A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 50

The Celestial Liege

When Yi Ping had seen the anxious expression on Lingfeng, he had totally forgotten about asking her for his secret manuals. It was quite important to him because his martial skills had since progress remarkably. He wanted to attempt some of the harder heart intricacy formulas of the Aspire Invocations that were contained in the Aspire Invocations’ secret manual.

It was because without knowing the advance heart intricacy of the Aspire Invocations, he could not even attempt the Asper Divinity Hand. The secret stance of the Asper Divinity Technique was in the Divine Horizon Hands’ secret manual.

And both secret writings were now missing…

Together with Lingfeng and Qian Fan, they had stormed into the Holy Chapter Hall of the Holy Hex Sect.

As they made their way noisily into the Holy Chapter Hall, many of the protégés of the Holy Hex Sect were startled as they exclaimed excitedly, “The Holy Maiden is back!”

Lingfeng walked hastily as she asked, “Where is my brother and where is the Celestial Envoy?”

“They are in the inner Holy Chapter Hall. The Holy Sectarian Master says he is not to be disturbed…”

Lingfeng ignored the warnings as she stormed hastily through the many halls of the Holy Chapter Hall. No one dared to stop her.

“Who are these strangers?”

Yi Ping was astonished at the white gold marble walls of the Holy Chapter Hall. He had not expected the Holy Hex Sect to be so magnificent and much grander than the Honor Manor!

He was not the only that were stunned. Youxue, Ding Yun, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Qiu Wufeng were all wordless!

Yi Ping asked after Lingfeng, “Lingfeng, these walls are made of gold?”

Lingfeng gave him an annoyed look as she quickly said, “It is only limestone. Only the walls of the Inner Holy Chapter Hall are layered with real gold and the walls inside are craved out of rare white alabaster jadestone.”

When Nangong Le heard what Lingfeng had said, he had almost tripped! It was because alabaster jadestones were an extremely rare and costly material. It was worth more than gold itself!

All except Yi Ping was startled.

Yi Ping was not startled because he did not know how rare the ‘Rare Alabaster Jadestone’ was!

He continued to ask Lingfeng, “Lingfeng, you actually stay here?”

Lingfeng heaved a sigh, “You…you really got nothing better to say, aren’t it? Do you know that outsiders are forbidden to enter the Inner Holy Chapter Hall? I am already making an exception for you.”

Yi Ping continued to mutter as he was clearly overwhelmed by the beautiful architect of the Holy Chapter Hall, “This is just like a palace and is so big. Are we reaching yet?”

He had noticed that they had passed at least five halls. Each of the halls was so broad and was as long as half a mile!

Lingfeng picked up her pace and displayed her swiftness movements, “We have reached. It is just round the corner of this hallway.”

Nangong Le was so in awe of the place that he made a quick mental note to win Lingfeng’s heart if the Holy Hex Sect survived this crisis. After all, there was a high probability that Yi Ping would die in the ensuring battle.

He thought, “After all…If my sworn brother dies in battle it is the duty of the sworn brother to take care of his wives. It is really noble of me to make such a grand sacrifice…”

As soon as they had barged into the Inner Holy Chapter Hall, they saw three men.

One was dressed in black attire. He was handsome and had keen eyes. When Lingfeng caught sight of him, she immediately called out. “Brother!”

The man in black attire was indeed Ji Wuzheng and he was extremely displeased to see so many strangers had barged into the inner sanctuary of the Holy Chapter Hall.

Ji Wuzheng immediately reproached Lingfeng, “Outrageous! You are getting more and more outrageous. Do you know that I have given strict instructions to be alone with my sworn brother and the Celestial Envoy?”

The second man who was wearing a fur cloak was obviously the Envoy Celestial. It was because even though he had a young face but his hair was white and his eyes were crimson in color!

The third man was slightly plump and had a red beard. Huo Fu the Flaming Fist was the Sect Leader of the Fire Tablet Sect and he was also the sworn brother of Ji Wuzheng. He had led hundreds of his protégés to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains to reinforce Ji Wuzheng.

When Yi Ping saw him, he had immediately displayed his Divine Horizon Hands as he cried out. “This time, you are not getting away!”

Huo Fu was startled that someone had actually dared to raise his fists at him right in the presence of the Holy Sectarian Master of the Holy Hex Sect and the Celestial Envoy.

Just as he had displayed three counter-attacking strokes, he was overpowered by the Divine Horizon Hand and was struck two times on his chest!

But before Yi Ping could attack again, he was forcibly knocked back by Ji Wuzheng who had just displayed the Dissolution Stance of the Holy Amalgamate Skill!

Yi Ping was startled as he took several steps back in alarm. It was as though his martial power had been dissolved in that instant!

He quickly thought, “What kind of a skill is that?”

Huo Fu shouted angrily, “This rascal. He suddenly attacks me out of the blue. If I don’t teach him a lesson, I am not the Flaming Fist!”

Lingfeng cursed softly, “Yi Ping! My goodness! The Celestial Envoy is over there. Are you blind?”

Even Mei’Er gave a startling cry, “Master, that’s the wrong person. He’s the one with white hair and red eyes!”

Yi Ping quickly said, “There no mistaking! He is Huo Fu! I know him!”

Lingfeng was startled, “You know him? When did you know him? How come you have never told me?”

Yi Ping was startled as he smiled bitterly, “I need to tell you?”

Lingfeng walked silently to him as she secretly pinched him, “What do you think?”

Yi Ping was startled, “You…”

Huo Fu suddenly gave a yell, “I remember you now! You are that young man that tries to seduce that beautiful young maiden in the cave! I haven’t look for both of you yet for daring to injure me and you have come knocking on my doors!? Very well, today is just the day for venting my anger…”

The maidens were all gasping one after another, “What beautiful maiden? In a cave together!? Yi Ping, explain yourself!”

Yi Ping quickly stepped forward, “Who is afraid of whom!”

Ji Wuzheng said angrily as he caught hold of Huo Fu, “Hold it brother!”

He stared angrily at Lingfeng and her companions, “What is going on? Lingfeng, take your guests away and stop disgracing yourself in front of the Celestial Envoy.”

The Celestial Envoy was looking lustfully at Lingfeng, Youxue, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er as he said, “I don’t mind. Your sister is so young and beautiful. This is the unexpected. She is indeed a rare heavenly beauty. I have never seen anyone like her before. She is the Holy Maiden?”

He laughed before introducing himself, “I am the Celestial Liege, the Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace.”

Lingfeng said coldly, “Brother, did he ask for the Heavenly Relic or something?”

Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “I have already promised to give him the Heavenly Relic and in return, the Celestial Palace will help us to take care of our enemies.”

Lingfeng said coldly, “I am afraid that after taking the Heavenly Relic, he will simply disappear and leave us in the lurch.”

Ji Wuzheng was startled as he took a glance at the Celestial Liege.

The Celestial Liege lifted his foot and stomp on the ground. Immediately, there was a thunderous impact and the stone slabs beneath his foot cracked into the ground! His internal strength and martial power display was startling!

He said icily, “When the Celestial Palace has heard that the Holy Hex Sect is in trouble, I am sent to specifically aid you. You have no idea how much grace that the Celestial Palace has bestowed upon you.”

Ji Wuzheng immediately tried to pacify the Celestial Liege, “Yes, yes.”

The Celestial Liege continued, “Don’t forget that the Heavenly Relic is originally from the Celestial Palace. We have placed it in the Holy Hex Sect until the day the Seven Stars are aligned. It is just taking back what is rightfully belongs to the Celestial Palace.”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “Hmph…the Joyful Goddess has already told us everything. You are just trying to obtain the Heavenly Relic for your own gain. You are just a half-celestial and depend on the life blood of top martial exponents to sustain yourself. You seem reluctant to mention the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor has no use for our Heavenly Relic because it had not undergone the cleansing of the Divine Calamity yet. Only a half-celestial like you will need it to become a full celestial on your next Divine Calamity.”

The Celestial Liege was slightly startled, “The Joyful Goddess has told you so much? Where is she? You have killed her?”

Lingfeng said coldly, “We also know that in the Celestial Palace, there is a Jade Emperor and four Prime Celestials.”

All of a sudden, there was a fearsome malevolent air from the Celestial Liege that caused even Ji Wuzheng and Huo Fu to take several steps back.

The Celestial Liege smirked, “It seems that the Joyful Goddess is several decades behind time.”

Yi Ping interrupted coldly, “What do you mean?”

The Celestial Liege said unhurriedly, “But it is no wonder. She has always been more innocent and purer in heart than us. While we try to prolong our activities by drinking the blood and eating the hearts of top martial exponents, only she chooses to be sleep in suspended animation. She is always in her own world and may not know that that the other two Prime Celestials had long turned to dust a few decades ago.”

Ji Wuzheng gasped aloud, “You eat human hearts?!”

The Celestial Liege roared with laughter, “Yes, of course.”

He looked at Ji Wuzheng as he smiled, “After you have given me the Heavenly Relic, I have planned to feast on your heart. Your heart is just ripe for my taste and can aid my martial progression. It is just the right feast for my forthcoming Divine Calamity.”

Ji Wuzheng said coldly, “But you seem to forget that we are many and you are just one.”

The Celestial Liege laughed, “If you think I am in the league of the Joyful Goddess then you must be clearly mistaken. I have never stopped practicing my fighting skills. I can kill all of you with my bare hands and as easy as killing a fly. After that, I will just turn the entire Holy Chapter Hall upside down for the Heavenly Relic. Or maybe, I may just decide to make myself the new Holy Sectarian Master. A little troublesome, yes but the Heavenly Relic will eventually be mine. So why don’t you surrender it peacefully. Maybe if I am happy, I may just decide to be merciful.”

He looked lustfully at the maidens who were all secretly shivering in fear as he stared at them one by one as he added, “I’m always generous towards those that can please me well.”

Yi Ping had stepped forward as he exclaimed angrily, “Let me ask you. Did you kill my grand protégé master?”

The Celestial Liege appraised him before saying, “When you have attacked Huo Fu, you have used the fifth stroke and the ninth stroke of the Divine Horizon Hands, the Flurrying Horizon and the Returning Cloud.”

Yi Ping was startled, “You know the Divine Horizon Hands!?”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “I know your grand protégé master. When we have found him, he was preparing for the Divine Calamity. The hearts of such exponents are the best nourishment for us. Unfortunately, exponents of that caliber are really hard to find in the fraternity. Lately all the top exponents have seemingly disappeared or are killed before we can hunt them down. Your grand protégé master is a once in a hundred years meal.”

Yi Ping was trembling…

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were so frightful of the Celestial Liege that they were moving back unwittingly. It was because they had practiced the Dual Inertia Intricacy and therefore was hyper sensitive to his killing malevolent intent.

The Celestial Liege laughed coldly, “I have eaten countless number of top exponents and I can’t remember most of their names or their faces. But your grand protégé master is an exceptional. It is because my brother the Conqueror Sword who is a Prime Celestial was killed by him.”

He laughed depravedly, “In the end…in the end, my brother’s heart is also eaten by me…”

Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were nausea from the suffocating despairing aura of the Celestial Liege and after hearing what he had just said; they fell down on their knees and were vomiting.

Lingfeng fell back weakly to the wall and leaned against it…

Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Huo Fu were trembling with a despairing fear that even their limbs could not obey them. They had already seen the outcome and their deaths!

Even though the Celestial Liege was casually talking and waving his hands as he talked, his killing intent had already materialized with his little gestures. Just one stroke, he would kill them!

They could not evaded even one stroke, no matter how hard they tried to!

Before the fight starts, it had already ended for most of them! The differences in their state of divinity was simply too vast!

The Celestial Liege looked at Yi Ping, Ji Wuzheng and Youxue before he laughed, “Very good! Only the three of you are qualified to be my opponent.”

Yi Ping, Youxue and Ji Wuzheng could see that the Celestial Liege was now being surrounded by deadly martial energy.

Yi Ping and Youxue had immediately recognized that that this martial energy was the same as Lele when she had fought with Lie Qing; the Celestial Force. Everything around the Celestial Liege would slow down and mere martial strength could not be used against him or risk fatal internal injuries.

In order to fight him, they would have to depend purely on their martial power or the intricate energies of their internal strength.

Any hit by this martial energy was fatal, even if it was blocked.

If not for the timely intervention of Yi Ping, Lele and Lie Qing would have almost killed each other!

But against the Celestial Liege, it was completely one side. His Celestial Force was many times more profound than Lele. He had dared to use the Celestial Force in such an open manner because he was confident.

He seemed to be telling them silently, “This fight is destined to be over as soon as it begins. None of you have the martial skill to even withstand my overwhelming martial energy.”

Youxue could barely stand straight. She had forcibly suppressed all her ill-feeling with the Absolute Spirits as she raised her trembling hands. Her most powerful attacking techniques were all frontal techniques. Against a super exponent such as the Celestial Liege, her opportunities were few.

Ji Wuzheng immediately displayed the Dissolution Stance of the Holy Amalgamate Skill even as he muttered, “His internal strength is too unfathomable. We’re like eggs smashing against a rock…”

Yi Ping had raised his entire martial power…

All of a sudden, Ding Yun raised her entire martial power too and there were three winks of explosive air burst around her.

The Celestial Liege was genuinely startled, “The Invincible Divine Force…”

All of a sudden, Ding Yun had drawn her long sword so silently and with startling speed; imbuing her entire martial power into her sword and sent it spinning it towards the Celestial Liege!

The Celestial Liege raised his fingers with lightning speed reflexes and knocked the flying sword aside as it shattered into many pieces!

Everyone gasped! Ding Yun’s precious sword that could withstand her martial power could actually shatter to bits by the sheer martial energy of the Celestial Liege!

The Celestial Liege muttered, “This Invincible Divine Force is too weak. You almost have me fooled. But then, at your age, it is already an accomplishment.”

Ding Yun fell down weakly, having exhausted all her martial power for the flying sword technique, “Do…do…you know that with your present martial progression, you don’t even need to parry my flying sword? But because you are too strong, you have acted purely out of instinct.”

The Celestial Liege asked her with a curious look, “What is it that you want to say?”

Ding Yun said weakly, “Yi Ping, did you see that? Don’t underestimate your opponent. He can still retain his movements while displaying his martial energy. He will be at least twice as fast as any of you!”

Ding Yun had already observed the differences in their martial strength and she was trying to warn them!

Ji Wuzheng broke into a cold sweat, he was about to engage the Celestial Liege and he could now imagine himself lying on the ground!

He took a notable glance at the beautiful demure maiden as he thought, “This maiden….”

Yi Ping said quietly, “Thank you…”

But before anyone could halt Yi Ping, he had charged into Celestial Liege, displaying the shrieking exploding might of the Aspire Horizon Hand as he shouted, “I don’t care how strong you are!”

Lingfeng immediately covered her eyes!

There was a thunderous impact as the Celestial Liege caught Yi Ping’s thunderous blow, sending burst of flurry heated windforce in all directions and everyone was forced to scurry backward!

As soon as Yi Ping landed his palms on the Celestial Liege, he could feel his intricate energies bursting to its limit and he coughed out blood; such was the irresistible martial energy of the Celestial Liege that the moment that he had exchanged impact with him, his intricate energies begun to reverse upon himself.

Before Yi Ping could react, the Celestial Liege had disengaged and raised his hands with lightning speed and was about to strike him when Xiao Youxue intercepted that blow with her golden beaming hand!

But even then, the Celestial Liege could still react in that single instant as he raised both his hands and sent Yi Ping and Youxue flying backward with two thunderous explosive blows!

The only thing that prevented Youxue and Yi Ping from sustaining even more severe internal injuries was the timely interference of Ji Wuzheng as he suddenly attacked the Celestial Liege with his long sword. This forced the Celestial Liege to divert some of this martial power to counterattack against Ji Wuzheng as he shattered his sword and sending Ji Wuzheng flunking hard against the wall!

Qian Fan shouted panicky as Ji Wuzheng’s mouth was foaming with blood, “Holy Sectarian Master!”

He had suffered severe internal injuries and he was coughing blood profusely!

Lingfeng quickly went to her brother side as she cried out, “Brother….!”

Ji Wuzheng smiled bitterly as he panted deeply, “In the end…in the end…with my martial progression, I cannot even take one blow from him…is he not human?”

He had used the ‘Great Dissolution Skill’ from the Holy Amalgamate Skill to neutralize the electrifying martial energy of the Celestial Liege but it was still not enough!

The Celestial Liege hummed coldly to Ji Wuzheng, “Lesser mortals would have died instantly. Count yourself lucky.”

Immediately after the Celestial Liege had knocked back Ji Wuzheng, he saw that Yi Ping and the enticing maiden in yellow were on their feet, helped by their companions!

Yi Ping and Youxue were both coughing blood as they tried to stand weakly! Their internal injuries were not light too when compared to Ji Wuzheng!

Yi Ping gasped for breath as he said defiantly, “I am not down yet!”

Yu’Er was saying inconsolable to him, “Master…don’t fight anymore…it is hopeless…we are all not his match…”

Mei’Er was already crying and muttering, “He is only insolent because he hasn’t met real opponents yet. If our Protégé Mistress is here and if Sister Qing’Er is here, you’ll bet that he can’t laugh as it is now…”

Everyone’s hearts sunk when they had heard Mei’Er. It was because she was right!

They had seen how fast Youxue had recovered after exchanging blows with the Celestial Liege; Lie Qing mastery in her Invincible Divine Force and the Golden Invincible Body was even more startling while the internal strength of the Celestial Fairy in the form of the tenth level of her Icy Heavenly Tears was extremely profound.

If only they were here…

But the Celestial Liege ignored him and instead looked at Youxue as he said, “That is the Golden Invincible Body?”

Youxue nodded silently.

The Golden Invincible Body was not only a defensive skill. It could also be used to empower attacks after transforming into the Golden Body Halo.

The Celestial Liege said coldly, “So there is another protégé descendant of the Invincible Divine Clan here. Very good. I shall take the opportunity to wipe out the Invincible Divine Clan.”

While he was talking to her, Youxue had regained the delicate balance of her intricate energies with the Icy Heavenly Tear.

Her injuries were lighter than Yi Ping; in the meantime Yi Ping was now struggling to stand firm as he tried to renew and stabilize the erratic intricate energies with the Divine Revelation.

Yi Ping was feeling hot as an unnatural heat swelled inside him. He tried to suppress it with his Aspire Invocations but the alien heat refused to be pacified. He could only silently mutter, “When I have exchanged blows with him, I can feel a powerful positive energy force entering my body. Don’t tell me I have been afflicted by his Celestial Force?”

But he kept quiet about his condition even though everyone could see that something was not right with Yi Ping as he seemed to have developed a fever and was also flushing red.

Ding Yun quickly diagnosed his condition, “Oh terrible, the Celestial Force has afflicted you…Yi Ping, you mustn’t exert your internal strength anymore or it will be fatal…”

Mei’Er asked, “Why aren’t Youxue and Ji Wuzheng experiencing the same afflictions?”

Yu’Er said quietly, “The Celestial Force is a pure positive martial force and the Icy Heavenly Tears is its opposite. So both forces are able to negate one another. As for Holy Sectarian Master Ji Wuzheng, his ‘Great Dissolution Skill’ is able to stop the positive force energy of the Celestial Force from entering his body…”

Youxue asked the Celestial Liege, “You have a feud with the Invincible Divine Clan?”

The Celestial Liege knew that she was buying precious time for Yi Ping and Ji Wuzheng to treat their internal injuries. But he was in no hurry as none of his opponents could really fight him on equal par. And moreover, internal injuries once sustain, could not be treated in just a matter of weeks. At most, he was just allowing them to restore their breathing and heart beat to normal.

However he seemed willing to share it. Perhaps he was too alone or suddenly decided to be merciful. “That was many centuries ago. The Invincible Divine Clan was the most powerful martial clan in the martial fraternity with numerous protégé and followers. Even though the Celestial Clan was a big clan too but we have completely lost in the rivalry. Our clan base was destroyed and a hundred of us left quietly to the mountains…”

He smiled to himself, “In a lucky encounter, we met an old man who we call the Jade Emperor later. He is actually our great grand protégé master who has ascended to be a Celestial a long time ago. We begged him to take us in, to impart to us his skills and the secrets of becoming a Celestial…”

The Jade Emperor had said, “If I help you to ascend to be a Celestial, it will affected my future cultivation and may even incur the wrath of the heavens. Alas, is it divine fate that I will meet my clan protégés in this wilderness? If it is not for the Celestial Clan and Xiaoqie, my little protégé sister who sacrificed her life for me to reawaken the Heavenly Relic, I would never have attained divinity…”

He gave a stern warning, “But you have to bear the consequences! Many of you will die and there is a heavy price to be paid!”

The protégés of the Celestial Clan immediately shouted in unison, “We are not afraid! As long as we can avenge our clan folks and the destruction of our clan from the hands of our enemies, we are not afraid!”

Amidst the shouting, a little girl about seven walked quietly to the Jade Emperor. “Old…man…your heart seemed to be filled with great sadness. What’s wrong? Are you thinking of your protégé sister Xiaoqie?”

The Jade Emperor was startled that a little girl like her would actually dare to walk to him boldly given the state of his state of divinity which caused everyone to be in awe of him.

The Jade Emperor had never met a little girl like her before so he asked, “What’s your name, little girl?”

The little girl laughed softly as she thought for a moment, “Hmm…My name is Huan Le! And what’s your name?”

The Jade Emperor was amused.

The little girl said cheerfully, “Since you are so old… I call you grandpa then…grandpa!”

The Jade Emperor smiled, “Sure…sure…”

A young man walked hurriedly to him and begging his pardon, “Grand Protégé Master, please forgive my little sister rudeness.”

After he had dragged her away, he quietly rebuked her. “You have dared to lie even to our Grand Protégé Master…”

The little girl jovially protested, “When I see his eyes, I see great sadness. I am just trying to make him happy. And I didn’t lie. Huan Le is going to be my name and I’m going to make grand protégé master happy!”

The young man scolded his little sister, “Hey, you…little brat…”

Ten years later, on the next forthcoming Divine Calamity, the Jade Emperor had helped them to ascend to half-celestials. Many did not make it. Among the survivors were Huan Le, his little sister and him…

The Jade Emperor had imparted to Lele the Holy Pureness, among many other secret skills and techniques, instructing her just like his daughter…

The Celestial Liege seemed to be smiling as he recalled that moment. But he soon grown solemn as he said, “After we have attained divinity, we took our vengeance against the all-powerful Invincible Divine Clan, drink their blood and ate their hearts. Overnight, we totally annihilated them all. More than three thousands of them, men and women…we spared no one…from that point onward, the Invincible Divine Clan is no more. But today, there are actually two survivors…”

Yi Ping clenched his fist as he shouted angrily, “I will not let you lay your despicable hands on Yun and Youxue!”

Yi Ping had already staggered forward even as Youxue pulled him back as she said melancholy, “Yi Ping, stay calm…”

Yi Ping said quietly, “Lele…the Joyful Goddess, she had a hand in it too?”

The Celestial Liege was slightly startled that he knew his little sister’s name. He could well imagine that Lele must have been careless and got herself killed when she was dealing with them. She really had too little experience with outsiders and the treacherous martial fraternity. Moreover while his martial progressions were constantly improving, Lele’s martial progression seemed to be stagnant as she preferred to sleep in the secret chamber of the Celestial Palace.

He silently vowed to let them pay for their lives in exchange for hers.

But he masked it well and replied coldly, “She is a Prime Celestial. So what do you think? The ranks of the Celestial Palace were denoted by the number of super exponents of the Invincible Divine Clan that were killed.”

Yi Ping was trembling as he said aloud, “That’s enough!”

All of a sudden, he had drawn out his two beaming white swords and thrust them side by side on the ground in front of him!

As he drew out the Divine Echo and forced it into the ground, there was a flash of brilliant white blue light, followed by a low emitting echo.

This time, the Celestial Liege was genuinely startled as he thought, “This…this sword…is made of the Heavenly Relic!? That is impossible. As far as I know, the Heavenly Relic is indestructible and resistant to all tampering…”

Even more startling was that the White Emerald Phoenix Sword, the White Phoenix was also reverberating as white green light faded in and out of its edges!

The two long swords were vibrating slightly and swaying as the lights of their halo surrounded it. As their halos touched each other, it formed a bigger rainbow halo around it!

Ji Wuzheng was stunned as he muttered, “Lingfeng, did you see that? I have heard that only legendary divine swords are able to resonant…this is the first time I have ever seen it…”

Lingfeng muttered, “These rainbow hues…are so beautiful…”

A tranquil effect overwhelmed her as she looked at the resonating swords and she was no longer fearful.

Huo Fu was stunned, “The reverberating resonant of the divine swords…the reverberating resonant of the divine swords…”

Huo Fu was not only an accomplished martial exponent but a master weapon smith as well. Every dream of a weapon smith was to one day forge a weapon that could resonant. Only a weapon that could resonant could be called a divine weapon; that means the weapon had already successfully absorbed the essence of the heavens and the earth, possessing the ability to overwhelm even the sun and the moon.”

Everyone else was also completely fascinated by this unearthly beautiful sight as they could only look on, not knowing when the two swords would stop resonating and when its glaring halo hues would fade away.

Even the Celestial Liege was in a stunned daze as he stared blankly at the two Heavenly Relic Swords. There was not one but two…

Yi Ping was the most astonished. Barely had he thrust the swords into the ground, the strange phenomena had happened, startling him!