A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 51

Secrets of the Divine Calamity

The Celestial Liege laughed aloud, “Good, good. It seems that Heavens isn’t so unkind to me after all and sends two heavenly swords into my hands.”

Yi Ping had already staggered forward, saying weakly. “Heavenly swords or not, I do not know but today I am not going to let you harm any of my friends. I am going to protect them with my own hands. I believe in the righteousness of the Heavens’ Way. Evil can never triumph over Good. Good can only falter but not broken.”

He had suddenly displayed the opening stance of the Divine Horizon Hands, the Heavens Horizon. His fighting spirit and determination was absolute!

His intentions were all too clear; he intended to fight once more!

Lingfeng could not believe her eyes; Yi Ping had just walked past his swords, leaving his swords behind him! She muttered in utter disbelief, “You…pick up your swords, you idiot!”

Even Youxue and Ji Wuzheng were looking in disbelief.

Youxue gasped, “Yi Ping, your swords…”

Ji Wuzheng called out to him, “Young hero, you seem to forget something…”

Everyone was bewildered. It was because everyone had expected Yi Ping to challenge the Celestial Liege with his swords…

Qian Fan took this opportunity to sneak out of the Inner Holy Chapter even though he was immensely curious to see the battle outcome but reason eventually won over his curiosity. He had thought, “If we let the Celestial Liege takes away the Heaven Relic, then it will be disastrous for the Virtuous Palace. Moreover this is a most excellent opportunity for us to launch an attack, now that Ji Wuzheng is injured.”

No one had suspected him to be a spy. He had been planted in the Holy Hex Sect by none other than Xiao Shuai himself when he was little. His real name was Xiao Fan. He knew that this was also the most excellent time to sneak away without notice when everyone attentions were distracted by the wondrous halo of the two swords.

He took a curious look at Youxue and Lingfeng before he sneaked quietly away, “So that is…my little sister Youxue. Lingfeng, you will be mine. There are no other maidens that can rival you in this entire fraternity.”

Unknown to Ji Wuzheng and Lingfeng, when Lingfeng had fallen sick when she was little and was dying, it was him that leaked to Ji Wuzheng that the Virtuous Palace had the Golden Rejuvenation Pill that could save her life. It was also him that forced Xiao Shuai to adhere to his request to give one of his precious Golden Rejuvenate Pill to Ji Wuzheng…

In the meantime, at the Inner Holy Chapter.

Even the curiosity of the Celestial Liege was aroused, “You are not using your swords? You know how vast is the martial difference between the two of us? Maybe if you use your swords, you may still have a little chance of survival.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I have taken down my swords because they are too heavy and hinder my moments. But now you asked me to pick up my swords again? Cast away the meaningless talks and let’s fight…”

Lingfeng wanted to faint on the spot as she moaned silently, “Yi Ping, you pig-head! Dense, dense, dense! You lack even basic flexibility. I know you want to use your Divine Horizon Hands but now your swords are telling you to use them. And you are so dense not to even aware of it…faint!”

Youxue and Ji Wuzheng were besides Yi Ping in an instant…

Yi Ping said to Youxue and Ji Wuzheng with a trembling voice, “Stay back…all of you…this is just between the two of us. This is for my grand protégé master too…also for the thousands of people that are killed…”

Youxue shook her head, “I…don’t want to…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping pushed her forcefully back and at the same time, he had already changed his stance from the Heavens Horizon to the Asper Horizon Hand as he flew to the Celestial Liege, mustering all the martial power that he could gather.

The Celestial Liege laughed aloud, “I forget to tell you. The swords that you have are the only weapons that can counteract my Celestial Force and you didn’t realize it…”

Youxue was startled when Yi Ping had suddenly pushed her. When she had recovered her balance, Yi Ping had already charged into the deadly martial energy aura of the Celestial Liege!

Yi Ping’s lingering whispering words to her was, “Take everyone and run…!”

Yi Ping had charged into the martial energy of the Celestial Liege with startling speed, enduring the agony pressure of the Celestial Force martial energy as he rained down the fearsome exploding power of the Asper Horizon Hand on the Celestial Liege.

The stone slabs beneath the Celestial Liege shattered and cracked when the Celestial Liege lifted his martial power to take Yi Ping’s incoming blow.

There was a thunderous explosive impact as the Celestial Liege received Yi Ping’s blow. This time, it was several times more powerful than earlier; there were bursting martial windforce and rocks that were speeding like deadly projectiles that knocked everyone off the ground except for Youxue and Ji Wuzheng who were forced to use their entire martial power to resist the bursting martial force as they slide backward!

Yi Ping had coughed out blood immediately, moving only a step backward!

Even before the first shockwave had ended, the Celestial Liege had displayed the deadly Great Dissolution Skill once again!

Yi Ping willed his entire body with the Absolute Spirits, breaking free of the entangling pressuring force of the Celestial Force and displaying the Asper Horizon Hand once again!

The Celestial Liege was startled that Yi Ping could retaliate against his second Great Dissolution Skill attack in such a short notice. It was because everything around him was like a stasis field, slowing everything down. That was his greatest advantage.

The air around them exploded thunderous, destroying the nearby stone stabs and sending deadly flying projectiles that were filled with deadly martial energy speeding all around them, each one exploding thunderous upon impact!

Yi Ping coughed out blood and began to wobble!

Even before the first thunderous shockwave had died down and the second shockwave had yet to stop, the Celestial Liege raised his martial power with the Great Dissolution Skill again! “This time, I like to see if you can still stand on your feet!”

Just as he had utilized the Great Dissolution Skill again, Yi Ping seemed to have recovered from the wobble as he raised his martial power again.

There were yet another thunderous exploding shockwave!

It was obvious to him that Yi Ping martial power had weakened considerably but he was just astonished that how was it possible for him to take blow after blow of his most powerful Great Dissolution Skill? And how was it possible for Yi Ping to move in the presence of his Celestial Force martial energy?

The Great Dissolution Skill was a powerful divine secret art that could nullify the martial power of the opponents. It was a secret skill that was contained within the intricacy formula of the Celestial Force. The Holy Amalgamate Skill which originated from the Celestial Force also had the Great Dissolution Skill but it was not as pure and as powerful as the one that the Celestial Liege was using.

Yi Ping had already attained the Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin. His martial power could be nullified but not drained. Unused martial power and nullified martial power automatically flowed back as vital energies.

In fact, the Celestial Liege did not know that it had the undesirable effect of protecting Yi Ping against the effect of his Celestial Force as the Great Dissolution Skill caused Yi Ping’s martial power to be replenished continuously!

All of a sudden, the Celestial Liege was startled. It was because Yi Ping did not stop there and was now raining blows after blows that were filled with all his martial power upon him!

Even though these blows were weaker than the Asper Horizon Hand, it was nevertheless deadly!

He had immediately recognized that Yi Ping had displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon, the second secret stance of the Divine Horizon Hand!

The second stance of the Divine Horizon Hand was indeed weaker than the first secret stance of the Divine Horizon Hand. But it was rapid, able to display the powerful Divine Horizon Hands one after another! The combined might of the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand was startling when taken as a whole!

Yi Ping of course was not thinking clearly when he had decided to challenge the Celestial Liege. He was angry that such an inhumane beast actually existed in the world and his first thoughts were to bash him. Even though he had experienced firsthand the nullifying effect of the Great Dissolution Skill that caused his martial power to vanish, he was undeterred.

When he had forcefully used the Asper Divine Horizon Hand a second time, he was astonished. It was because the Asper Divine Horizon Hand had an unbroken rule; practitioners were not able to use the Asper Divine Horizon a second time in short notice or risk a backlash; the result would be severe internal injuries. Yi Ping was able to use the Asper Divine Horizon a second time because his Asper Divine Horizon was nullified and he had quickly regained his martial power again!

Of course he did not know. He was just thinking that since he had already been injured by the Celestial Force and may die any soon, he just gave everything he got!

When the Celestial Liege absorbed the blows of his first and second Asper Divine Horizon, Yi Ping was desperate because he had already sustained severe internal injuries and was weakening rapidly. Only sheer willpower aided by the Absolute Spirits prevented him from dropping onto the ground!

Therefore he had decided to gamble using the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand, a much more martial power exhausting technique as he figure out, since the Celestial Liege could attack unhindered and would surely follow up one attack after another, why did he not use the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand to stop him first?

He was astonished when again; he was able to display the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand! He was bewildered as he thought weakly, “I have heard that when one’s internal strength reaches its limit, it will also be the death knell. When that moment comes, miraculous feats can be performed and even one’s martial power limit can be raised beyond the usual limit. Am I about to die soon?”

As soon as he had thought of it, he coughed out more blood as the severity of his internal injuries seized him but he refused to stop fighting!

And now Yi Ping was now raining the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand upon the Celestial Liege. They were both exchanging blows so fast and were so fatigue that both were actually coughing blood with each exchange as they sent bursting thunderous shockwave after shockwave to their surroundings!

For the first time, the Celestial Liege found his intricate energy reversing; he was coughing blood as the result of his internal injuries. He was alarmed and startled! It was because once his intricate energy began to reverse, that meant that he had reached his limit and had to stop or risk worsening his internal injuries. But he was forced to raise his martial power to use the Great Dissolution Skill again and again; it was because Yi Ping stubbornly refused to back off despite his aggravating internal injuries!

With each use of the Great Dissolution Skill, the Celestial Liege was exhausting his internal strength and aggravating the severity of his internal injuries while replenishing Yi Ping’s martial power!

The Celestial Liege was beginning to get fearful and was in alarm, “Is he a monster?”

As he fought with Yi Ping, his vision began to grow more and more hazily, causing him to feel dizzy and even nausea. It was because he had been looking at the bright halo of the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix for quite some time!

Right from the start, the halo of the two swords was causing him discomfort, causing his movements to slow down.

The very instant that he had started to suffer from internal injuries, the rainbow halo of the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix were starting to blind him and causing his vision to be hazy!

As a super exponent, his hearing was exceptional sharp but when he was momentarily blinded, the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix resonant with a piercing ringing and caused his hearings to be falter as well!

The unbelievable thing had happened; the Celestial Liege was suddenly struck by Yi Ping, not once but a dozen times in split second!

When Yi Ping had struck the Celestial Liege with the Asper Continuum Horizon, his martial strength was now exhausted. He coughed out blood and staggered backward!

The Celestial Liege’s pupils had turned white, he was coughing blood profusely; his internal injuries was not light! As he staggered backward, he only had just a thought in his mind. “Did he intentionally put those swords there to blind me…no one can defeat me…I am the most powerful exponent in the entire fraternity…”

He was in utter disbelief…

He did not know that if he had not decided to show off his Celestial Force and his unfathomable internal strength, then the result would not be this!

If Yi Ping had really picked up the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix, then the fight would surely be over for him in an instant. It was because with two heavy swords, Yi Ping’s movements would surely be more or less hindered. Just a little opening would be enough for him to exploit and defeated Yi Ping with a single strike!

That was what Yi Ping had instinctively discovered. That was why he had put aside both his long swords. That was why the White Phoenix had awakened! It was because even though Yi Ping had no swords in his hands but the spirits of the swords were in his heart! The White Phoenix and the Divine Echo was reverberating and resonating for their true Master!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already drawn out their precious swords and displayed the Divine Emerald Skill, circulating the destructive forces away. But still, the flying projectiles that were speeding dangerously in their direction were too many and they had been wounded in several places by it!

Ding Yun had borrowed a solid long sword from Gongsun Jing as she whirled her sword, displaying the Defensive Stance of the Flying Sword Technique as she deflected one flying projectile after another.

Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Huo Fu, Qiu Wufeng and Lingfeng were standing behind Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue, Ding Yun and Ji Wuzheng as they evaded, parried and blocked the combine furies of the powerful bursting windforce and the shooting projectiles that were flying in their directions.

They were all bloodied and were all injured by this thunderous raging projectile storm yet none of them had run away and there were a determined look in their eyes!

No one, not even Xiao Youxue and Ji Wuzheng had the martial strength and skill to step forward to aid Yi Ping!

None of them had run away even though this raging projectile storm was too dangerous and there were determined looks in their eyes.

Youxue thought hatefully to herself, “Yi Ping! I wish I can fight alongside with you…do you know that…do you know that…I don’t want to live if you are gone…” But her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a miraculous sight!

Yi Ping had struck the Celestial Liege down!

All of a sudden at the same time, both Yi Ping and the Celestial Liege collapsed on the ground!

Even when they had fallen, they were still trying to move by struggling on the ground. But their internal injuries were simply too severe. They had the will but not the strength. In their mind, this fight had not ended yet and both were still trying to stand up, refusing to admit defeat even though they were filled with agonizing pain and extreme fatigue. Their willpower was simply extraordinary startling!

When they had both fallen at the same time, the fierce bursting projectile winds of their martial contest still had not ended!

Everyone was gasping with startled surprise!

The all-powerful Celestial Liege would actually be defeated by Yi Ping!? What was going on?

Lingfeng, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun wished with all their sorrowful hearts that they would be the first one to run to Yi Ping!

Huo Fu was astonished that Yi Ping could defeat the Celestial Liege but he also knew that this fight had no real winners. Both of them had fallen at the same time. Even if they had survived, they would lose all their internal strength or suffer a great deterioration of their martial strength.

He sighed, “I have heard that the divine swords will only resonant when they have found their master and another time when their master is about to die. So the legends are true…” All of a sudden, he stopped because he had noticed that there were hostile stares in all directions!

Huo Fu smiled bitterly, “It’s just a legend…”

Just as the fury burst of martial force was slowing down and Youxue, Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were about to fly to Yi Ping, they witnessed another miraculous sight that caused all of them to halt; Yi Ping and the Celestial Liege were on their feet again!

Their recovery rates were extraordinary startling!

Yi Ping attacked the Celestial Liege again as he muttered weakly, “Asper…Continuum Horizon…Hand…”

The Celestial Liege muttered wobbly, “The…Great Dissolution…Skill…”

They were moving very slowly and weakly, their hands barely touching one another! It was obviously they had lost their all internal strength and were in a bewildering state!

The Celestial Liege muttered coldly, “Asper Continuum…Horizon Hand? Hmph! This…is…fit…to be called…that?!”

Yi Ping replied softly, “Asper…Divinity…Horizon…Hand…then!”

The Celestial Liege gasped as he raised his hand to shield himself, “You know…this secret technique!? Very well, I let you…experience….my Ultimate…Dissolution…Celestial…Force!”

There were only the names of the stances but there were no martial display at all!

Everyone was stunned. Had they turned into madmen?

Mei’Er and Yu’Er had burst into tears at this sight!

Lingfeng was covering her face as her eyes turned teary, “Yi Ping…”

Even Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le were teary as they witnessed this abysmal sight…their sworn brother Yi Ping had become a madman to protect all their lives…

Youxue and Ding Yun looked at one another quietly…

They walked quietly to Yi Ping.

Ding Yun said softly as she grabbed Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, that’s enough…you have won…it’s time to rest…”

Youxue was weeping silent tears.

As Ding Yun grabbed Yi Ping gently, Yi Ping began to wobble and fell into her embrace even as he grabbed her tightly around her waist at the same time.

Ding Yun immediately flush shyly…

Yi Ping immediately said in an audible voice in her ears, “Yun, why are you here? You didn’t flee while you can?”

Ding Yun was startled as she immediately pushed Yi Ping away, startling Youxue! “You…are still sane?!”

Yi Ping immediately coughed out more blood as he fell onto the ground!

Youxue was immediately besides him and at the same time, everyone was surrounding Yi Ping!

Yi Ping said weakly as he looked at them, “You are all still here?”

One after another, they nodded and smiled, shedding tears of joy!

The Celestial Liege laughed aloud, “He may be alive now but not for long.”

All of a sudden, Youxue had raised her hand and slapped him, felling him onto the ground! “Then you are going nowhere as well!”

The Celestial Liege hummed weakly, “Does anyone of you have the right to kill me? I have no personal feud with anyone of you. If you kill me, do you think the Celestial Palace will let this incident pass like this?”

He began to stand up weakly once again as he straightened his fur cloak, “Don’t forget I am still the Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace. Ji Wuzheng, you have dared to keep the Heavenly Relic for your use and even raised your hands against me. Do you think the Celestial Palace will easily forgive this slight?”

Ji Wuzheng said coldly, “The orthodox martial clans are already on their way to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. There is no need for the Celestial Palace to destroy us first, don’t you worry about this. Don’t you forget that this is the Holy Hex Sect and all outsiders have to obey the martial Holy Laws of the Holy Hex Sect. The penalty for cannibalism is death!”

The Celestial Liege did not seem afraid as he hummed coldly.

Ji Wuzheng said, “You can go. From now on, the Holy Hex Sect will have nothing to do with the Celestial Palace.”

Huo Fu was muttering, “We…really letting him off? He…is too dangerous…”

Ji Wuzheng said, “He had already suffered severe internal injuries and unlikely to recover. Even though the Holy Hex Sect is not an orthodox clan but our founding principles and martial honor demand that we do the right thing. Moreover, he is still our guest. Quickly go before I change my mind!”

Ji Wuzheng stared at Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Ding Yun, Xiao Youxue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er as though he was warning them not to do anything contradicting to his commands or else he would not let them off.

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly as he walked feebly to the entrance.

While the Celestial Liege was talking to Ji Wuzheng; Ding Yun, Youxue and Lingfeng had turn ashen. It was because they had already found something that was amiss!

The Celestial Liege had already normalized his breathing while Yi Ping was still gasping for breathe and was burning with high fever.

They had suddenly recalled that when Lele and Lie Qing had dueled, they too had lost all their internal strength. But to the astonishment of everyone, they quickly fell out again and their seeming ‘lost’ internal strength had been recovered!

There must be a strong reason for the Celestial Force to be one of the strongest inner martial art skills…

It was not that Ding Yun, Youxue and Lingfeng did not want to stop him now. It was because they were unsure if they were able to!

The Celestial Liege took agonizing steps as he reached the entrance. Then he turned back and lifted his thumb at Yi Ping, “Your name is Yi Ping? I have never met anyone like you. It is unlikely that you can survive this battle. When I have recovered, I will come back to retrieve the Heaven Relic and your two heavenly swords.”

Ji Wuzheng smirked coldly, “Wait till and see if you can really recover first!”

All of a sudden, Lingfeng said coldly. “Give me the antidote!”

Ding Yun, Youxue, Lingfeng had all stepped in front.

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were too feeble to step forward or else they would surely join them!

Yu’Er was asking Mei’Er, “Are you alright, sister?”

Mei’Er nodded quietly. They had really exhausted too much of their martial power and had been injured by the martial energy force earlier as they tried to protect everyone…

Youxue said, “If you don’t hand over the antidote, you are not going anywhere!”

Ding Yun had readied two precious swords that she had borrowed from Mei’Er and Yu’Er in her hands!

The Celestial Liege said unhurriedly, “There is no antidote for the Celestial Force. However, there is still a cure. As long as a hundred chaste maidens are willing to give him their chastity, the positive energy force of the Celestial Force can still be purged. But what’s the point? His internal injuries were too severe. He sooner dies first from his internal injuries before he could purge the Celestial Force out.”

All of a sudden, he threw a pebble and knocked Youxue down with a startling speed! It was so fast that it completely caught everyone by surprise!

Youxue had seen the little moments in his fingers and had already taken precautions but she was unable to completely evade it!

Youxue coughed weakly as she struggled to stand. That projectile had so much force that it had struck her painfully on her shoulder despite the protection of her Golden Invincible Body! If it was not for her Golden Invincible Body, that pebble would have gone through her shoulder, crippling her!

She turned ashen at that thought!

The Celestial Liege said coldly, “I know that you are protected by the Golden Invincible Body. This is just a small payback for slapping me earlier.”

Youxue admonished him icily, “What a grudging man!”

Ji Wuzheng was stunned at the martial display of the Celestial Liege as he took a step back, “He didn’t lose his internal strength completely? That’s impossible…”

The Celestial Liege said coldly, “If you are having regrets now for not killing me, then it is already too late. It is because with what little internal strength that I have now, I am still capable of protecting myself. Consider this your lucky day today.”

Just as Youxue was about to display her startling swiftness attack on the Celestial Liege, Yi Ping had caught hold of her shoulder. “Youxue, life and death is predestined. Let him go.”

Yi Ping had stood up on his own!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er immediately flew to support him despite their physical condition as they cried out, “Master…!”

The Celestial Liege was startled as he thought, “He had normalized his intricate breathing so fast?! That’s impossible…”

“He is not going anywhere first.” A beautiful enchanting voice interrupted his thoughts.

Everyone was startled; it was because this enchanting voice was so familiar!

An enchanting and mesmerizing young maiden was stroking her long braided hair as she stood at the entrance. Her white pink delicate long dress, her black sword, the Perpetual Darkness and her breathtaking astonishing beauty was a familiar sight…it was Lie Qing!

Yi Ping was stunned but overjoyed to see her again as he muttered, “Qing’Er…”

Mei’Er exclaimed happily, “Sister…Lie Qing!”

Ding Yun shed a tear, “Sister Qing’Er…”

Youxue smiled and nodded at her as she saw Lie Qing…

Yu’Er, Lingfeng, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were all smiling broadly when Lie Qing had appeared…

Huo Fu and Ji Wuzheng were startled to see their expressions. It was as though their fighting spirits had suddenly been aroused! Who was this Maiden Lie Qing?

As Lie Qing raised her Perpetual Darkness, there was a sharp ringing echo in mid-air as a halo surrounded her sword. Her sword was exceptional sharp and broke through the air easily!

The dark halo of her sword faded Lie Qing into the shadowy background, merging her with her sword. This darkness merging was actually a profound martial attainment, causing the opponents unable to distinct her actual mode of attacks!

Immediately, the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix began to resonate even more resounding!

When the Celestial Liege saw her, he immediately took several stumbled steps backward!

It was not because he was startled to see three Heavenly Relic swords at the same time!

It was because he had recognized Lie Qing!

The Celestial Liege was trembling and muttering. “That’s impossible…Qing’Er, is that really you?!”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “Long time no see…don’t you call me Qing’Er. I am not close to you at all. I’m your darkness now… not ever since that night when you have massacred the entire Lie Clan and the entire Invincible Divine Clan. I have said I don’t ever want to see you again.”

The Celestial Liege was trembling as he saw her crimson eyes and glossy long hair, “Qing’Er, you have become a true Celestial…?”

Everyone was stunned. Lie Qing and the Celestial Liege were acquaintances?!

Lie Qing nodded lightly.

The Celestial Liege hummed coldly, “I know that you have come to take vendetta on me. But if I am not injured, do you think you ever have the chance to kill me?”

Lie Qing said icily, “What makes you think that even if you are not injured, I am unable to kill you?”

The Celestial Liege said, “Your father, the Lord of the Invincible was the top exponent in the fraternity with his seventh invincible force. At that time, we can barely kill him. But now, many years have gone by. My attainment is now on par with his seventh invincible force. In short, I am currently the most powerful exponent in the entire fraternity.”

Lie Qing said, “There is no such thing as true invincible and the most powerful or else my father won’t be slayed by your clan. Or else…”

She looked at Yi Ping with a loving glance, “Or else…you won’t be defeated by Yi Ping!”

The Celestial Liege hummed coldly, “That’s because I am careless! If you want to come take my life, do it immediately. But it won’t be honorable.”

All of a sudden, there were nine burst of faint blue wisp of hovering glow around Lie Qing!

Yu’Er was startled as she began to count excitingly, “One, two, three, four…seven, eight and nine!”

The Celestial Liege was stunned, “That’s impossible! The ninth invincible force… you are able to reach the Holiness Level…?”

Lie Qing said coolly, “Even if you are uninjured, you may not be able to defeat me.”

The Celestial Liege was silent for a while before he said, “So this is the difference between a Half-Celestial and a true Celestial..,”

Lie Qing softened her glances as she said gently, “You are as insolent as ever. Don’t think that I do not know that your internal strength is only left with just one tenth and it is impossible for you to recover your original martial strength. You have used the Celestial Origin to forcibly retain what’s left of your internal strength. I only pity you!”

The Celestial Liege sighed regretfully, “To think that my centuries of cultivation and martial progression will be ruined today… Very well, come take my life then. You are only able to advance further than me because you are a true Celestial.”

Lie Qing said, “Who says I am going to take your life?”

The Celestial Liege was startled, “What do you mean? You want to torture me to a slow death?”

Lie Qing said forlornly, “Who says I am going to avenge for anyone? It has already been so long. Lele asks me to leave a message for you and her beloved.”

The Celestial Liege was startled, “My sister has a message for me? She is still alive? Who is her beloved?”

Lie Qing said, “The person that just defeated you earlier is her beloved!”

The Celestial Liege was even more startled as he muttered, “My sister has pledged herself to him?”

Lie Qing continued coldly, “And who says she is dead? She is even more alive than ever. In fact, she is a true Celestial now just like her grandpa.”

The Celestial Liege was startled, “She is…a true Celestial now? That’s impossible! Her martial levels are way below par. She can’t even survive the Divine Calamity alone…don’t tell me she has a Heavenly Relic?!”

Lie Qing said coolly, “Martial levels and the Heavenly Relic have nothing to do with her awakening to a true Celestial. She wants me to tell you, even if you got the Heavenly Relic, it is totally useless to you because you have already entered the Dark Asura. Without the state of divinity of the Jade Emperor to calm the malevolent spirits, you will only be courting doom if you try to attempt the Divine Calamity alone. No matter how you try, destruction and death only awaits you”

The Celestial Liege was startled, “I…I don’t believe…I don’t believe…all my beliefs…”

Lie Qing said melancholy, “The Divine Calamity is a Divine Cleansing of the impure. Long ago, humanity is able to live to a thousand years and has since fallen from grace from the heavens. If you really want to become a Celestial, you must first know how to cultivate as a human sage. That is the only way to become a Celestial. Providence is already so kind to you yet you do not even realize it!”

The Celestial Liege was stunned as he muttered, “If I want to become a Celestial, I must first cultivate as a human sage first…it is that simple?”

The Celestial Liege laughed madly, “Thank you…Qing’Er and Lele…”

He turned around and looked at Yi Ping, who was standing quietly and in great tranquil. He raised his thumb again, “Only you are fit for Qing’Er. I am not worthy. The positive martial energy of the Celestial Force can be purged by a chaste maiden who knows the Holy Pureness, which intricate energy is pure negative. There’s no need for me to be too explicit. If you are still alive, then we may one day meet again.”

As soon as the Celestial Liege had gone, Lie Qing immediately flew to the embrace of Yi Ping as she wept. “Yi Ping! Are you alright? Where are you hurting at? Let me help you…you have lost all your internal strength…poor thing…”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as his heart began to ache painfully, “Qing’Er, I am so glad to see you…don’t worry, I am still live. Losing my internal strength is a small matter as long as…”

Yi Ping looked at everyone, who was smiling at him despite their injuries as he said. “…As long as everyone is safe…”

Lie Qing sobbed silently, “Yi Ping…I hope you don’t mind that I let him go…I know I did wrong again…”

Yi Ping comforted her, “No, you did right. You are not wrong…it is a good thing…really.”

Lie Qing was almost inaudible as she sobbed, “Really? Sorry…I am late…and cause you to be in such a state…”

Even though Lie Qing was in an enviable embrace with Yi Ping, there was not a single hint of jealousy in these young maidens’ eyes. No one dared to disturb their quiet moment because it was also the most romantic moment between the two of them. And moreover, they were only too glad to see Lie Qing who had braved through many dangers with them…

He asked weakly, “Lie Qing, why are you here? Aren’t you preparing for the Divine Calamity with Yixian and Lele?”

Lie Qing said, “One day, Lele has suddenly divine that you are in a great mortal danger and because we are all worried for you too, they have decided that I should come to aid you instead.”

Yi Ping nodded gently as he stroked her head gently, “How is Yixian?”

Lie Qing looked up gently, “She is attempting a dangerous intricacy heart formula before I have left. But I am sure she will be alright. From the golden scroll, we have discovered many things about the Divine Calamity. While I am away, Lele will be her guardian…”

She was now trembling because she knew how deadly the Divine Calamity was.

Yi Ping held her even tightly because he could sense her fear…

All of a sudden, they were interrupted by three young beautiful maidens that just walked into the Inner Holy Chapter. They all had an appalling looks as they saw the messy state of the Inner Holy Chapter.

These three young maidens were Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue. They were the daughters of Ji Wuzheng.

Suxin immediately said, “Father, you are injured? What’s going on? Why is the entire place like that? When we saw the Celestial Envoy a moment ago, he asks us to go the Inner Holy Chapter immediately.”

Sufeng was gasping, “Assassins?!”

Ji Wuzheng said, “No big deal. There is no need to be panic.”

Suyue flew to Lingfeng, “Aunt! How have you been? I miss you. Who are these people?”

Lingfeng said softly, “These are my friends. There are no assassins. We just have a friendly duel earlier.”

Suyue immediately pointed at Yi Ping and looked curiosity at everyone, “A friendly duel?! In this state of awful condition! It looks more like a fight…there are blood everywhere…”

She quickly sighed as she saw Lie Qing in Yi Ping’s embrace, “What’s a pity. It seems that this handsome young man has already got a beloved.”

All of a sudden, she noticed hostile glances from Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Youxue and even from her aunt, Lingfeng that caused her to keep quiet.

Suxin was gasping at the Divine Halo and the White Phoenix. “These swords can echo and give out lights…is so beautiful…”

Gongsun Jing was instantly mesmerized by her looks and voice…

Nangong Le immediately stepped forward, “Lingfeng, I didn’t know that you have three such beautiful young nieces that is around your age? Do you mind introducing them to us?”

Lingfeng was born twenty years apart from her brother Ji Wuzheng and her nieces were around her same age.

Lingfeng immediately said, “Suyue, don’t talk to this man. He is not a good person!”

Nangong Le smiled bitterly as he thought, “So her name is Suyue…”

When Qiu Wufeng caught sight of Sufeng, for some unknown reason, he was totally captivated by her. As he stepped forward to introduce himself, he stumbled much to his own embarrassment…

Immediately, Sufeng caught hold of him as she asked gently. “Young Master, your injuries are not light. You’re alright?”

Qiu Wufeng was surprised that it was Sufeng that had caught hold of him that he was muttering incoherently, “I…I stepped on some debris…nothing…I’m alright…”

Sufeng smiled, “What’s your name? I’m Sufeng.”

Qiu Wufeng immediately said, “I am Qiu Wufeng.” He sounded embarrassed to say his name because he was now a wanted fugitive and got nothing to his name now.

Sufeng gasped, “So you are a mass murderer and one of the monsters from the Righteous Axioms Clan!!!”

Qiu Wufeng immediately denied it with startled horror, “No, no. These are just rumors spread by my enemies…Sufeng…hear me out…”

Suxin immediately pointed at Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Yi Ping with an appalled look, “Then these three must be the notorious Gongsun Jing the Dishonorable Playboy, Nangong Le the Flirtatious and Yi Ping the Horrible Torturer!”

She took a spiteful look at Gongsun Jing, “Fancy a fine young man like you would actually be a beast in disguise. If I do not slay you and distribute your flesh as offerings to the innocents today, then my name isn’t Suxin!”

Gongsun Jing could only smiled most bitterly as he began to curse that Chi Zhengqi…

He was not the only one thinking of the same thing too. Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were already thinking the same!

Huo Fu immediately said as he pointed at Yi Ping, “Young mistresses, I can verify that it is all true. They are indeed the notorious four! I have met this rascal Yi Ping before and he was behaving amorally with a young maiden in a cave.”

Ji Wuzheng immediately reacted with shock, “Lingfeng, you didn’t tell me that your friends are from the notorious Righteous Axioms Clan! No wonder I find the name of Yi Ping so familiar! Do you know that the four of them are currently the most evil and wanted men in the entire fraternity?!”

Lingfeng got a spinning headache as she said, “These are just false rumors. Listen to my explanations first…” She really wanted to faint. How did these venomous rumors spread so fast?!

Suyue immediately said, “Aunt, you just told me that Nangong Le is not a good person! No need to explain, we just feed them to the dogs!”

As Lingfeng moved dazedly backward, she accidentally came into contact with the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix. Immediately the resonating stopped and the halo from the swords ceased.

Just as Lingfeng had calm down and was about to explain, she was interrupted by Yi Ping who said weakly. “Lingfeng, my swords don’t seem to like you. They have stopped glowing.”

Lingfeng took a fainting look at Yi Ping before saying, “Why don’t you go and die first?”