wuzheng was in disbelief that the Holy Leader would actually be a young maiden, “You…you are the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan?”

Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng and Huo Fu were equally startled!

Ding Yun said with quiet demeanor, “You only have this one chance to kill me.”

Xiao Youxue had already raised her hands and her fingers were surrounded by a golden halo as she said melancholy, “Sister Yun, forgive me. What you did to Sister Lie Qing is deplorable and unforgivable. I really have no choice but to fight you today.”

Ding Yun clapped her hands gently and immediately, the Three Evils of the West had sped forward and were standing beside her! “But you must also know that the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan cannot be so easily killed.”

Dugu Zhen added coldly, “No one can stop us from ascending to be Celestials today!”

The Blood Heretic hummed coldly in his old voice, “What a pity, what a pity that we have to kill so many beauties today.”

The Moon Heretic said, “Remember, don’t kill them so fast. We need their blood and hearts after we have ascended to be Celestials in order to recuperate. Just disable them will do.”

The Blade Heretic sighed, “You know that each time I draw my blade, I have to feed it with the lifeblood of its victims? This is really too hard for me…”

The Blood Heretic laughed wickedly, “You can kill the weaker ones. We have no use for them. Remember, our next opponent is the Celestial Palace. So we need to recuperate fast.”

Ji Wuzheng interrupted quickly, “Zhen, listen to me. It is not as easy to ascend to be a Celestial as you think. What you intending to do is the unorthodox way and will result in divine retribution. It will turn you into bloodthirsty monsters and many will be sacrificed. Do you really want that to happen?”

Dugu Zhen smile coldly, “As long as I can be a Celestial and have an immortal life, does it really matter? What does the life of others matter to me?”

Ji Wuzheng was startled! “Zhen, you have changed…”

Dugu Zhen hummed coldly, “You’re wrong. It just that you have never really understands me. How much time have you been with me? You just too busy for your martial cultivations. Even if I don’t want to take the Heavenly Relic from you, do you know that Xiao Shuai and his conspirators are all eyeing the Heavenly Relic as well? It is because they too, want to be a Celestial and have been planning for decades. They are all waiting for the Seven Stars to be aligned, a Celestial Omen that could make their ascendant much easier.”

She walked gently to Ding Yun and tapped lightly, “Do you know that before I have married you, I have already another daughter? Dugu Yunzi, today you can finally use the Dugu clan name.”

Ji Wuzheng, Lingfeng, Youxue and the others were stunned…

Ji Wuzheng stammered, “Maiden Ding Yun is actually…your daughter?”

Dugu Yunzi was trembling lightly as she said softly, “That’s right. She is my mother and I am Dugu Yunzi. When the Ding clan found the Sacred Divine Clan, we have since taken Dugu as our secret clan name even though we are still known as the Ding Clan while in the Virtuous Palace.”

The Moon Heretic had suddenly raised his hands with a mighty flurrying of windforce as he attacked Ji Wuzheng, “That’s enough talk already. No one can stop us from becoming Celestials today. The Heavenly Relic must be seized today and the Holy Maiden must be the blood sacrifice!”

Immediately after the Moon Heretic had displayed his martial force forward, Ji Wuzheng had immediately reacted with a counter blow. As both clashed with their palms, there were a thunderous impact. Almost immediately Ji Wuzheng had coughed out blood as he was forced to slide five steps backward!

The Moon Heretic was his superior in internal strength and martial power!

But before the Moon Heretic could continue on his advantage, Youxue and Lingfeng had immediately attacked him!

The Moon Heretic laughed coldly, “I am in luck. I have two beauties here that are interested in me.”

Lingfeng interrupted coldly, “Shameless!”

Xiao Youxue and Lingfeng were experts in swiftness agility and movement skills as they immediately unleashed dozens of shadowy flurries on the Moon Heretic. However to their astonishment, the Moon Heretic had matched their blows with equal fast shadowy attacks as he laughed coldly. “Is that what you got? I am expecting better!”

Lingfeng was now displaying the Sacred Heart Skill as she made dozens of flurry strokes in front of the Moon Heretic. It was a deadly skill that was part of the Holy Hex martial skills that could break the pulses of her target. Now that she was back to the Holy Hex Sect, there was now no need for her to conceal her true skills. Her attacking speed, her swiftness skill and even her martial power were greatly augmented when she imbued herself with the Holy Amalgamate Force!

Lingfeng said coldly to the Moon Heretic, “You don’t dare to kill me, am I right? Then it may be a costly mistake for you and you will never be able to ascend!”

The Moon Heretic said coldly as he looked at her lustfully, “There is worst fate than death itself. I can let you have a taste of that.”

Even as she changed her stances rapidly, executing deadly secret martial techniques like the neutralizing martial power of the Great Dissolution Skill and the bursting power of the Asper Horizon Hand, she still could not scratched the Moon Heretic even though Youxue was also fighting beside her and were using all her best techniques as well!

Just as Ji Wuzheng had recovered from the blow that he had just received from the Moon Heretic, Dugu Zhen had attacked him as she executed the Swallow Slash movement by dashing towards him and displaying the third and fifth stance of her Cherry Blossoms techniques, the Windchaser Slide and the Mirror Reflection Splitting Images!

Huo Fu immediately intercepted as he shouted, “Brother, watch out!”

At the same time that Dugu Zhen had made her move, the Blade Heretic had already drawn his sword and had leapt towards the Heavenly Relic!

Ji Wuzheng shouted, “Don’t let them seize the Heavenly Relic!”

Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng had immediately displayed their best swordplay techniques at the Blade Heretic!

The Blade Heretic immediately slashed at Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng with lightning speed, slashing them and spilling their blood! “If you want to stop me, I am afraid that you are still early by tens of decades!”

If it were not for Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had also made their moves and displayed their swordplay at the Blade Heretic; Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng would have been killed in an instant!

The Blade Heretic was startled to see such an astonishing sword display from the twin sisters. Even as he slashed his sword at them with pin-point accuracy, he was met with a sudden resistant. “The Divine Emerald Skill? You are from the Eternal Ice Palace?”

Yu’Er said coldly, “That’s right! Prepare to…”

But before she could finish, the Blade Heretic had imbued his sword with strong deadly sword energy and broke her Divine Emerald Force, sending her scurrying backward!

Mei’Er immediately blocked the second stroke of the Blade Heretic with her cold sword energy, preventing the Blade Heretic from moving forward as she cried panicky. “Sister, watch out…”

Yu’Er gasped as she quickly recovered from the attack and she had flew to Mei’Er again, “The Shifting Stellar Duo Sword Formation, sister! Two in one, one into two!”

The Shifting Stellar Duo Sword Formation and the Shifting Stellar Trio Sword Formation was an intricate formation created to confuse and to utilize the speed techniques and defense techniques of the Eternal Ice Palace.

The Shifting Stellar Duo Sword Formation was even more deadly when it was used by Yu’Er and Mei’Er, precisely because they were splitting images of each other!

This was their last critical death strike technique for them to use now as they made a desperate stand. Even against so many powerful foes, they did not use it as they did not want to disclose their secret martial techniques to anyone.

Yu’Er was now attacking and Mei’Er had vanished behind her, taking the Blade Heretic by surprise!

As soon as he had attacked Yu’Er, she had deflected his attack with a flurrying of sword strokes and displaying the Divine Emerald Force. All of a sudden, Mei’Er had reappeared from behind her and slashed at the Blade Heretic, taking him by surprise.

Just as he had parried Mei’Er’s attacks, she had switched to the Divine Emerald Force and Yu’Er was attacking him again!

Because these two sisters were splitting images of each other, the Blade Heretic was momentarily confused which of the sister would be the attacker and which one was drawing him into making an opening!

Gongsun Jing was clutching his blood soaked chest as he got up weakly, “Brothers, are you alright?”

Qiu Wufeng was trembling as he struggled to get on his knee. He had never expected to be defeated by a mere stroke despite his expertise in swordplay! When the sword stroke of the Blade Heretic had slashed across his body, he was also injured by a deadly sword energy as well. But he said weakly, “I am alright. I can still fight…”

Nangong Le’s swordplay was the weakest but he was less affected by the sword energy due to his Exuberant Divine Skill. But his wound was also the heaviest. He smiled weakly, “I am not defeated yet. Yu’Er and Mei’Er need our help. The three of us can still display the Celestial Star Formation. Let’s fight him again…”

Gongsun Jing nodded as his warm tears streamed from his eyes, “Today, we are going to die for a worthy cause to stop the heretic sect. I am going to wash away all the sins of my clan!” With that, he charged towards the Blade Heretic!

Qiu Wufeng too, had mustered all his remaining strength as he charged at the Blade Heretic at almost the same time as Gongsun Jing!

The Blood Heretic had displayed his hands into claws as he smirked with great disdain at the resistances even as he sped towards the Heavenly Relic, “They didn’t know how futile it is to oppose us.”

But before he could seize the Heavenly Relic, Yi Ping had intercepted him and there was a mighty thunderous thunderclap that shook the chamber aloud as the Blood Heretic retaliated with a blow!

Immediately, the fighting around them paused for a moment as everyone saw Yi Ping and the Blood Heretic had both taken several steps backward!

Yi Ping was carrying the motionless Lie Qing’s who was leaning on him with his left hand and had beaten off the Blood Heretic with his right palm!

Yi Ping said with a solemn heartbreak, “Qing’Er, even though you are not with us anymore but your spirit will lives on.

Everyone was startled.

Yu’Er and Mei’Er broke into tears as they muttered, “Sister Qing’Er isn’t with us anymore…”

Yu’Er stared at the Blade Heretic and Ding Yun with cold hatred as she said, “It is either you die or I die today!”

When she had finished speaking, she had immediately attacked the Blade Heretic with a startled speed but her stroke was immediately countered by the Heretic Blade!

The Blade Heretic hummed coldly even as Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng raised their long swords at the same time as they attacked him from all sides.

The Blade Heretic said coldly, “It is only a matter of time before I can break your sword formation. Already all of you are panting with exhaustion while I have barely even used any strength.”

At the same time, when the Blood Heretic was being forced back, he was secretly startled. “This young man can actually have the martial strength to force me back using only one hand? Is that possible?”

The reason he was startled was because with his combination of martial power and internal strength, there was not many exponents in the fraternity that could stop him anymore. Moreover, his opponent was but a young man!

Dugu Yunzi was looking at the heartbroken Yi Ping. She had never seen him with this type of expression before.

Yi Ping glanced at the Blood Heretic and Ding Yun as he coarsely said, “Yun, I don’t believe you will betray us. There must be a reason for you to do so. No matter what you do, I am willing to listen…”

Dugu Yunzi interrupted, “Forget it Yi Ping. You are still in denial. It is an undeniable fact that I am the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan. Moreover, I have killed Lie Qing…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I…I don’t know how to explain this but the last time, the last time…in my dreams…I seem to have made many terrible mistakes. Sometimes the truth isn’t so straightforward…”

Youxue had broken free of the Moon Heretic as she sped towards Ding Yun, “Yi Ping, stop saying so much to her!”

Yi Ping said, “Youxue don’t attack her, I almost lost you the last time. I don’t want the same thing to happen again. Yun, please come back. Surely we can talk over…”

Dugu Yunzi simply interrupted Youxue’s charge as she raised her scabbard that had been imbued by her martial force and threw it towards her, forcing her to evade it and back to the entanglement of the Moon Heretic again who hummed coldly as he dealt her a direct blow on her back, “Not so fast, young beauty. Do you think I am non-existent?”

Youxue had immediately coughed out blood! The blow that she had received was simply too heavy even for her Golden Invincible Body!

Yi Ping was about to dash to aid Youxue when the Blood Heretic had attacked him with multiple waves of powerful windforce that had been directed at him!

He was forced to halt and retaliated with his Divine Horizon Hands!

The Blood Heretic had sent blows after blows of shadow claws, displaying intrigue strokes one after another with thunderous impact, stirring up windforce in all directions!

Even though Yi Ping was sweating now but he still refused to put down Lie Qing and fight back blow for blow, stroke for stroke and counter for counter!

The Blood Heretic was now startled. It was because he had already used all his martial power and was using both hands while Yi Ping fighting with just one hand. Even though he knew that the fight would eventually turn on his favor as his opponent got more and more tired, he was not happy. It was because with his present state of divinity and martial strength, he could not bring a young man down.

The Moon Heretic, the Blade Heretic and even Dugu Zhen were all having an easier time than him even though they were fighting multiple opponents. They were so overwhelming in their martial differences with their opponents that they did not even need to use all their strength. Their mere strokes could cause their opponents to evade, parry, block or retaliate hence wearing down their physical strength and internal strength.

Lingfeng quickly gasped to Yi Ping panicky, “Yi Ping, put down Lie Qing. She is dead now. You are only endangering yourself!”

Yi Ping refused to heed her and instead he willed himself with the Absolute Spirits as he displayed several stances of the Divine Horizon Hands once again!

Yi Ping muttered, “Qing’Er…Yun…why…”

The reason why Yi Ping was sweating profusely was not because he was reaching his limit and was hard pressed by the Blood Heretic as everyone had thought, since sweating was a good indication of one’s limitation had been reached and current state of physical conditioning.

The real reason why he was sweating profusely was because he was still transferring his internal strength into Lie Qing’s lifeless body and that action was snapping his stamina at a rapid rate!

All of a sudden, Yi Ping experienced a great discomfort in his heart and his strokes faltered.

The Blood Heretic immediately sensed a moment of weakness and seized the faltering speed of Yi Ping by increasing his own martial power all of a sudden, breaking through his Divine Horizon Hand and sent a thunderous cracking impact on Yi Ping!

Yi Ping immediately coughed out blood as this thunderous impact could grind even stones into dust as he was sent flying through the air!

But the weird thing was the Blood Heretic was also thrown back by a rebounding force that was so almighty that even with the full execution of his martial power, he was not able to stop it!

Yu’Er gasped, “Master!”

In her moment of distraction, the Blade Heretic had slashed her on her shoulder. Even Mei’Er was slashed as she tried to parry for her sister!

Within just a few seconds that saw Yi Ping flew backward with a thunderous impact and with blood spilling in mid-air, Ji Wuzheng, Huo Fu, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, with the exception of Lingfeng and Youxue were all rolling in agony from their injuries on the ground!

The Blade Heretic and the Blood Heretic had immediately joined the Moon Heretic as they joined hands to attack Lingfeng and Youxue, who were already faltering from attacks from all sides!

Dugu Zhen said, “In the end, there are just two capable fighters standing. Ji Wuzheng, you call yourself the Holy Sectarian Master, yet you can’t even hold a candle to your sister.”

Ji Wuzheng smiled coldly as he struggled to stand, “If I am not injured, do you think you can really defeat me? If you are not my wife, do you think I will hold back?”

Dugu Zhen hummed coldly, “Why is that all men likes some face saving measures? A win is a win and a loss is a loss.”

Ji Wuzheng replied, “Don’t underestimate the Holy Hex Sect and my sister. She has after all, taken the Golden Rejuvenation Pill. Her internal strength is a match for the Three Evils!”

Even though he was saying so, Lingfeng was reaching her limited as evidenced by the sweat on her face. Youxue was also sweating profusely while the Three Evils had not even broke into a sweat yet!

Youxue and Lingfeng knew that in terms of internal strength, martial power, martial skills and technique, they were being outclassed! What kept them going was sheer willpower and determination not to be defeated by these vile heretics!

Just as Lingfeng took a step back and was about to seized by the Moon Heretic, Yi Ping had displayed the Asper Horizon Hand with a mighty flurrying windforce that sent the Moon Heretic moving backward!

The Blood Heretic was startled, “You are not dead yet?”

The crashing blow that had landed on Yi Ping was a hit with all his martial power. Even a super exponent may not survive such a direct hit!

Yi Ping staggered weakly with Lie Qing in his embrace as he raised his right hand, “So this is the Heavenly Relic that you want?”

He was clutching the Heavenly Relic in his right hand!

He had picked it up when he was flung back.

Ji Wuzheng was startled as he thought, “Without the Great Dissolution Skill, he can grab the Heavenly Relic?” But he got no further time to ponder more as he quickly shouted panicky, “Third Brother Yi Ping, don’t give them the Heavenly Relic!”

Youxue and Lingfeng staggered weakly beside Yi Ping even as the Moon Heretic, Blood Heretic and the Blade Heretic stopped in their tracks.

Yi Ping shouted angrily as he raised the Heavenly Relic in front of them, “So this is the Heavenly Relic that you want, am I right?!”

All of a sudden, there was a cracking sound as Yi Ping crushed the Heavenly Relic in front of them!

Everyone could see heat and dust vaporizing as Yi Ping crushed the Heavenly Relic with his hand!

Dugu Zhen, Dugu Yunzi, the Moon Heretic, the Blood Heretic and the Blade Heretic was startled and were in disbelief as they muttered, “The Heavenly Relic can be crushed by mortal hand!?”

Even Ji Wuzheng was astonished and was staring in disbelief!

Yi Ping had used all his martial power, augmented by the Aspire Invocation Force as he broke the Heavenly Relic into five smaller pieces in a fit of rage! He scarcely even knows what he had been doing. He was just preparing his martial power for the next attack but because he had not attacked yet and he had the Heavenly Relic in his hand, he vented all his anger and martial power onto the Heavenly Relic instead!

By the time, he had realized that he had accidentally caused the Heavenly Relic to be broken into five pieces as it dropped onto the ground, he himself was stunned!

When Yi Ping had suffered a heartbreaking pain in his heart earlier, it was not because his sentimental emotions had once again triggered the side effect of the Emptiness Translucence. It was because his undying devotion to Lie Qing and his undying forgiveness for Dugu Yunzi had caused his Emptiness Translucence to achieve a stunning breakthrough from the Enigma Divine Ascendant to the Absolute Divine Ascendant!

Aside from being devoid of all worldly attachments, there was actually another way for a practitioner to achieve a breakthrough in the Emptiness Translucence. But it was almost impossible to attain; the practitioner had to be devoid of hatred and also had undying love for the one that he loves. It was either hate or love; both conditions could not be possible to exist at the same time! How could one prove his forgiveness and his undying love for someone at the same time?

Yi Ping had refused to put down Lie Qing, refusing to believe that she had died and even transferred his internal injuries to her dead body even though he was facing a terrible powerful foe at the same time. That was undying devoted love!

Even though he had witnessed Dugu Yunzi injuring and mortally wounding Lie Qing with his very own eyes, he was in great denial. He believed firmly that she must have a strong reason for doing so and that he would be willing to believe her even though he was in great grief! That was undying faith and true forgiveness!

In that very instant when Yi Ping had suffered a heartbreaking pain in his heart, he had actually killed off the doubt emotions in his heart forever, hence attaining the Absolute Divine Ascendant of the Emptiness Translucence!

At the same moment, the divine force power release of the Emptiness Translucence was also at its strongest. So when the Blood Heretic had struck Yi Ping fatally on his chest, instead of causing Yi Ping a fatal wound, he had unwittingly helped Yi Ping by distributing the powerful divine force throughout all his meridian channels. This had the unknowing effect of propelling Yi Ping’s internal strength and martial power to an unsurpassed height!

Before the divine force power release of the Emptiness Translucence had yet to completely merged with his Aspire Invocation Force to form the Boundless Divine Force, Yi Ping had unwittingly use the only force in the entire universe that was capable of breaking or molding the Heavenly Relic, which was actually called the Universal Force by the Celestials as he crushed the Heavenly Relic with his bare hands!

The Universal Force was a rare occurrence that only happened at the creation or destruction of a new state of celestial divinity, enabling the Celestials to create Celestial Weapons and to divine the mysteries of the Ninth Heavens. Certain Celestial Weapons were so powerful that they could create the Universal Force on impact with one another; however the result was not benevolent Creation Universal force but the Destructive Universal Force that brought forth chaos and mayhems.

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Just nice. You can now distribute these five pieces to them and everyone can have a share.”

Even though she was in a precaution situation, Lingfeng’s humor did not go away.

Dugu Zhen was so stunned that she stammered, “You…you….you…actually broke it!”

The Moon Heretic stammered as well, “Is this Heavenly Relic a fake?”

The Blade Heretic was shouting angrily, “Who wants this broken Heavenly Relic now! Now you have really enraged me!”

The Moon Heretic, the Blood Heretic and the Blade Heretic were obviously extremely enraged as their killing malevolent aura had suddenly intensified!

All of a sudden, there were six bursts of visible blue glow around them as they mustered their martial power!

Youxue gasped, “The Divine Virtuous Force!?”

Dugu Yunzi said coolly, “That’s right. The three elders have not only mastered the epitome levels of the Divine Virtuous Force but they had also successfully merged the Holy Amalgamate Force with it. So what you are seeing now is their true strength.”

Lingfeng broke into cold sweat. This combination of martial force was extremely deadly and had no weakness! The dissolution force of the Holy Amalgamate Force weakened their opponents’ martial power and strength at close melee and the seemingly impenetrable force of the Divine Virtuous Force that could only be penetrated by superior martial power would make them invincible!

No wonder, they seemed to have the confidence of overcoming the Divine Calamity!

Even Ji Wuzheng was dismayed when he had seen their martial display. He knew instantly that even if he was not injured, he could not even be able to defeat one of them, let alone there were three of them now!

Everyone seemed to have given up hope now…

Even Youxue’s will to fight was faltering; she had forced herself with the Absolute Spirits to stand up against their overwhelming martial strength! The results were just plain obvious…

Yi Ping said stubbornly as he displayed the Horizon Heavens, the opening stance of the Divine Horizon Hand. “Life and death is predestined. I will fight you and bring Yun back to my side!”

Dugu Yunzi looked at him curiously…

Even Youxue and Lingfeng were startled at his stubbornness. Until this point, he had not given up on Dugu Yunzi! But did he know that he was facing an impossible odds and he had only one hand that was free?

Lingfeng signed with a soft resignation as she muttered, “That is why I like him. Yi Ping, I will fight with you to bring Sister Yun back to us!”

Youxue nodded too, “Ping’Er, we…will bring her back even if we were to die fighting!”

Yi Ping was deeply moved as he nodded in appreciation at them…

Even Yu’Er and Mei’Er were sobbing, “Yes, bring Sister Yun back…”

They had all been moved by Yi Ping’s undying determination and devotion!

Dugu Yunzi put her slender fingers to her back because she did not want others to see her trembling fingers even as she said coldly, “Don’t waste your efforts. It is all meaningless and you only be throwing your lives. Just quietly surrender the Heavenly Relic.”

Yi Ping said quietly, “Youxue, Lingfeng. Step aside please…”

Youxue and Lingfeng both shook their heads in protest!

Yi Ping said with a heartbreaking voice, “Even though you have tried to hide it but I know that both of you have already sustained grievous internal injuries.”

He had already seen the blood tickling down from their lips and knew that they were forcing themselves to fight!

All of a sudden, Lingfeng gasped weakly as she pointed to the five broken pieces of the Heavenly Relic that were on the ground!

The five broken pieces of Heavenly Relic were hissing with vapor and were melted to a reddish coloring as intensive heat melted its outer metal shells rapidly to reveal five yellow pearls!

Everyone was baffled at this curious sight and not knowing what to react, including the Three Evils, Dugu Zhen and Dugu Yunzi!

Lingfeng had gasped with a startled cry, “The Divine Dragon Pills!!!”

Yi Ping quickly said as he recalled that it looked exactly like the Divine Dragon Pill that he previously had, “That’s right…looks like it.”

Xiao Youxue had also recognized the Divine Dragon Pills! But her reaction was even swifter as she shouted quickly, “Yi Ping! Grab the pills and don’t let them have it!”

The Three Evils were astonished as well and were not slow to react as they mustered all their martial power and charged towards Yi Ping, Xiao Youxue and Ji Lingfeng!

Everyone other than Yi Ping, Lingfeng and Youxue had heard of the Divine Dragon Pill before and they had thought that it was just a legend! The Dragon Divine Pill was said to possess the ability to increase the martial power of the practitioner tremendously, raising the state of divinity of the practitioner or even have miraculous healing power to bring the dead back to life!

The Moon Heretic shouted, “Don’t let them seize it! These Divine Dragon Pills are even more precious than the Heavenly Relic!”

Lingfeng immediately executed the movement of the Swallow Slash as she dashed past Yi Ping as she substituted the stroke of the Swallow Slash with the invocating martial burst of the Asper Horizon Hand as she clashed against the Moon Heretic, “Didn’t you guys just said you didn’t want these broken Heavenly Relic earlier…”

But before she could finish, the mighty palm power of the Moon Heretic had knocked her flying backward!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er used their last strength to leap and caught hold of Lingfeng as they heard her muttering, “I…sorry…I no longer have any strength to fight beside you, Ping’Er…”

Even as Lingfeng had sped past Yi Ping, Youxue had picked up all the Dragon Divine Pills and displayed her Golden Invincible Stance as she parried the blades of the Blade Heretic with her martial imbued sleeves that were now as hard as iron!

Youxue immediately threw one Divine Dragon Pill to the back as she exclaimed urgently, “Give it to Lingfeng and don’t let her die! Transfer your internal energies and diffuse the vital energies of the Divine Dragon Pill throughout her body!”

Yu’Er immediately caught hold of the Divine Dragon Pill and popped it into Lingfeng’s mouth, inviting angry stares from the Three Evils who could only watch as one of the five precious Divine Dragon Pills got swallowed by Lingfeng as they were caught in a desperate defense put up by Youxue and Yi Ping at the same time!

Almost immediately after Yu’Er had given the Divine Dragon Pill to Lingfeng, she was showing signs of revival!

Yi Ping was not slow to react as he had already displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand as he displayed dozens of shadowy flurry of windforce at the Blade Heretic, Blood Heretic and the Moon Heretic at the same time!

After knocking back Lingfeng, the Moon Heretic turned his target towards Xiao Youxue who had the Dragon Divine Pills but he was being blocked by Yi Ping. He mustered a flurrying of martial power that echo thunderous as he shouted angrily, “Your strokes are still not powerful enough to stop me!”

The Blood Heretic had dissolved the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand as he raised all his martial power on Yi Ping, “I let you have a taste of my blood techniques!”

As the Moon Heretic and Blood Heretic raised their martial power with the blue wisps of the Divine Invincible Force speeding and fading in all directions, the entire floor exploded and was being destroyed at the extraordinary display of their destructive martial power! This immediately sent dust, windforce and pebbles flying in all direction!

Yi Ping still refused to let Lie Qing down as he muttered, “Qing’Er, wait me. I come and join you soon!”

Suddenly he gave a mighty shout as he mustered all his martial power, deflecting the speeding projectiles of the debris as he raised his right hand. “The Asper…Divinity…Horizon Hand!”

When Yi Ping had shouted the skill name of the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, his surroundings immediately exploded into a ring of bursting martial power, knocking Youxue back and the Blade Heretic back even as he stood on his ground to receive the crushing force of the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic at the same time!

In that split second and at the same time, Dugu Yunzi had silently drawn out her long sword and was whirling it one wave after another as barely visible blue wisps was swallowed into her sword!

As soon as she had released her flying sword, she said coldly. “The Invincible Divine Flying Sword!”

In that instant, she had sent her flying sword with an extraordinary tremendous speed as it went through the body of the Blade Heretic, splitting him into half, stunning Dugu Zhen, Youxue, Lingfeng, Ji Wuzheng, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Huo Fu, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

In the same instant when Yi Ping martial force clashed against the martial force of the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic with a huge thunderous impact that sent exploding ripple of shockwaves around them in a burning fury; Yi Ping, the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic had all coughed out blood at the same time.

Even as Yi Ping’s Boundless Force was being consumed by the power release of the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, he had coughed out blood and was knocked back by the powerful combined martial power of the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic; he heard a familiar gentle voice saying. “The Invincible Divine Pandora Darkness Merciless Stokes!”

There were loud wailing screams that came from the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic as Lie Qing cut them down with two beaming bluish slashes from her Perpetual Darkness with the reflective halo of her darkness merging display as soon as she drawn her precious long sword!

No one had expected a dead Lie Qing to move!

Yi Ping was stunned that he muttered weakly, “I must be hallucinating. Is this an effect of the deviation phenomena after I have used the Asper Divinity for the very first time?”

Lie Qing was stroking her long hair as she said shyly, “What do you think then? Why didn’t you let go of me? Do you know that you have almost disrupted Sister Yun and my plans to foil the heretic sect? Do you know that I am trying very hard not to laugh at you…”

But before she could finish, Yi Ping had hugged her tightly as he cried aloud, “Qing’Er, Qing’Er! You are still alive! I am so happy…”

Lie Qing shyly said, “Of course I am still alive, silly!”

Yi Ping muttered tearfully, “But I saw you die right in front of me and your heart had even stopped beating…”

It was true that Dugu Yunzi had stabbed Lie Qing. But because Lie Qing had already perfected her Golden Impervious Body, her wounds were able to close and heal rapidly. That was the effect that they had wanted to fool the eyes of their enemies!

It was true that Dugu Yunzi had strike the defenseless Lie Qing fatally on her heart pulse with the Penetrating Hand. But again, she was protected by her Golden Impervious Body and the inherent force of the Invincible Divine Force. And moreover, Yunzi had also restrained herself!

It was also true that Lie Qing’s heart had also stopped beating but it was only because Lie Qing had intentional gone into the state of animated dead on her own accord to hasten her recovery!

Lie Qing whispered almost inaudible as she echoed in Yi Ping’s ears with the Great Whispering Skill, “You know that I am dead, yet you refuse to keep your hands off my breasts…I know you are trying to transfer your internal strength to my heart pulse but you seem to be enjoying taking advantage of me. How am I going to get marry in the future, huh?”

Even though it appeared that Lie Qing was rebuking him but she was in fact, extremely touched by Yi Ping undying devotion for her as she continued, “Today, I finally know how deep your love for me is. I don’t want to be a Celestial anymore…”

Lingfeng, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had overcome their initial shock as they flew towards Yi Ping and Lie Qing with utter elation as they cried out, “Sister Qing’Er! You are still alive!”

Even Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Huo Fu and Ji Wuzheng were teary as they suppressed the rush to give Lie Qing a welcoming hug!

Dugu Yunzi’s eyes were in tears as she walked silently beside Yi Ping and Qing’Er.

Yi Ping immediately embraced Dugu Yunzi at the same time as he cried out tearfully, “Yun, I know you will not betray us. I know…I just know…I miss you…do you know how hurt I was when you turn your back on me…”

Dugu Yunzi was trembling as she said tearfully, “Even if I am cursed, I will never, never betray you Ping’Er. I would rather die in your stead than see you die…”

Lingfeng cried as she held Yunzi’s hands, “I am sorry. I have wronged you…”

Youxue was crying as she said, “So am I…Sister Yun, please forgive us! You are the one that saved all of us!”

Even though Yu’Er and Mei’Er were blood soaked, they were so happy to see Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi on their side again that they were shedding tears of joy and forgetting their agonizing pain!

Dugu Zhen was so startled by the new happenings that she staggered backward even as she looked at Dugu Yunzi hatefully, “My daughter, do you know what you have done? Have you forgotten about the blood curse of the Sacred Divine Clan and the blood oath that you have made?!”

Dugu Yunzi glanced quietly at Lie Qing before she pointed out, “Do you know who she is?”

Dugu Zhen said bitterly, “I don’t care who she is. I only want to know, why did you betrayed your oaths, your clan and your mother!”

Dugu Yunzi sighed softly as she said quietly, “Dearest mother, all these years I have never disobey you. It is all over now…”

Lie Qing broke freed of Yi Ping reluctantly. She raised her long black precious sword at Dugu Zhen as she looked at her keenly with her crimson eyes, “Dugu Zhen, from now on. I am your Holy Leader. My commands are absolute and I am above your oaths!”

Dugu Zhen was startled as she asked, “What do you mean?”

Lie Qing answered, “Let me tell you then…”

A day ago, late at night…

Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi were both sitting on the roof of the Holy Chapter as they viewed the lofty Holy Amalgamate Mountains from afar.

Lie Qing said coolly as she stroked her long hair in the cool windy breezes, “You don’t have to lie to me. I know from your eyes that you are hiding something from us.”

Dugu Yunzi replied quietly, “I have…nothing to hide…”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “Really? Why is that when we walk past that Dugu Zhen, both of you averted your glances with each other and pretending not to know each other? That Dugu Zhen is really a shrewd lady, keenly observing everyone except for you. Isn’t that a little too weird?”

When Lie Qing had pointed this out, Dugu Yunzi appeared to be jolted!

Lie Qing continued unhurriedly, “And moreover, I see betrayal in your eyes. I have seen this cold expressionless emotion in the eyes too many times.”

She sighed as her tears swelled in her eyes, “In my entire life, I have been betrayed too many times by the people that I have placed my trust in. Moreover, you know that I am a Celestial now and have the ability to divine.”

Dugu Yunzi was startled, “You really have the ability to divine?!”

Lie Qing smiled at her, “That is right. All Celestials have the ability to divine. Why do you think Lele sends me here? She knows that you are in trouble and I am the only one that can help you.”

Dugu Yunzi was silent for a while as she averted her teary eyes, “I am not as good as what all of you thinks. I am also not as chaste and innocent as the other maidens. Do you know that I am actually from a known heretic sect with an infamous reputation in the martial fraternity?”

She looked teary at Lie Qing with her voice trembling in extreme grief, “Do you know that that I am now being forced by my mother, Dugu Zhen to betray the man that I truly loves? Do you know how heartbreaking my innermost is? Do you know that I am also the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan and I have to bear the burdens that are placed upon me by the clan elders?”

Her voice grew even melancholy as her tears fell silently, “I only wish to be with Ping’Er but my blood oaths prevented me from betraying my holy sect. Those that betray the Sacred Clan even if they have descendants, the males would be slaves while the females would be prostitutes. They would never enjoy a full life and be cursed for all generations to die of horrible mishap. Anyone that took them in would be met with the same fate too. That is how deadly my blood oaths are!”

Lie Qing was startled.

Dugu Yunzi lamented, “And tomorrow, I have to betray everyone. You have better warn the others and ask them to flee as far as they can. It is because if you stay, all of you will surely die!”

Lie Qing looked at her into her eyes before she said slowly, “Good sister, you are not leaving with us?”

Dugu Yunzi’s voice was one of great despair, “By telling you all this, I have already broken my oaths and have betrayed my clan. By going with all of you, I will only be harming Yi Ping and everyone! Please, please leave me alone!”

Lie Qing said quietly, “Good sister, I truly understands what you have been through.”

She looked up the skies and at the seven beaming celestial stars above as she said softly, “The Invincible Divine Clan used to be the most powerful heretic sect in the fraternity and we have achieved domination over all the other major martial clans. I am the Heavenly Temptress of the Invincible Divine Clan. After the Invincible Divine Clan had been annihilated by the Celestial Palace, I have founded the Virtuous Palace in the Far East as a remnant of the Invincible Divine Clan to avoid pursues by the enemies of the Invincible Divine Clan. But it was not before long that I was betrayed by my own followers, including your ancestor Ding Jun…”

Dugu Yunzi was startled as she quickly interrupted, “What do you mean by you have founded the Virtuous Palace? Aren’t you just a descendant of the Invincible Divine Clan? And what do you mean by, you are the Heavenly Temptress?!”

Lie Qing averted her glances, “I lie. I didn’t want anyone to know my true age. Don’t you find it weird that the Celestial Liege knows me? The Invincible Divine Clan that he had destroyed is not a recent happening but one that happened a long time ago, before the founding of the Virtuous Palace. That is why I have named our group the New Virtuous Palace so that I can seek vengeance on the present descendants of the Virtuous Palace.”

Dugu Yunzi stammered, “How is it possible for you to live this long…it is impossible…then are you really a true Celestial?”

She suddenly gasped, “That means that Celestial Liege was not just stating things metaphorically when he talks about the feud the Celestial Palace had with the Invincible Divine Clan many centuries ago. He was actually there! So my mother and clan elders are not chasing a mad dream but they actually found a way to ascend as a Celestial. Are you really the Heavenly Temptress?!”

Lie Qing nodded as she covered her face with her hands, “I am indeed the Heavenly Temptress and please don’t go around telling anyone or I will surely faint. The last time I go to town, my fraternity name seems to be even more notorious than ever before.”

She lamented as she cursed softly, “Don’t let me catch those rumor spreaders that added to my notoriety or I surely skin them alive! And from what Youxue and you have shared with me, there is also a legend of the red eyes in the Virtuous Palace. It seems that the red eyes of the Celestial Palace that massacred my other clan, the Invincible Divine Clan now become the oppressors of the Virtuous Palace. I was betrayed by your ancestors and they had covered that betrayal with another tale. Those traitors did not want to let their descendants know their evil deeds and had covered everything up.”

Dugu Yunzi said, “My ancestor Ding Jun did not betray you. In fact, he had secretly founded the Sacred Divine Clan to honor you and to remind us to destroy the Virtuous Palace one day. But the Virtuous Palace that you have founded has too many super exponents. Moreover the Xiao Clan kept many martial secrets like the Dark Mono Sword Formation to only descendants of the Yuan and Xiao Clan. There are also the secret martial skills of the Eighteen Unbreakable Hands, the three killing techniques of the extinct Southern Isle Clan and others.”

All of a sudden, Dugu Yunzi bowed down on her knees, “My respect to the First Grand Protégé Mistress!”

Lie Qing was taken aback but she quickly recovered from her surprise as she smiled mysteriously, “Good sister, don’t ever bow to me. I will surely feel very bad. Please get up first. Let me ask you; that mean if the Sacred Divine Clan is created in my name, does it also mean that I can also void all the blood oaths too?”

Dugu Yunzi was startled as she quickly replied, “That’s right…in all our ceremonies and oaths; we will always invoke the name of the Heavenly Temptress to be our witness…and her dead spirit to execute the oaths…”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Oh Heavens! I have become a dead spirit now. That’s great. Then, I shall release you from all your oaths. You have never betrayed the Sacred Divine Clan because you have never betrayed me! Then can I just avert this crisis of yours by announcing my presence?”

Dugu Yunzi said quietly, “I am afraid that it is not possible. Many sect elders that had protested against the ‘Celestial Pan’ as a dangerous gambit that may destroy the clan had all been killed by the Three Evils. Even if you are the Heavenly Temptress, the ‘Celestial Plan’ cannot be stopped now because the entire Sacred Divine Clan is now so close to becoming Celestials. Moreover, would anyone believe you and believe someone that had never led the clan for even one day of her life? They would rather kill you than believe in you.”

Lie Qing smiled bitterly, “I ought to remember this as another betrayal. So much for using my name to unite the scattering protégés into the Sacred Divine Clan and then forgotten about my real person. Oh Heavens!”

Dugu Yunzi, “We should flee on this very night…but for Ji Wuzheng and Sister Lingfeng, would they believe us?

Lie Qing asked, “What if we choose to stay behind and make a stand?”

Dugu Yunzi sighed melancholy, “Sister Qing’Er, you do not know who your opponents are or else you won’t think about it. I know very well how powerful the Three Evils of the West are. Moreover they have already merged the Holy Amalgamate Force with the Divine Virtuous Force into a Super Virtuous Amalgamate Force. Any one of them is already considered to be a superior super exponent and moreover there are three of them. Even if Yi Ping and you can defeat them, you may not survive your injuries too. The odds of winning against one of them are fifty-fifty for both sides. But if they joined hands, no one in the martial fraternity will be able to stop them except for the Dark Mono Sword Formation of the Virtuous Palace.”

Lie Qing smiled mysteriously, “What if we fight evil with evil?”

Dugu Yunzi asked, “What do you mean, sister?”

Lie Qing turned extremely solemn, “However, this will be very risky for you and you may even be killed by Yi Ping and the rest.”

Dugu Yunzi said with quiet determination, “I am not afraid of sacrificing my life for Ping’Er and for the rest of my good sisters, as long as everyone can have a chance of surviving. I am willing to do that!”

Lie Qing said, “This will requires extreme acting skills on our side. I just hope that Yi Ping doesn’t make it so hilarious in an otherwise serious situation or the entire plan will come to a futile end. Sometimes you know, like Lingfeng, I cannot resist giving him a hard kick for saying or doing stupid things at the wrong time. Luckily, Sister Lingfeng always gives him a timely hard knock for that or else I surely will be the next to kick him hard!”

Dugu Yunzi laughed softly, “Actually me too…”

But she quickly asked, “What is the plan? Can you divine it first?”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “There is no such thing as divination.”

Dugu Yunzi was startled, “But you just say Celestials have the ability to divine and you can see the betrayal in my eyes? You have also said that Lele has sent you here because she has divined that we are in danger?”

Lie Qing smiled weakly, “Good sister, I am sorry. I lie again.”

Dugu Yunzi was startled.

Lie Qing said shyly, “Lele don’t have any ability to divine. She lies too. It doesn’t take a genius to know that all of you are going to be in danger. Because all of us are worry for Yi Ping, it just a convenient excuse to use divination as an excuse for me to come to your aid. She may think I can’t tell but somehow I can tell all from her sheepish and subtle expressions. As for the betrayal in your eyes, it is based on my personal experience and not a result of any divination.”

Dugu Yunzi was stunned, “Sister Lele and you are really so alike…in many ways. I am beginning to feel that the two of you may be twins in your previous life. Even your mannerism is the same…”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Is that so? Sometimes I think so as well.”

She looked at Dugu Yunzi for a while before she said, “Sometimes I feel that I have known you, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lele, Yixian, Youxue and even Yi Ping from a long time ago too. But that’s not important. So here is the plan…the code for action will be Invincible Divine…”

Dugu Zhen laughed coldly as she looked at Ji Wuzheng, Yi Ping, Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi one by one, “So, that is the plan…what a good plan. We all have been fooled. The three elders are dead now. The Celestial Plan is now shattered. I have lost everything now…”

Ji Wuzheng said quietly, “You have not lost everything. You still have me and you are still the proud mother of our three daughters.”

Dugu Yunzi nodded as she cried out, “Dearest mother, you still have your Yunzi!”

Dugu Zhen was stunned as she looked tearfully at Ji Wuzheng, “After all that I did, after you have known that I am from the heretic sect, you are still willing to forgive me?”

Ji Wuzheng reached out for his hands and immediately Dugu Zhen fell into his embrace as he said, “No matter what you did, I am willing to forgive! I can’t do with you. I know that throughout the years, you have also done an excellent work in the Holy Hex Sect. No one will need to disclose that you are from the Sacred Divine Clan. It is almost no more now.”

Dugu Zhen muttered, “You have no idea how influential is the Sacred Divine Clan. There are still three powerful elders that know my identity that are undercover on the orthodox clans’ side.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “It doesn’t matter. I will protect you even if it means that I have to give up my life for you.”

Dugu Zhen sighed tearfully, “You…”

She turned and looked at Lie Qing as she stammered, “Are you really the Heavenly Temptress?”

Lie Qing nodded quietly.

Dugu Zhen fell on her knees as she said, “May Grand Protégé Mistress forgive me for any transgression that I have made. I am also willing to atone for my terrible mistakes!”

Lie Qing said awkwardly as she fingered her long hair in front of her face, “Rise please. Your daughter, Yun is my good sister. How would I have the heart to punish her dearest mother? You just need to reveal to us the further plans of the Sacred Divine Clan as atonement. Then we can prevent a martial calamity from happening.”

Dugu Zhen nodded even as Dugu Yunzi and Ji Wuzheng helped her up at the same time while Yunzi said shyly, “Stepfather!”

Ji Wuzheng was very happy, “I have got another daughter now. It is something worth celebrating and I should open my precious wine cellar!”

Huo Fu was rubbing his bloodied face that was mixed with his tears. He had never seen such a moving scene in his entire life before and was quiet the entire time…

All of a sudden, Yi Ping clapped his hands as he said excitedly. “So this is all part of a plan! I almost got fooled by it.”

Lingfeng gave Yi Ping a weak kick as she laughed softly, “You are slow, aren’t you? And it is not almost. You really got fooled by it.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I almost thought that I have lost Qing’Er and Yun’Er. Qing’Er, Yun’Er, why didn’t you tell us your plans beforehand? At least I won’t be so panicky!”

He took a quick look around him and nodded silently to Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng who all gave him a thumb up from afar. “At least we are lucky to have all survived. This is one of the hardest fights that I have ever fought…”

Lie Qing said shyly as her eyes displayed a thousand affections for him, “If we tell you and the sisters first, we will not get the result that we want. You have such bad acting skills, if we tell you first; the plan would be doomed from very start. Also, or else I won’t know how much you really care for me.”

Dugu Yunzi nodded affectionately at him, “Ping’Er, now I also know how you feel for me…”

Mei’Er exclaimed with a mischievous look in her eyes, “I also want to know how much Master have for me in his heart. Prove to me, Master!”

Yi Ping could only smile bitterly at Mei’Er.

Yu’Er had covered her face at her sister open declaration of her heart. That was really so bold of her sister and she was startled!

Mei’Er said, “Master, I want you to prove it now! Did you not see my injuries and wounds? All these are for you!”

Yu’Er quickly said, “Mei’Er, you are asking Master to prove his love for you and not the other way round!”

Mei’Er protested softly, “Is there a difference?”

Yi Ping bowed to Ji Wuzheng as he glanced at Lingfeng, “Big Brother, I have a favor to ask from you.”

Lingfeng was startled as she quickly thought, “Is he asking for my hand? I won’t say no if he really asks…”

Yi Ping said, “There are now five Divine Dragon Pills now. One of the Divine Dragon Pills has been taken by Lingfeng and there are only four left. I have two friends of mine who may need the Divine Dragon Pills urgently. Can I have two of the Divine Dragon Pills?”

Ji Wuzheng laughed, “We are brothers. Of course you can have it. Even if you want all of it, I will surely give it all to you!”

Yi Ping said, “That’s alright. I don’t need more.”

Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “Alas, you should take one for yourself too. These Divine Dragon Pills are actually created from your own hands and I really have no more right to them. What I own is actually the Heavenly Relic and not these Divine Dragon Pills.”

Dugu Zhen smiled gently. She was now at peace with herself and did not hunger to be a Celestial anymore. It did not matter even if her husband wanted to give all the precious Divine Dragon Pills away! All she wanted now, was to spend time with Ji Wuzheng…

Yi Ping said to Youxue, “Youxue, can I have two of the Divine Dragon Pills and return two of the Divine Dragon Pills to Brother Wuzheng?”

Youxue quietly opened her hand and revealed only one Divine Dragon Pill as she said sheepishly, “There is only one left now…”

Everyone was stunned.

Yi Ping was in a daze as he asked her, “What happened to the other three?!”

Youxue averted her enthralling glances as she said sheepishly, “I have consumed one earlier while you are all talking.”

Everyone was stunned…

Youxue explained sheepishly, “I am also seriously injured so I have taken one of the Divine Dragon Pills.”

Yi Ping muttered, “I have thought that you have actually consumed three at the same time. You have taken one and where are the other two?”

Youxue pointed at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “It in their stomachs now.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er too, were sheepish as they said at the same time, “We are injured and we almost die too…”

Mei’Er said, “Or else you won’t see me talking to you now. I will be lying there. Is that what you really want to see huh?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he sighed, “The Divine Dragon Pills cannot be consumed by practitioners that have less than sixty years of internal strength or it does more harm than good. Youxue has the martial foundation already but the two of you… “

Yu’Er was suddenly sorrowful, “Master, will we die?”

Mei’Er said, “But we are feeling a lot better than earlier…”

Lingfeng said, “I don’t have sixty years of internal strength too…”

Youxue quickly said, “There is no need to worry. The Divine Dragon Pill does not necessary need to be used to increase the practitioner’s martial strength. It can also be used to save lives. Much of the potency of the Divine Dragon Pill will be consumed in the process of treating your injuries and wounds.”

The truth was that Youxue was not confident of what she had said but she withheld her worries…

Yi Ping was a little relieved to hear that…

Huo Fu, Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen, Lie Qing, Dugu Yunzi, Lingfeng, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were all stunned that four out of five of the Divine Dragon Pills had all been consumed at such a rapid rate!

Yi Ping murmured bitterly, “One Divine Dragon Pill is now left. Should I give it to Yixian or Lele?”

When Youxue saw that Lingfeng had really revived so suddenly, she knew instantly that these Divine Dragon Pills were not fakes. All of a sudden, a thought crossed her mind. Lingfeng martial progression would surely advance much faster after consuming the Divine Dragon Pill. If that happened, then Yi Ping would surely trust her more and more. With that thought in mind, she immediately popped in one of the Divine Dragon Pills in secret!

After consuming it, she was overwhelmed with guilt. She had thought that if she could find one or two others to take it too, then she would not feel so awkward later. So she gave one each to Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had also immediately taken it!

Yi Ping said to Youxue, “Do you know that it is improper to take others’ stuff first without asking? Didn’t your parents or elders teach you that?”

Youxue said coolly, “My father and elders, including my mother just told me that anything that I can lay my hands on, it is mine. It is the responsibility of others to protect what they want. If they can’t protect it, then finder is keeper.”

Yi Ping was stunned, “Did your parents really teach you that?!”

Dugu Yunzi giggled, “That’s right. That is the rule of the Virtuous Palace!”

Yi Ping, Ji Wuzheng, Huo Fu, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were stunned at this revelation.

Yi Ping said to Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “Is that a rule of the Eternal Ice Palace too?”

Yu’Er said shyly, “We have no such rules. But if a good sister offers us something good to eat, it is considered disrespectful not to take it.”

There was nothing Yi Ping could do now except to smile weakly.

Ji Wuzheng laughed, “It seemed that you have a lot of troubles in your hands in future with these maidens. Don’t worry too much about the Divine Dragon Pills. You can have them all.”

Yi Ping bowed respectfully, “Thank you Brother…”

Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er said at the same time, “Thank you!”

The only person that was sore about the Divine Dragon Pills was actually Lie Qing. She was actually counting the number of state of divinities that she could actually reach with each of the Divine Dragon Pill that had gone up in smoke! “They have no idea how precious the Divine Dragon Pills are…consuming them so recklessly…faint! These Divine Dragon Pills can only be obtainable by the sheer arrangement of destiny and cannot be sought…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping said to her, interrupting her thoughts. “Qing’Er, I found the name of the Heavenly Temptress to be so familiar. Did you mention that you are a protégé in the Heavenly Temptress Clan? Why have you become the Heavenly Temptress now?”

Lie Qing looked at him as she pretended to be upset, “I don’t want to explain to someone as stupid as you. Go figure out yourself!”

Yi Ping was left in bewilderment as he thought, “Did I say something wrong?”

While he was still pondering why, Youxue had quietly fallen into his embrace as she said quietly, “Sometimes it is better not to know too much, as long as everyone can be together…”

When Youxue had fallen into Yi Ping’s embrace, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi and Lie Qing had also fallen blissfully into his arms.

The sight was enviable and it seemed that time had stopped for them.

Indeed, for a long time, no one dare to disturb their tranquil gathering!

Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were exchanging enviable glances with one another even as they sat on the floor. Their injuries were too heavy for them to move, especially Gongsun Jing who had been fatally slashed by the Blade Heretic on his leg.

Youxue suddenly whispered, “Ping’Er, who does you really like the most? Is it me? Have you already forgotten what we have been through that night?”

Yi Ping was stunned by her question and all of a sudden, he noticed all the other maidens were looking at him with an equally hostile look around them as they waited for him to answer this question!

Lingfeng warned him gently, “You have better answer correctly or else you will be dead very soon.”

Yi Ping smiled most bitterly.