A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 52

The Absolute Equilibrium Force

Of course, it was not the truth that the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix dislike Lingfeng. Anyone that accidentally touched the swords at that time except for Yi Ping and Lie Qing would cause the swords to stop resonating as the swords exhausted the spiritual animus that linger on it by its owner.

Yi Ping of course was just teasing Lingfeng because he could feel his life seeping away.

That was meant to be his last humorous remark for Lingfeng.

As he collapsed, he was still smiling. It was because when he had taken one last look at Lingfeng; he had remembered how he had first met Lingfeng. How she had saved his life. How she had took him to the valley where he found his father. How she had become his older protégé sister. How they had practiced together. How they had gone against the stern warning of his father and sneaked out of the valley to settle their feud with the Honor Manor. How she had risked disclosing her identity and her life to take him away from the Honor Manor. How he could talk to her about almost anything under the sun. How she had stolen his first kiss…and his secret manuals…

Yi Ping was really dying.

He was now in a critical condition. He had not only lost his internal strength, sustained severe internal injuries but had been afflicted by the burning positive energy of the Celestial Force, causing him great agony.

Only his sheer endurance for pain kept him alive till now.

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue, Ding Yun, Lie Qing and Lingfeng were now eyeing one another intently as they convened.

Yu’Er said melancholy, “The Celestial Liege says that only a chaste maiden that practice negative intricate energy skill can purge the positive energy of the Celestial Force. The Holy Pureness isn’t the only negative intricate energy skill that can save master. The Icy Heavenly Tears is also a negative intricate energy skill…”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “The Icy Heavenly Tears is a cold and negative intricate energy skill. The cold intricate energy will further harm Yi Ping and not purge the Celestial Force out.”

Martial intricate energies had many heart intricacy formulas to begin with and extremely complex. Superior internal martial skills that could further develop in strength adhered strictly to the types of intricate energies that were developed.

For example, the Icy Jade Finger of the Eternal Ice Palace depended wholly on the cold and negative intricate energy strength of the practitioner in order to unleash its strength. A practitioner that possessed just the negative intricate energy could not be able to pick up the Icy Jade Finger because they lacked the cold intricate energy to even begin the skill.

Even if the practitioner had the same type of cold and negative intricate energy, it was also not possible to pick up the Icy Jade Finger without knowing the heart intricacy formula of the Ice Heavenly Tears; most superior martial internal martial skills were developed according to the type of heart intricacy formula that the practitioners had already knew so that they could practice it at a lower risk. Heart intricacy skills were often the most risky of all martial skills to begin practice with even for experienced super exponents.

Learning it the wrong way, learning it without a good foundation, learning without adapting the heart intricacies first, learning without understanding would often led to a martial term known as deviation phenomenon, an action that led to death, stroke, paralysis, deterioration of martial strength and many others. It was the most dreadful thing that could happen to a martial practitioner and there were always an emphasis on caution and less haste.

The Celestial Fairy Shui Yixian had progressed too hastily with her Icy Heaven Tears so that she could catch up with her protégé sister Shui Yichi. This resulted in the stunt growth of her future martial progression while Yichi eventually made a breakthrough in the understanding of the Icy Heavenly Tears and at the same time, Yichi’s Icy Heavenly Tears was very pure when compared to Yixian, even though they were on the same staging together.

Yichi further developed the cold negative intricate energy to pure cold negative intricate energy, evolving the Jade Icy Finger to Jade Icicle Finger. She did not stop there. Her pure cold negative intricate energy went from pure to extreme cold negative intricate energy as she evolved the Icy Heavenly Tears into another type of internal heart intricacy formula, the Eternal Heavenly Tears.

The Eternal Heavenly Tears was even more astounding than the Icy Heavenly Tears that were developed, improved upon by all her predecessors over many centuries, becoming the first Divine Eternal Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace to break the stumbling block of the ninth staging of the Icy Heavenly Tears and possibly may even be the first Divine Eternal Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace to overcome the Divine Calamity. Unfortunately, her martial skills suffered a deterioration after she was injured in a surprise assault by Gongsun Bai, whom she had trusted as her husband’s friend and sworn brother.

The many types of intricate energies were classified as positive, negative and equilibrium. Positive intricate energies were the most common in the martial fraternity and can be further define into pure positive, extreme positive and extreme pure positive. The Aspire Invocations was a pure positive martial force while the Celestial Force of the Celestial Liege was an extreme pure positive martial force.

There were actually two versions of the Celestial Force; the Positive Celestial Force and the Negative Celestial Force, making this skill even more complex. The Joyful Goddess was instructed in the Negative Celestial Force because she had to practice another type of heart intricate formula known as Holy Pureness which was pure negative energy.

Equilibrium intricate energies were the most difficult intricate energy to develop, requiring decades. It had only one type of variation, Absolute Equilibrium force. The high level staging of the Invincible Divine Force was one example of the Absolute Equilibrium force, a level of attainment that was almost impossible to reach.

Negative intricate energies were the rarest and also had the most variations. It can be further define into Pure Negative, Extreme Negative, Cold Negative, Pure Cold Negative and Extreme Cold Negative.

Mei’Er said, “But Youxue and you have said earlier that the Icy Heavenly Tears may also be able to treat his internal injuries?”

Yu’Er added, “And yet now you seem unwilling to sacrifice yourself for Yi Ping’s sake?”

Mei’Er pointed at Lie Qing, Youxue and Ding Yun, “Why are you all on Lingfeng’s side? Only she is right and we are wrong?”

Lingfeng was teary, “Who says I am unwilling? Do you know…do you know…If Yi Ping dies, I am willingly to end my life with him…”

Ding Yun said quietly, “As do I…”

Mei’Er was still doubtful. She whined, “Sister Lingfeng, you say you are willing to lay down for Yi Ping but where is your proof?”

Lingfeng was almost inaudibly as she wept, “Where is my proof? Where are you when I risk my very life for Yi Ping at the Honor Manor? Do you know how close I am to death at that time? If not for Youxue, I might have already lost my life. Do you know that I have risked my life to lure the pursuers away from Youxue and Yi Ping? Do you know that I have barely any internal strength back then? Do you know that as soon as I have recovered my internal strength, I have gone down the Holy Amalgamate Mountains to look for Yi Ping immediately?”

Lingfeng may quarrel with Yi Ping ceaselessly but her love for him was self-sacrificing and noble. Even a dense person like Yi Ping, could feel her alluring attention on him. Moreover, other than the Celestial Fairy, Lingfeng’s beauty was almost unparalleled and she had no lack of admirers and suitors. But she was cold towards every single of them except for Yi Ping who had caught her attention with his fearless guts and righteousness air.

Youxue held Lingfeng’s hand quietly with trembling hands, “It must really hard on you… I really cannot imagine the hardship and dangers that you have to bear at that time. The pursuers were all experienced exponents of the martial fraternity…”

Lie Qing also comforted Lingfeng, “When we are pursued by Yuan Shao, it is you that guided us to safety. Back then, I was so helpless…”

Mei’Er suddenly remembered what Lingfeng had done for her as well.

She immediately said, “Sister Lingfeng, don’t…be upset! Mei’Er is so sorry. I don’t mean it. I was just being emotional…”

Yu’Er was also feeling bad as she quickly said, “Sister Lingfeng, Yu’Er is sorry as well. You mustn’t blame us. Even our protégé mistress says we are too emotional and ill-suit to learn the Emotionless Rhyme.”

She quickly comforted Lingfeng by embracing her.

Lingfeng whispered, “That’s alright. I don’t blame you. I am just so emotional also…I’m sorry as well.”

Youxue walked out of the room, leaving behind her wet silent tears on the floor!

Lie Qing muttered, “Youxue…”

She thought, “Youxue probably needs some quiet time. It’s not easy for her to be with Yi Ping and now…”

Like Lingfeng, Youxue had also almost lost her life. But no others carried as much heavy burden as her as she had to struggle with her own guilt and the generation of feuds that she had inherited against the Celestial Fairy who happened to be Yi Ping’s wife. Until now, she still could not fulfill her mother’s last wish…

Lingfeng sighed, “Maybe we are really too emotional earlier and did not really get the situation correct. Let’s explain again.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er nodded, indicating that they would try their best to listen this time.

She said, “Without the Great Dissolution Skill from the Holy Amalgamate Force, it not possible to channel any negative intricate energy to purge the Celestial Force out of Yi Ping’s body. I have already tried to channel my Holy Pureness on Yi Ping but it did not work because his internal injuries are too severe and all his channels are broken. Without treating his internal injuries first, all our efforts are in vain and the Celestial Force inside him is preventing us from treating his internal injuries…”

Yu’Er blunt out, “Sister Lingfeng, you seem…unwillingly to sacrifice your chastity for him.”

Lingfeng was startled, “What do you mean by sacrifice my chastity for him?”

Yu’Er said shyly, “You didn’t hear what the Celestial Liege said, as long as there are a hundred maidens that could give up their chastity for our master or a chaste maiden with the Holy Pureness, the Celestial Force can be purge out?”

Yu’Er rolled up her sleeve on her left forearm and showed them her chastity mark, followed by Mei’Er.

Lie Qing, Ding Yun and Lingfeng were startled.

Lie Qing was exasperated, “I have thought at the inn, you say you have lost your chastity to Yi Ping at the inn…”

Lingfeng and Ding Yun were startled. They were all under that impression too.

Yu’Er sniffed, “Then it is decided. No matter what you have all said, we have already decided to sacrifice ourselves for our master’s sake. No matter…if it is going to work or not…”

Mei’Er said melancholy, “There’s no other way. Even without the Holy Pureness, we can…we can…hope to help master relieve his pains for a while…”

Lingfeng almost fainted from these two innocent maidens as she covered her mouth, trying hard not to laugh at them.

Ding Yun and Lie Qing were laughing softly.

Yu’Er asked curiously, “This is a critical situation for our master, why are you laughing at us? If you want to, you can…erm…sleep with master too.”

Lie Qing turned around, giggling. “Yun, you explain…I really…I really…cannot…stop laughing…”

Ding Yun quickly comforted Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “What the Celestial Liege had said about one hundred maidens sacrificing their chastity is just a figuration of speech. It is just a metaphor, do you understand me? Hmm…” She took a quick look at Lie Qing and Lingfeng who had turned their backs and were trembling hard as they really tried very hard not to laugh aloud. But anyone could see that they were just trying extremely hard to suppress their laughter!

She sighed at them as she thought, “They…all of them are like young girls…”

She quickly recovered from her thoughts as Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still waiting for her to explain, “This negative to positive transference is an exhausting effort and in order to proceed unhindered by intricate energy interferences, it requires both man and woman to remove all their clothes as a precaution. That is what meant by sacrificing the maiden chastity…”

Ding Yun could hear giggling laughters behind her as she continued, “Sister Lingfeng is only unable to proceed further because of the severity in Yi Ping’s internal injuries. She can attempt alright but if she fails, she is afraid Yi Ping won’t be able to take it. She has already used her Holy Pureness to suppress the Celestial Force in whatever she can. We are thinking what to do first.”

Mei’Er was startled, “Really no need…!?”

Ding Yun sighed, “Really no need. From the looks of it, you are both still very chaste maidens. Do you think that with Yi Ping’s injuries, he is able to do that kind of a thing?”

Mei’Er asked, “What thing?”

Yu’Er too asked, “Yes, what thing?”

Lie Qing could no longer suppress her laughs anymore, as tears rolled out of her mesmerizing eyes. She gurgled and laughed, “You see…you see…”

She laughed and stole a glance at Lingfeng, who refused to turn her back around. “You see…oh never mind…I don’t know what Sister Xian or the Eternal Ice Palace has been teaching the both of you but this is so amusing. I…Sister Lingfeng…you explain…I really don’t know how to explain…”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “Don’t you drag me into it…”

Youxue had walked out of the resting room and was wandering aimlessly in the premises of the Holy Chapter.

“Maiden, wait a minute!”

It was Ji Wuzheng and he was accompanied by Qian Fan.

She asked, “Yes?”

Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “I have a question for you.”

Youxue said coldly, displaying her usual cold demeanor. “Is there anything I can help you?”

Ji Wuzheng sighed, “I am just wondering if we have met two years ago.”

At that time, Youxue had donned her veiled straw hat. She went everywhere in a disguise because she was being pursued by the Virtuous Palace.

Youxue hummed coldly, “Yes, we did. Your sword techniques are really very swift. I was almost killed by you.”

Ji Wuzheng laughed aloud, “You are not weak either with your Penetrating Hands of the Virtuous Palace!”

When he mentioned the Virtuous Palace, there was a hostile look in his eyes. He asked, “You have come as a scout for the Virtuous Palace?”

Youxue hummed coldly, “Say whatever you want.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Is it too much of a coincidences? As soon as the Celestial Liege left the Holy Hex Sect, the entire orthodox clans are now charging up the mountains. It is a lucky thing that we have once again halted their advancement even though it is just temporary. But it seems that they know that I am injured? Other than the people that were inside the Inner Holy Chapter who witness our fight with the Celestial Liege, no one else knows that I am injured.”

Youxue looked at him coldly, “So you are suspecting me?”

Qian Fan interrupted, “If it is not you, then it is me? What a joke! It is obvious that you are from the Virtuous Palace. We should really take her down and send her corpse to that Xiao Shuai. In this way, we can deal a blow to the morale of the Virtuous Palace. Who knows? She may even be the young mistress of the Virtuous Palace.”

Youxue hummed coldly. She had already raised her hand in front of her!

Ji Wuzheng said, “This is the first time that I have seen your face since we had fought two years ago. You look even younger than Lingfeng and maybe even my daughters. Two years ago, you must even be younger.”

Youxue said coldly, “That’s crap isn’t it?”

Ji Wuzheng laughed, “What an interesting maiden. How old are you two years ago?”

Youxue asked, “Why do you want to know so much? Aren’t you accusing me?”

Ji Wuzheng was solemn, “Accusing people does need evidence, am I not wrong to say so?”

Youxue nodded slowly.

Ji Wuzheng said, “I don’t have any evidence now. In fact, you are free to go freely for now. I am just pointing out some facts. May I know what is maiden name?”

Youxue looked curiously at him before she said coolly, “Xiao Youxue is my name.”

She began to take a few steps away when she suddenly turned her head around, adding. “I am seventeen back then. Now I am nineteen.” She immediately walked away hurriedly after she had spoken.

Ji Wuzheng was startled as he thought, “She is really so young. To think that I was almost best by a seventeen year old maiden…”

Qian Fan immediately said, “Holy Sectarian Master, you are letting her go just like that? Her surname is Xiao! Xiao is the same surname as the Protégé Master of the Virtuous Palace, Xiao Shuai!”

Ji Wuzheng said coolly, “No, she wouldn’t be the spy.”

Qian Fan was startled, “How is that so?”

Ji Wuzheng laughed aloud, “If she is a spy, then she must be the worst spy ever. Have you ever seen a spy that is so easily provoked? This young maiden is still the same maiden as two years ago. Moreover there are righteousness in her eyes and the way she is fighting so hard for that Yi Ping. A spy won’t even dare to display their secret martial skills in front of me.”

Qiao Fan asked, “If she is not a spy? Then who is?”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Maybe it is you.”

Qiao Fan was startled, “Holy Sectarian Master, it’s not me for sure. I wouldn’t dare.”

Ji Wuzheng laughed, “Is that so?”

Then he said, “Maybe it is that Nangong Le. But who knows. Everyone is a suspect. Don’t you think so?”

Qiao Fan regained his composure as he said, “That’s right. Everyone is a suspect.”

Ji Wuzheng looked at Qian Fan intently but he did not say a word.

Youxue at this time was walking in despair and was feeling downcast.

All of a sudden, she had discovered that she had walked into Yi Ping’s resting as she startled two young maids who were in the room tending to Yi Ping.

She quickly said to them, “It’s alright. I am here to see my friend. You can go now. I want to be left alone with him.”

The two young maidens nodded hurriedly and left the room.

Yi Ping was lying on a bed and he was in great agony. His face was red and burning with a fever.

Youxue immediately took a wet tower and tenderly wetted his forehead, muttering. “Yi Ping, what can I do to help you relieve of your pain? I wish that the one that is lying in agony is me and the one that is tendering to me, is you.”

She was weeping silent tears, “You are burning so hot. It must be really agonizing, am I not wrong to say so?”

She was suddenly reminiscing those happier times when she was in the Ice Cavern with him. The three months that she had with him was the most tranquil thing that she had ever felt. There are no thoughts of vengeance, only quiet romantic thoughts when she was with him. Sometimes it was disrupted by Lie Qing but it was also Lie Qing that allowed her to see Yi Ping’s thoughtfulness and unyielding care for a half-dead maiden.

She was smiling to herself when she recalled with horror that Yi Ping had actually decided to give the Divine Dragon Pill to a half-dead Lie Qing. She recalled that together with Lie Qing and Ding Yun, they had accidentally injured Yi Ping. And how they had formed the New Virtuous Palace just for the sake of fun…

She went back even further back in time when she remembered the very first time she had met Yi Ping. She had terrified him then and was amused when he began to dig a grave for the bandit that she had killed. Later on, she was not too happy when she had seen him with the Celestial Fairy and did not know that they had pledged to one another as one…

Suddenly she remembered what the Celestial Liege had said.

“Didn’t I also practice the Icy Heavenly Tears? Maybe…maybe I can help Yi Ping to relieve of his pain? Even though my cold negative intricate energy isn’t as pure as Yu’Er and Mei’Er but at least I may be able to absorb the heat from his body…”

She began to flush as she loosened her waist belt and let her outer garment dress slipped off her. She poked gently at Yi Ping as she muttered, “Don’t you look!”

But she soon sighed, “He is in a feverish state. He can’t hear me at all.”

She did not dare to take off her white inner garment yet. Instead, she began to shyly slowly remove the light garb from Yi Ping.

She gently said enchantingly, “Do you still remember when you give me the White Phoenix; you have told me that as long as I show you the sword again, you will do anything for me? I…”

She shyly lowered her glances, “I…just want you to be with me…forever.” As she said that, she removed her top inner garment, leaving just a piece of lingerie that was strap over her shoulders and tied to the girth seam of her lower back.

Afterward she gently reached out and removed her hairpin one by one, letting down her rolls of dark raven hair that reached to her knee.

Youxue slowly reached out with her cold fingers and touched Yi Ping. She could feel the incessant heat that was from him.

She immediately thought, “So this is losing chastity? Between a man and a woman?” Her heart began to beat rapidly as she flustered shyly. She shyly began to lie down on Yi Ping’s chest gently and removing her strap as she felt the warmth of his body…

“Weird. Why I am feeling so warm? Is it because of the positive energy of the Celestial Force?”

But before she could give a second thought, she gasped aloud for she was suddenly seized by Yi Ping who had hugged her tightly as he muttered, “So comfortable…so comfortable…so cool to the touch…”

Youxue gasped shyly, “He…we…I am his now. Yi Ping, you…are hurting me. I can’t breathe…I have heard it will hurt…”

Yi Ping had broken into cold dripping sweat as he opened his eyes. It was because he had suddenly realized he was hugging the cold silky body of a fragrant maiden who was muttering incoherent. To his startled horror, it was Xiao Youxue!

His first thought was of course, where was he and why were they holding each other in this intimate position. He dare not move for he was paralyzed with inaction as he thought panicky, “What should I do?”

While Lie Qing was a most mesmerizing maiden and Lingfeng was a most alluring maiden, Youxue was a most enchanting maiden. Even if he wanted to push her away, it was a most difficult thing to do even though they were not doing anything but just embracing. Moreover, they were in such an awkward position,

Youxue was muttering, “Yi Ping…do you feel much better?” as her wet tears dripped down his body.

The resistance of his Absolute Spirits seemed to have melted away and all of a sudden, his heart began to experience an extremely sharp pain. He endured the pain because he was used to the pain. The pain of watching his mother died before his very own eyes were a much agony pain than any pains in the world. But the miracle thing happened, as soon as Youxue’s tears dripped on his heart, his pain immediately eased and he was comfortable again. The heart rendering pain that he had endured ever since had totally vanished!

But still he dare not move even as he could sniff the sweet fragrant of her strands of hair that were tickling his nose. In fact, his heart was now beating rapidly as he could feel the electrifying sensation of her smooth back…

Yi Ping asked himself panicky, “What shall I do?”

Unknown to Youxue when she was in the embrace of Yi Ping, he had just completed a titanic struggle with the Celestial Force that was in his body and had just awakened from a deep unconscious sleep.

The powerful Celestial Force of the Celestial Liege overwhelmed his equilibrium intricate force after he had sustained internal injuries in the ensuring conflict, causing it to be imbalance. Without a stable intricate energy force, the Celestial Force could not be purge out from his body with his own effort.

However, the constant agonizing struggle with the Celestial Force reawakened the Eternal Heavenly Tears Intricate Energy that his mother had previously channeled and hidden in his vessel meridian channel. As the extreme pure positive energy of the Celestial Force clashed with the extreme cold negative of the Eternal Heavenly Tears, these two forces neutralized one another and were absorbed into the Aspire Invocation’s equilibrium intricate energy force, achieving balance once again.

Not only had Yi Ping now reached the highest level of the Aspire Invocation Force, his internal strength also received a tremendous boast, breaking through several limitations as his equilibrium force grew in strength, evolving into the absolute equilibrium force!

There was a limit to the internal strength that could be gained by internal energy cultivation and that limit was known as the Intricate Energy Limitation or sixty years of internal energy cultivation. Afterwards, it was painfully slow. The only way to cumulative more martial power was through the use of superior martial skills that could boast martial power temporary such as the Asper Horizon Hands and the Invincible Divine Force, which drained the practitioner of their precious internal strength and intricate energy at a rapid rate. This also caused them to be more vulnerable to internal injuries as they lost the use of their naturally defensive martial force.

The absolute equilibrium force was not only a much stronger martial force than the equilibrium force; it could also correct and realign the vital energy forces of the practitioner unconsciously, even healing internal injuries at a rapid rate!

Previously, Yi Ping’s Asper Horizon Hands could cause him to be more vulnerable to attacks in exchange for more martial power. The rebound force of the absolute equilibrium force could restore that balance and enabling him to use the Asper Horizon Hand in a much shorter notice without harming his body.

Of course, Yi Ping did not know any of these now. He was more concerned about how to get out of this awkward situation and it was not something he could solve with his martial skills.

Youxue was muttering incoherently and innocently until she had suddenly fallen asleep. It was because she was really too tired and did not sleep the entire time Yi Ping was fighting for his life.

Yi Ping had noticed immediately that Youxue seemed to be sound asleep. It was really a most excellent opportunity for him to get out of this awkward situation by gently moving her aside.

Just as he was about to do so, he heard familiar voices as they entered the room.

Lie Qing said, “We look everywhere but can’t find Youxue. Maybe she is here. But then, the three of you is what we needed.”

Lingfeng was saying, “It is indeed an oversight. Why didn’t we think of that earlier?”

Ding Yun said gently, “It is because we have too many things in our heart and missed the most obvious.”

Lie Qing said, “That’s because we all thought Yu’Er and Mei’Er is unable to practice the Holy Pureness. That is why we have missed something so obvious. And moreover, Youxue is dual balancing the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Divine Virtuous Force. She obviously cannot learn the Holy Pureness. The risk of a deviation phenomenon is simply too high for her.

Yu’Er said, “Sister Lingfeng, quickly teach Mei’Er and I the Holy Pureness. With the internal strength from the three of us, we surely can plunge the Celestial Force out of master.”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “We haven’t reached yet. Later we must exercise extreme caution. Remember to listen to all my instructions…”

Mei’Er suddenly gasped with a sudden shock. She was eager to check on Yi Ping and was the first to enter the room.

Her startled cry alarmed Lie Qing, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Ding Yun as they hastened inside the room with utmost urgency!

They were all thinking of the same thing; had something happened to Yi Ping?!

One by one, they gave a startled gasping shock as they saw Yi Ping and Youxue in a intimating embrace together and moreover, they were not wearing anything.

Yi Ping had turned completely red; his ears, his cheeks and his neck when he saw them.

He immediately said panicky, “This is not what you have all imagine. I do not know what is happening too!”

Youxue was immediately startled by him as she opened her eyes.

She was startled that Yi Ping had awakened and he was holding her body to him. She flushed so deeply that she did not know what to do…

Mei’Er suddenly said to Lingfeng, “Sister Lingfeng, didn’t you say that this method does not work?”

Lingfeng was so flustered that she did not know how to reply her.

Yu’Er was muttering incoherently, “Master Yi Ping…”

Youxue was startled. She quickly turned around and gasped. It was because she had saw Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er; they were all looking at Yi Ping and her in a fluster manner!

Yi Ping stammered, “I…we…it is really not what has happened…”

But before he could finish, Youxue had interrupted shyly with a whisper. “I have already given my chastity to Ping’Er…”

This immediately stunned Yi Ping and everyone else that was in the room, as evidenced by the number of startled gasps and stunned astonishments!