A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 55

The Rise of the Heretic Sect

The Inner Holy Chapter was the inner sanctuary of the Holy Sectarian Master and the Holy Maiden. Unless special permission was given, no one was allowed to enter the Inner Holy Chapter. But today, it was unusually crowded.

Ji Wuzheng was sitting in the middle of the hall. Beside him were two young maidens in white. They were his personal attendants as well as his swordsmaidens. Sitting beside him was Ji Lingfeng, the Holy Maiden and a beautiful refine lady.

Standing at the exits of the Hall were a dozen exponents in black.

Ji Wuzheng was unusually solemn today.

Yi Ping would later found out that the beautiful refine lady was actually Ji Wuzheng’s wife, Dugu Zhen. She was not only the proud mother of three beautiful daughters Suxin, Suyue and Sufeng but she was also one of the First Guardian of the Holy Guardian.

When Yi Ping stepped into the Inner Holy Chapter, he simply could not believe his eyes as he caught sight of Lingfeng. She was radically very different from last night; her countenance was absolutely stunning in her Holy Maiden ceremony garb and light blue jewelries as he secretly thought, “Is she really Lingfeng? She looks like a totally different person and she seems so cold today…”

But as soon as he had thought of that, Lingfeng had secretly blinked and smile at him before she reverted to her cold and forbidden self again. He thought, “She is still the same old self…”

Ding Yun noticed it immediately and whispered to him, “You didn’t realize Lingfeng is actually a peerless alluring beauty until today, didn’t you? You keep staring at her.”

Yi Ping was immediately flustered as he quickly stammered, “She is so different from last night…I am just a little startled…”

Even though Ding Yun appeared to be smiling, Yi Ping failed to notice the sorrows and melancholy in her eyes. He had also failed to notice that Dugu Zhen was looking at Ding Yun with unusual eyes.

Youxue quickly whispered to Yi Ping, “Sister Lingfeng looks so enthralling today. You look like you have never seen her appearance before?”

Yi Ping managed a weak smile, “Of course I have. But…I have never seen her this quiet…”

Lie Qing whispered with an enchanting smile, “Then do you like her to be quiet or friendly?”

Yi Ping dare not answer her. It was because even though Lie Qing’s whispers were almost inaudible, he had suddenly noticed that Lingfeng’s alluring eyes were looking and questioning him!

Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng and Qian Fan were also looking intently at Lingfeng…

But Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were quickly distracted by Suxin, Suyue and Sufeng as they entered the hall.

Even though Lingfeng had been in their company for quite some time, she had rarely removed her thinly disguised veil in their presence.

Huo Fu was looking in stunned appraisal at Ding Yun, Youxue, Lie Qing, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. It was because they were all smiling and whispering jovially with one another in intimate exchanges.

When Ji Wuzheng saw everyone that was supposed to be here had reached, he stood up and announced with a deep resounding voice. “I have two important matters to announce today.”

Immediately the hall fell into silent as everyone listened attentively.

Nangong Le was grinning as he thought, “Is he going to announce my appointment as the Third Guardian of the Holy Chapter and maybe even betrothed Suyue to me?”

Ji Wuzheng said almost immediately, “Firstly, due to the unfortunate demise of our four Holy Chapter Guardians, the Holy Hex Sect has suffered a huge blow to our strength and morale. Therefore there is an urgent need to appoint capable leaders as new Guardians to restore the holy sect’s diminishing strength.”

Nangong Le knew that Ji Wuzheng was about to appoint him as the new Holy Chapter Guardian and he was delighted. He immediately stole at glance at Suyue who was listening attentively.

Ji Wuzheng nodded at him before he said aloud, “Nangong Le, step forward to receive my commands!”

Nangong Le stepped forward proudly as he stole a glance at Suyue who was startled. “Looking at her expressions, she must be so surprised! It is my chance to impress her! I was worried that my sworn brothers would be the first one to be called out. Haha, it must be because I was the first one to agree to join the Holy Hex Sect so Ji Wuzheng has subtly given me the honor to be called out first!”

Immediately there were several low murmurings in the background!

Nangong Le grinned broadly as he thought, “They must be so startled and wish that they can be in the limelight first. That honor is now mine.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Nangong Le will be appointed the Third Guardian of the Holy Chapter. All holy protégés of the Third Chapter will be under his command and leadership.”

Nangong Le was immensely pleased as he grinned. He could not help asking, “Who is the currently the First and Second Holy Chapter Guardians?”

Ji Suyue stepped forward, interrupting him. “My mother Dugu Zhen is the First Guardian of the Holy Chapter. There is currently no Second Guardian.”

Nangong Le was startled when Suyue stepped in to talk to him. “Is she impressed by me now? There is no Second Guardian? Does it mean that I am currently the second most important Guardian? No wait. Brother Yi Ping had defeated the Celestial Liege. Surely he will be the one who will be appointed the Second Guardian. Still, as Third Guardian, my rank is way superior to Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and that Qian Fan.”

He laughed jovially while asking Suyue, “Qian Fan is also a Guardian. Which number in rank is he?”

Suyue stole a glance at Qian Fan as she said coolly, “He is our Sixth Holy Chapter Guardian.”

Nangong Le was secretly pleased as he thought, “I am in the upper Guardian Ranks…”

Suyue smiled gently at him, “Congratulations!”

Nangong Le muttered out, “Suyue, I so glad to have your appreciation…”

Suyue flushed as she quickly interrupted him with an icy tone, “The Third Guardian isn’t more important than the First or Sixth. Each of the Guardians has a different role. The First Guardian is in charge of protecting the Holy Chapter while the Sixth Guardian is in charge of protecting the Holy Hex Sect. As for…”

Qian Fan chipped in, as he could no longer bear to see the insolent smiles on Nangong Le’s face. “The Second to Forth Holy Chapter Guardians are in charge of repulsing the foes. Congratulations on your new appointment as the Third Holy Chapter Guardian. Our survival now depends on your brilliant leadership and tactics now to repulse the over hundred martial clans that are at the foot of the mountains!”

While Qian Fan was explaining to Nangong Le, Suyue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. “That idiot. He dares to make such a bold advance on me and even call my name in front of so many.” Even though she was scolding him in her heart but she was secretly pleased…

Nangong Le was startled but he tried to put on a brave front, “Brother Yi Ping, Brother Qiu Wufeng, Brother Gongsun Jing and I will do our best as Guardians to protect the Holy Hex Sect, there’s no doubt about it.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “They will not be appointed as Guardians. Only you will have the honor of serving the Holy Hex Sect as a Guardian.”

Nangong Le was stunned, “They…they are not going to be appointed as Guardians?!”

Ji Wuzheng said, “No, they are not. That is the second announcement that I am going to make. I am honor that I am going to have three more sworn brothers now. They are Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng!”

Nangong Le was startled, “What about me?”

Ji Wuzheng grinned, “You are just my Guardian.”

Nangong Le was stunned…

Ji Wuzheng said to Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng. “This is Huo Fu, my sworn brother. If you don’t mind, Huo Fu can be your Second Brother while I am your Big Brother. What do you think?”

Yi Ping said, “I don’t mind! Brother Fu and Brother Wuzheng, your younger brother pays my respect to you!”

Huo Fu was taken by surprise, “You are not upset with me and even acknowledge me as your Second Brother?”

Yi Ping said, “I really don’t mind. Maybe if it isn’t for you back then, the Celestial Fairy and I would not be together as a couple. Alas, maybe that is all predestined. Maybe I should thank you instead.”

Huo Fu was startled, “That beautiful young maiden that was with you was the Celestial Fairy?!” He was shocked because the Celestial Fairy was rumored to have led the Eternal Ice Palace for some twenty years before she passed away from old age!

Yi Ping was curious, “That’s right. Is something wrong?”

Huo Fu murmured, “Nothing…”

But he was already thinking, “No wonder her martial skills are so profound for a young maiden. But how is it possible?” Till today, he had been thinking of her. It was because she was not someone that could be easily forgotten…

Even Ji Wuzheng was slightly startled, “I didn’t expect the Celestial Fairy of the Eternal Ice Palace to be just a young maiden. The rumors of the fraternity are many and most are exaggerated and not to be believed recklessly.”

Lingfeng said, “I have seen the Celestial Fairy. She is younger than me. Come to think of that, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, how is that your protégé mistress is so young? Yet, her martial skills surpass you by a large gap?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er exchanged nervous glances.

Yu’Er quickly recovered from her senses and smiled, “That is why she is our protégé mistress!”

Youxue was silently thinking, “Only Yu’Er, Mei’Er and I know her true age. Maybe even Sister Lie Qing and the rest did not suspect…”

Yi Ping said, “Brother Gongsun Jing and Brother Qiu Wufeng and I have an agreement to address one another as equal brothers. So if you don’t mind, the three of us can be your Third Brothers!”

Ji Wuzheng and Huo Fu laughed as they said together, “We don’t mind! We are brothers now!”

Gongsun Jing stepped forward and bowed with his hands, “My respect to Big Brother and Second Brother!”

Qiu Wufeng too stepped forward and offered his respects, “My respect to Big Brother and Second Brother!”

Nangong Le sighed bitterly, “How I wish I can join them in this brotherhood. I don’t want to be a Holy Chapter Guardian anymore…”

Suxin and Sufeng were giggling as they said, “So we got three more Uncles now? They are not so much older than us. We really have to call them Uncles?”

Suyue sighed softly, “I hope that they are not as mean as our father.”

Ji Wuzheng stared sternly at Suyue, “Look at you…”

Dugu Zhen smiled gently to Ji Wuzheng, “Suyue is just teasing her new Uncles. Let her enjoy the moment instead.”

Ji Wuzheng sighed, “You are just spoiling her too much. Now she doesn’t even respect her father anymore. I have told her many times that in this Holy Chapter, I am her Holy Sectarian Master. At all times, she must remember that she is the same as the other protégés…”

Suyue immediately said to Yi Ping, “Uncle Yi Ping, you look like a nice guy. My father is bullying me! Help me!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at her.

But he quickly said, “If Big Brother does not mind, can you take in Brother Nangong Le as your Third Brother too? After all, he is with us and is our brother too.”

Ji Wuzheng nodded and glanced sternly at Nangong Le, “Since Third Brother Yi Ping has interceded on your behalf, you can join our brotherhood. But I must warn you, brother or not brother, I am always very strict with the clan rules.”

Nangong Le smiled bitterly as he said uneasily, “Thank you…Big Brother!”

Suyue laughed softly, “Now I have another Uncle! Uncle Nangong Le!”

All of a sudden, Nangong Le was jolted as he quickly thought. “If I am her Uncle, then can we still be together in a proper relationship?”

But just as he was about to protest, Ji Wuzheng proclaimed aloud. “From now on we are sworn brothers. If anyone of us betray this brotherhood, may he be cursed and be struck by the thunderbolts of heavens. He also will have no descendants. May we share through weal and woes together!”

Nangong Le smiled most bitterly as he sighed deeply, “Brother Yi Ping, do you know that your goodwill has screwed up my happiness…”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Today, I am going to make an exception and bring the lot of you to the forbidden ground of the Inner Holy Chapter.”

Dugu Zhen was startled, “Is that an idea? They are all strangers…”

Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “They have all saved our Holy Sect from annihilation. There is no doubt about it. They are either all my brothers now or Lingfeng’s sisters. Maybe with their help, I may be able to understand more about the Heavenly Relic and its secrets.”

Dugu Zhen nodded gently, “Then Qian Fan and our daughters will take our leave first.”

Ji Wuzheng said gently to his wife, “Don’t worry. Nothing will go wrong. I trust them too.”

Dugu Zhen said, “You can trust them now but can you trust them ten, twenty years later? People do change over time. I hope you know. I take my leave now.”

She stood up and said, “Qian Fan, Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue. Follow me.”

Suxin sighed, “I have never been to the forbidden ground before and is curious what the Heavenly Relic looks like…”

Dugu Zhen said sternly, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You have better don’t say anymore.”

Suxin looked unhappy, “Yes mother…”

Sufeng whispered to her, “The time Suyue and I try to enter the forbidden ground; we are nearly beaten to death by our father…”

Suyue nodded and there was a tear in her eyes.

Ji Wuzheng hummed coldly to indicate his displeasure.

After Dugu Zhen, Qian Fan, Sufeng, Suxin and Suyue had left the hall, Ji Wuzheng said, “Come with me.”

Ji Wuzheng began to lead them into the inner sanctum.

After a few winding turns along the passage way, Ji Wuzheng pushed down a hanging torch and revealed another secret passage.

Very soon, they come to a concealed door.

Ji Wuzheng turned a secret mechanism and gave the concealed door a push , revealing a dark passageway.

Youxue said softly, “So we are going to see the forbidden ground of the Holy Hex Sect? I have heard that members of the Ji Clan are the only ones that are allowed into the forbidden ground.”

Lingfeng said, “That’s right. Not even Dugu Zhen, my brother’s wife is allowed inside. Even Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue as well.”

Yu’Er was startled, “Aren’t Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue from the Ji Clan too?”

Lingfeng looked at her brother who nodded gently before she said, “Only the male descendants of the Ji Clan and the Holy Maiden are allowed inside. It is because the Holy Maiden must always remain with the Holy Hex Sect.”

Mei’Er said, “But we are strangers too…even sworn brothers and sisters are not as close as one’s wife…”

She took a quick look at Yi Ping…

Yi Ping saw her glance and he stammered out, “Don’t worry, Lingfeng. I will take you away…”

Lingfeng sighed, “You really have nothing better to say to me…”

Lie Qing said humorlessly, “In the Virtuous Palace and the Invincible Divine Clan, there is a forbidden ground too.”

She looked at Ji Wuzheng and Lingfeng with a weird expression, “The only times strangers are allowed inside are also the last time that they could leave alive too.”

Ding Yun quietly said, “That is right…”

Yi Ping said, “We don’t have to make wild guesses. Brother Ji Wuzheng is after all Lingfeng’s brother. I trust him completely.”

Lie Qing looked at him and sighed softly, “You have never been betrayed by your closest friend. I have been betrayed on a number of times by people that are close to me until to the point I have lost faith in anyone until I have met you…”

She quietly held Yi Ping’s hands…

Yi Ping said, “Qing’Er, I will never forsake you. I promise you. We will always be together.”

Lie Qing nodded as she said, “Somehow, today I have an uneasy feeling. It is like…it is like…this will be the last time that I will see you…”

Yi Ping said with a quick smile, “That is unfounded. You are just worrying for nothing.”

Lingfeng said, “There is a great hero here who can protect anyone, am I right Great Hero Yi Ping?”

Yi Ping said, “Lingfeng, you don’t have to be so sarcastic. Besides Big Brother and Second Brother, there are so many of us around.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “We have reached.”

He had reached out another secret mechanism at the end of this passage and when he moved it, the wall slowly opened up and revealed an underground stair!

Ji Wuzheng said, “Let’s go in.”

Gongsun Jing muttered, “This is even more complex than the secret passages of the Honor Manor…”

Qiu Wufeng said, “The Holy Hex Sect has always been secretive in its affair.”

They were now in a large airy stone chamber as they walked down the stairs.

Ji Wuzheng said, “There are many secret chambers in the Inner Holy Chapter. This is where the Heavenly Relic is.”

The chamber was quite empty saved for two peculiar large statues at the end of the chamber. In the middle of the statues was a small levitating silver metallic rock, the size of a large fist. Enveloped around the Heavenly Relic was a rainbow halo.

Everyone knew instantly that this must be the Heavenly Relic and was gasping at it in astonishment except for Yi Ping and Ding Yun.

Nangong Le and Huo Fu were astonished as they said at the same time, “This is the Heavenly Relic?”

Huo Fu muttered, “How is it possible for it to defy gravity and levitate in midair?”

While most of them were looking at the Heavenly Relic, Ji Wuzheng and Lingfeng were secretly observing everyone’s expressions.

Except for Yi Ping and Ding Yun, everyone else had broken into thrilling murmurings as they tried to touch and asked curious questions!

Yu’Er was saying, “It is so beautiful…”

Huo Fu laughed, “Brother Wuzheng didn’t say we can touch it.”

Mei’Er said coolly, “Well, he didn’t say anything…”

Nangong Le said, “I wonder what the selling price for this in the fraternity…”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “I feel like stealing it already…”

Ding Yun did not seem to be interested…

Ji Wuzheng noticed that Yi Ping was looking at the two peculiar statues instead.

He had rarely taken notice of these two life size statues in the past. But when Yi Ping was looking curiously at it, he too began to take a closer look.

The two statues depicted two identical maidens with large feathery wings on their back as they faced one another, reaching their hands and crossing their long swords together.

When Yi Ping had first entered this chamber, he had immediately visualized himself battling with two beautiful angelic maidens. It took him a while to see past their glowing visage and he was immediately stunned when he found himself looking at Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

This was not the most startling!

In his hazy vision, he had cut them down with his sword and they had died tearfully in each other’s embrace!

What were even more startling than that was that before they had closed their eyes, they seemed to look at him with a lingering look and their smiles were tranquil!

All of a sudden, another angelic beautiful maiden in black had appeared. She had a long black sword in her hand. Somehow, he seemed that he had already known her given name; the Dark Enchantress of the West!

Lingfeng asked gently, “What’s wrong, Yi Ping? What are you looking at?”

Yi Ping was startled by her and that caused his vision to vanish.

He murmured, “I don’t know. These two statues seem to have come alive and are visually beautiful…”

Lingfeng was obviously unhappy, “Hmph! Fancy you lusting over two statues! You haven’t got enough of last night’s beating, didn’t you?”

Yi Ping asked, “These statues, what are those?”

Lingfeng said, “I don’t know. I have heard that these statues were already here even before the founding of the Holy Hex Sect. But who cares, am I right?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he secretly glanced at Yu’Er and Mei’Er who were laughing jovially with the others.

Yi Ping was now looking at his hands, which was trembling uncontrollably!

Ji Wuzheng hummed aloud to get everyone’s attention, “This is the awakened Heavenly Relic. How it is able to levitate on its own, I do not know. According to one of the legends, the Heavenly Relic is able to aid the practitioner to ascend to the heavens.”

Huo Fu said solemnly, “It is indeed a heavenly metal. According to my sect own legends, if the heavenly metal can be made into a divine sword…” he stole a glance at Yi Ping. “Then, if the practitioner has also attained the merging with the sword spirit, one with the sword and the merging of self with the heavens and the earth, then the practitioner will be able to use it as a celestial flying sword to ascend to the heavens!”

Lie Qing said coldly, “I don’t mean to pour cold water on you. How do you know it is true? You have a Celestial in your sect?”

Huo Fu said solemnly, “According to my sect history, there were three Celestials in my sect in the past.”

Lie Qing hummed coldly, “Oh really? Where are they now?”

Huo Fu laughed, “That was a long, long time ago. Three thousand years ago to be exact. Maybe they have already ascended to beyond the Ninth Heavens. Haha!”

Yi Ping suddenly said, “Or maybe they have all perished in a bloody killing with one another…”

All of a sudden, there was a purple vapor hissing into the chamber!

Ji Wuzheng immediately shouted, “Everyone hold your breath! This vapor is poisonous!”

Yi Ping and Lie Qing immediately displayed several stances as they sent flurries of windforce all around the ground, rolling back the purple fumes!

Youxue said coldly, “It seems that we have quite a lot of uninvited visitors!”

Ji Wuzheng shouted angrily, “Who is that? How dare you barge into the…”

Everyone was stunned when they saw Dugu Zhen walked into view as the purple fumes scattered.

Ji Wuzheng asked, “Why are you here? Do you know that this place is off-limits to you?”

Dugu Zhen was dragging a bloodied and unconscious Qian Fan on the ground. Instead of replying him, she threw him in front of her and said coldly. “His true identity is Xiao Fan and not Qian Fan. He may think he is smart for fooling us but he is not. He is also the one that causes the death of four of our Holy Chapter Guardians.”

Xiao Youxue was startled as she thought, “He is my brother?”

Ji Wuzheng did not ask how Dugu Zhen knew about Qian Fan. Instead he said coldly, “Who are the three people behind you?”

Three old men immediate walked calmly into view.

Lingfeng was startled as she gasped softly.

Even Ji Wuzheng was startled.

Huo Fu was baffled so he asked, “You know these old men?”

Lingfeng said, “These three old men are old stewards of the Holy Hex Sect. I only know today that they are actually no ordinary stewards but are actually martial exponents!”

Youxue was startled as well, “These three men are also no ordinary martial exponents. Aren’t they the Three Evils of the West? They are the Moon Heretic, the Blade Heretic and the Blood Heretic!”

Immediately, everyone was stunned including Ji Wuzheng and Huo Fu. It was because the Three Evils of the West were super exponents that were greatly feared by all as they rampaged throughout the martial fraternity with their super martial skills!

It was rumored that they had passed away decades ago. But why were they here? And how did Youxue recognize them?

The old man with the shorter white beard said, “I am the Moon Heretic. Young lass, how did you know who we are?”

Youxue said coolly, “I saw your portraits in the Virtuous Palace.”

She pointed at the old man with white whiskers, “You are the Blade Heretic.”

Next she pointed at the old man with a pale face, “And you are the Blood Heretic.”

Dugu Zhen laughed gently, “Excellent! So the Virtuous Palace has already known that the Three Evils are hiding in the Holy Hex Sect.”

She turned and looked at Qian Fan who was lying on the ground, “So this spy has already known but why didn’t he expose us?”

Huo Fu said angrily, “So you are all from the heretic sect?”

Everyone was startled. The heretic sect had actually infiltrated the Holy Hex Sect!

Dugu Zhen said, “Yes, we are if you want to. We actually prefer to call ourselves the Sacred Divine Clan.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Zhen, you are really from the heretic sect? Come back to me, there is still hope. Our daughters, are they in the heretic sect too?”

Dugu Zhen said, “You don’t have to worry. They do not know anything at all. If you smart enough, you will hand over the Heavenly Relic to us on your own free will or else, don’t blame me.”

Huo Fu said, “There are so many of us here. Do you think we will fear just the four of you?”

Dugu Zhen said coldly, “Do you really think there are just four of us here only?”

All of a sudden, Ding Yun had stabbed Lie Qing with a dagger with her right hand and dealt her a heavy crushing blow on her heart with her left hand using the Penetrating Hand!

Even as everyone was still reacting with shock, Ding Yun had unsheathed her long sword and had displayed a barrage of sword slashes on Lie Qing!

Lie Qing was taken completely by surprise even as she parried off the attacks weakly

Yi Ping immediately raised his hands at Ding Yun! “Yun! What are you doing!? Why did you…”

Ding Yun immediately stepped aside to Dugu Zhen’s side even as Youxue, Mei’Er, Yu’Er, Lingfeng, Ji Wuzheng, Huo Fu, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng attacked her at the same time!

Youxue said tearfully, “Sister Yun! Why did you do that to Lie Qing? I have thought that we are sisters? Why did you attack Lie Qing?!”

Yi Ping was now holding the blood-soaked Lie Qing in his arms as he lamented loudly, “Qing’Er, wake up. Don’t sleep…”

Lie Qing smiled weakly, “I told you…I really…have an uneasy…feeling today. I have been betrayed again…I think my destiny is finally coming to an end…Yi Ping, I am so happy to know you during this short time…”

Yi Ping drawn her close to him as he transferred his vital energies into her, “Qing’Er, don’t talk anymore. Try to hold on…”

Lie Qing said weakly as she looked at Yi Ping with silent tears, “Don’t waste your precious internal strength on me…it is no use…my heart pulse is broken…save your strength to fight your foes instead…”

Yi Ping cried out, “If I stop now, you will die! Qing’Er, I can’t let you die…”

Lie Qing was murmuring weakly, “…till oceans vanish and rocks crumbled to dust…together…”

Lingfeng was trembling as she stole a glance at Lie Qing while trying to hold back her tears, “Sister Yun, you…are really from the heretic sect?”

Ding Yun said quietly, “That’s right. You have better surrendered. None of you are our match in skill.”

Ji Wuzheng said coldly, “I only got a question. Why did you wait for twenty years?”

Dugu Zhen said, “It does take us this long for us to steal your Holy Amalgamate Skill and to practice it. Without the Holy Amalgamate Force, our holy sect is unable to fight the Divine Calamity and ascend to be Celestials.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “You marry me because you want to steal the Holy Amalgamate Skill?”

Dugu Zhen said, “Is there any other reason? I also know that now you are injured and are unable to display the full martial power of the Holy Amalgamate Skill. However, I am different. I have been secretly practicing the Holy Amalgamate Skill for a long time. I am afraid that even if you are not injured, you may not be able to defeat me.”

Ji Wuzheng was silent, “Is that so? Even if you have defeated us and taken the Heavenly Relic away, do you think the Orthodox Martial Clans will simply let you off just like that?”

Dugu Zhen hummed coldly, “This, you don’t have to worry. At this moment, I am afraid that the Orthodox Clans are too busy fighting among themselves.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “What do you mean?”

Dugu Zhen said, “Do you think that we have only infiltrated just the Holy Hex Sect?”

Ji Wuzheng was taken aback as he looked at Ding Yun. Even the Virtuous Palace had long been infiltrated…

Yi Ping was inconsolable and he was wailing aloud, not caring if others were watching or staring at him…

Youxue stepped forward as she shouted icily, “Ding Yun! Ding Yunzi! Why did you betray us?! Don’t you know that Yi Ping, he loves you and I have always regarded you as my dearest sister? Why did you betray us?”

Ding Yun’s eyes were sorrowful as she said quietly, “Do you know that those in the Sacred Divine Clan have to take a terrible blood oath? Once we are in the Sacred Divine Clan, we are forever in the Sacred Divine Clan. Other than obeying, I don’t have any other choices.”

She looked at Dugu Zhen as she said, “Even for her, she has no other choice. We are all manipulated by fate.”

She looked at Youxue, “But I can tell you this. You may have wronged your father, Xiao Shuai.”

Xiao Youxue was startled, “What do you mean?”

Ding Yun said, “Your father didn’t want to teach you any skills because he is actually trying to protect you. Should he dies, at least his enemies won’t think of you as a real threat. It is because he already suspects of our presence in the Virtuous Palace.”

She lowered her glances, “I am sorry Youxue. I have always regarded you as my dearest sister too and Lie Qing too…”

Youxue said icily, “And now because of you, she is now in a critical condition and this is what you mean by dearest sister?”

Ding Yun refused to answer her directly. Instead she said, “My role in the Virtuous Palace is to sow discord between your two brothers, causing them to fight with one another.”

Youxue said coldly, “You don’t have to explain your role and your part to me. My brothers aren’t close to me. I only want to ask, how you can be so vicious as to lay your hands on Sister Lie Qing!”

Ding Yun refused to say anymore as she thought, “Forgive me, everyone. Yi Ping, how I wish you have allowed me to take my own life in the valley…”

Yu’Er was weeping for Lie Qing but when she looked into Ding Yun’s eyes, she could feel an unspeakable sadness…

Even Mei’Er could feel it…

Dugu Zhen looked at Gongsun Jing, “Gongsun Jing, do you know that your father Gongsun Bai is actually one of us?”

Gongsun Jing was startled, “That’s impossible! My father is a great hero…”

Dugu Zhen said coolly, “That is just an identity given to him by us. In order to become the Master of the Honor Manor, he has to betray his sworn brother which is Yi Ping’s father, Yi Tianxing. Unfortunate, we made a fatal mistake and this resulted in a terrible loss for us.”

Gongsun Jing asked, “What mistake?”

Dugu Zhen sighed, “Our mistake is to give Gongsun Bai the incomplete Invincible Divine Force that Xiao Shuai had deliberately circulated in the martial fraternity. Only someone who knows the intricate heart formula of the Divine Virtuous Force can truly mastered that incomplete Invincible Divine Force. That is as good as telling Xiao Shuai and Gu Tianle that we have infiltrated the Honor Manor. That is why, your entire Gongsun Clan is exterminated by Gu Tianle. That is something very regrettable on our side.”

Gongsun Jing stammered, “I don’t believe…my father will never be a heretic member…”

Dugu Zhen said, “Whether, you want to believe or not, is up to you. However, we do welcome you to join us, just like your father has joined us.”

Gongsun Jing shouted angrily as he drawn out his long sword, “Never! Never! I rather die than join the heretic sect!”

Dugu Zhen said coldly, “Then, all of you will have to die today.”

Ji Wuzheng said regretfully, “Zhen, I already know you are from the heretic sect twenty years ago.”

Dugu Zhen said, “Stop bluffing. If you know who I am, will you still let me live to this day?”

Ji Wuzheng said, “That is the truth.”

Lingfeng said quietly, “My brother already knows twenty years ago…”

Dugu Zhen was startled but she quickly said, “I won’t fall into your ruse. Surrender the Heavenly Relic now or else we won’t be merciful anymore.”

Ji Wuzheng asked, “At least before we die, shouldn’t you at least tell us who is the grandmaster of your heretic sect is, am I right?”