A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 41

The Heavenly Temptress versus the Joyful Goddess

Just as Priest Liu Qingcheng was about to call Yi Ping hurriedly, the Joyful Goddess had lifted her crimson eyes and said pristinely, “Listen up everyone, I have something to announce.”

Lie Qing was slightly startled. It was because the Joyful Goddess looked spirited even though she had just lost her internal strength.

Lie Qing had been secretly relieved that the Joyful Goddess had lost her internal strength and could not harm Yi Ping for the time being. But this was not the result that she had initially wanted. She just wanted to teach the Joyful Goddess a lesson but she had not expected her internal strength to be so profound. In the end, both sustained grave internal injuries and lost the use of their internal strength temporary.

At this time, they would need to muster as many good fighters as possible to resist the advances of the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace. Lie Qing knew silently that the Joyful Goddess may be the support that they needed for the forthcoming battle…

She sighed quietly, “The fraternity is full of wiles. A gullible person like Yi Ping will surely fall into their hands sooner or later. The Joyful Goddess may appear to be helping us but who knows her real intention? She may even be in cahoots with the Honor Manor from the very start to draw us into an unsuspecting trap. Good sister Yun, why are you suddenly so close to the Joyful Goddess?”

But Lie Qing was smiling mysteriously as she thought happily, “Yi Ping, in three day time you will see me in totally different light…”

The Joyful Goddess repeated again, “Listen up everyone.”

She was looking solemn and her voice seemed to have a mesmerizing hold on everyone!

Lie Qing was startled, “She knows the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill too? Can it be that Sister Yun is under her mesmerizing influence? But this skill won’t work against top exponents…”

All of a sudden, she recalled that Zuo Tianyi had violated Ding Yun and this may cause her will to be broken. At that moment, she was the most vulnerable to the mesmerizing suggestions of the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill…

Everyone was startled to see the Joyful Goddess addressing them in such a serious manner that the Great Longevity Hall went silent all of a sudden.

The Joyful Goddess hummed softly as she got everyone’s attention, saying melody. “Priest Bai and Priest Liu, heed my commands.”

Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled that the Joyful Goddess was actually addressing them. Nevertheless, they replied, “Yes?”

The Joyful Goddess said with a divine voice, “Prime Celestial, Joyful Goddess of the Celestial Palace now officially appoints the Traverse Clan and the Tranquil Clan to be the guardian clans of the Celestial Palace in the Western Fraternity. Anyone clan that infringe on your clan is as good as an enemy of the Celestial Palace.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Ling Kongquan were stunned but were also secretly pleased at the same time. It was because even though the Celestial Palace may be an unknown in the fraternity at large, those that knew of it were fearful of it.

But it would not be for long before the entire fraternity would know the existence of the Celestial Palace. When that happens, the Traverse and the Tranquil Clan would gain a resounding renown and recorded in the annuals of the martial fraternity as the guardian clans of the Celestial Palace!

Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly regained his composure and was thinking, “Then it won’t be long before the Tranquil Clan will become a first tier martial clan again. Finally a chance to gain esteem honor for the clan and let past venerable grandmasters of the Tranquil Clan be proud! Maybe I will be the most famous grandmaster of all time…”

Priest Bai Chongzhen was also smiling to himself as he was also thinking the same as Priest Liu Qingcheng!

The Joyful Goddess smiled happily before saying, “Do you accept the honor of being the guardian clans of the Celestial Palace?”

Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng did not hesitate at all and immediately nodded eagerly as both said at the same time, “It is our honor!”

Priest Bai Chongzhen was looking a little awkward as he looked at Priest Liu Qingcheng, “May I know what actually is a guardian clan and what is a Prime Celestial?”

The truth was, Priest Liu Qingcheng did not know either and he was pondering the same too!

Nangong Le and Priest Ling Kongquan sighed as they were thinking of the same, “Both of you didn’t know but has accepted the honor so fast. Isn’t that too impulsive?”

Lingfeng could only smiled alluring as she thought, “I got a very bad feeling about this…”

The Joyful Goddess patiently said, “The guardian clans will represent the Celestial Palace in the affairs of the fraternity and the leadership will represent the Celestial Palace as the Celestial Messengers.”

Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng were exuberated! The honorific title of the Celestial Messenger seemed grand and they were smiling broadly.

Priest Ling Kongquan who was always a little more daring than his protégé brother and protégé leader asked curiously, “How high is the ranking of the Celestial Messenger in the Celestial Palace?” He had dared to ask because when the Joyful Goddess had lost her internal strength, much of her mystique and his fear of her had been lost.

The Joyful Goddess smiled most alluring, “It is third in the ranking hierarchy!”

Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Qingcheng and everyone were gasping in stunned silence. It was something that caught everyone by surprise!

Third in hierarchy! It was beyond their wildest dreams in expectations!

Immediately there were several excited incessant muttering in the Hall as everyone was rushing to speak and talking at the same time!

Priest Qingcheng who had been practicing the Dual Heart Inertia Skill could sense the excitement of his clan protégés and from the others. He was so moved that that he was actually shedding tears as he thought, “Today must be my lucky day. Finally, I am able to bring great honor to the Tranquil Clan!”

Priest Bai Chongzhen stammered, “Who is on the top? At the very least, as Celestial Messengers we should have the right to know?”

The Joyful Goddess smiled alluring, “The Jade Emperor is on the top followed by the Prime Celestials. There are just four of us and I am one of them.”

Priest Bai Chongzhen and everyone nodded excitedly.

The buzz and excitement at this revelation did not die down and only increased!

The Joyful Goddess sighed softly to herself, “These are fleeting glories. Why are men always seeking such pursuits and not seek enlightenment?”

She could not resist a jovial smile as she said to herself, “There are just three ranking in the Celestial Palace, the Celestial Emperor, the Prime Celestials and the Celestial Messengers. They are the lowest in ranking!”

But she quickly remembered her main reason why she was addressing Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng as she said mesmerizing, “Listen, the Celestial Messengers!”

Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly said at the same time, “Yes!”

The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Hurry and prepare for my wedding tomorrow! I almost cannot wait anymore.”

Even though Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng knew that the Joyful Goddess had declared her wedding earlier, they did not know that she was serious and this was their first order that they received as Celestial Messengers! How could they say no?

They could only stammered, “Yes, ye-s…yes.”

The Joyful Goddess blinked her eyes as she smiled, “That is good!”

Yi Ping quickly said, “Wait a minute. You are getting married tomorrow? With who?”

The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Of course it is you, silly. Who else?”

Yi Ping was startled, “We…we are really getting married tomorrow?”

The Joyful Goddess said, “Yes, of course…”

But before she could finish, Lie Qing, Ji Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er all said at the same time. “I protest!”

The Joyful Goddess waved her hand at them, “Protest Invalid. Wedding will continue tomorrow.”

Lie Qing was scolding her, “You are too unreasonable!”

Lingfeng said coldly, “Don’t you think that you are the Celestial Envoy, I will not slap you. Don’t forget, you have lost your internal strength.”

Yu’Er said coolly, “Yes, she can’t fight anymore. Why don’t we teach her a lesson while we can?”

Mei’Er nodded eagerly. She was almost bursting with rage and had already discarded her Emotionless Rhythm to the bottomless abyss when she had heard that Yi Ping and her was going to be wedded tomorrow!

Lie Qing looked at Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er and were touched that they were all standing on the same side as she muttered, “Everyone…help me to teach her a lesson then!”

The Joyful Goddess smiled, “Celestial Messengers Bai Chongzhen and Liu Qingcheng, Ding Yun and Yi Ping, protect me!”

Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng smiled bitterly at her orders. They really got a very bad feeling about this…

Ding Yun hesitated as she muttered, “Uh…hmm…”

The Joyful Goddess said, “Good sister Yun, please come over here!”

Lie Qing quickly said, “Good sister Yun, come over here please!”

Ding Yun was torn between the both of them. It was because she had known Lie Qing first and now she had even imparted the Invincible Divine Force to her!

As for the Joyful Goddess, she was really a good sister to her despite only a short time!

The Joyful Goddess said, “Sister Yun, do you want to be linked to Yi Ping?”

Ding Yun asked, “Link?”

The Joyful Goddess smiled, “That means the same as wedded. The Celestials are all incorruptible by mortal desires. So we can only link heart to heart. Sister Yun, come over here.”

Ding Yun could only smiled awkwardly as she thought miserably, “Incorruptible? No mortal desires? You are bluffing who? Then why are you getting married tomorrow? You are already not chaste…” She wanted to faint immediately and pretended not to hear anything…

Lingfeng called out, “Yi Ping! Are you listening to me or not? Come over here and resist this witch! You have said that you will listen to me.”

Yi Ping was flushing so awkwardly that he wished he could dig a hole and wished that these maidens would not see him but Lingfeng and the Joyful Goddess had.

He did something very smart. He refused to say a word, acting deaf and mute…

Priest Liu Qingcheng said bitterly, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, come over here. Surely you don’t want to fight your protégé master. It is not respectful…”

Mei’Er said tearfully, “You are not our Protégé Master! You are the Celestial Messenger! We are going to beat up all the Celestial Bullies!”

Yu’Er nodded with her beautiful voice saying. “That’s right! We don’t have a Protégé Master that…that…abandons his own disciples! Don’t blame us for not merciful!”

Priest Liu Qingcheng had broken into a sweat as he said, “Am I to be the first Protégé Grandmaster of the Tranquil Clan and the first Celestial Messenger to be killed by my own disciples…alas….I am so pitiful….”

Priest Bai Chongzhen said weakly, “I am still recovering from my injuries…I am also so pitiful…”

The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Not at all. It an honor to die for the Celestial Palace!”

Lingfeng said, “It does seem that our side is much stronger. You have no friends and even Yi Ping does not want to stand on your side. If Yi Ping does not stand on your side, then he is actually on our side as the odds are already obvious. Do your math.”

At one masterstroke, she had pushed Yi Ping to her side!

Yi Ping was startled.

The Joyful Goddess hummed coldly, “Yi Ping is so gullible and dumb. He don’t really think so far ahead. Stop discording us with your lies. Don’t forget you are the Holy Maiden.”

Lingfeng kept quiet all of a sudden…

The Joyful Goddess said, “Protégés of the Celestial Messengers, stand on my side!”

But no one dared to move. It was because everyone had the common sense to know that it was actually none of their business and it would be disastrous to get involve.

The Joyful Goddess muttered something enchanting.

No one actually knew what she was chanting.

The truth was she was actually cursing out aloud. It was just that no one actually understands it!

The Joyful Goddess said, “Alright then, I grant all of you permission to attend my wedding tomorrow…”

Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er was so infuriated that they had raised their hands and fingers, dashing past Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng, who was powerless to stop them as they stumbled to the side!

They had dashed so sudden that Yi Ping could only shout alarmingly, “Lele! Watch out!”

The Joyful Goddess yawned and raised one hand to block Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er but at the same time in rapid succession, she had slapped them on their cheeks! Her speed and martial strength was so astonishing that Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were forced back by her sudden counterattack, even as she reminded Yi Ping. “Remember you are to address me as the Joyful Goddess in the presence of others.”

Yi Ping was stunned, “Lele, didn’t you lost your internal strength?!”

Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were so startled by the Joyful Goddess sudden counterattack that they got slapped on their faces as they did not anticipated that she would be able to resist their attacks at the same time. Also, they did not use even their full martial strength as they knew that Yi Ping would be upset with them for injuring the Joyful Goddess!

Even Lie Qing was startled as she said, “You…!”

The Joyful Goddess laughed jovially, “I did lose it but I have regained it back already!”

How could anyone regain their internal strength so speedily?

Even though the internal strength of the Joyful Goddess lacked the martial power of Lie Qing’s Invincible Divine Force, but the depth of her true internal strength was truly astonishing!

When Ding Yun had inspected her wrist, her meridians were indeed erratic and she had lost half of her internal strength due to internal injuries.

But she had secretly circulated her remaining internal strength through the use of her Celestial Force, dissolving the bad blood in her blood and restoring the flow of intricate energy in the next instant. Because her internal strength was so profound, she was able to do it secretly without notice as she plunged out the excess bad intricate energy from her invisibly!

In this hall, she was now the most supreme. No one could stop her from doing what she wants and she intended to force Yi Ping to marry her whether he wishes or not.

Originally, she wanted to keep this a secret but when Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had attacked her, she had forgotten about it and had retaliated in self-defense!

Her idea of fun was to torture Qiu Wufeng, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun mentally with the Celestial Star Formations. She knew that it was impossible for them to learn even the basics in three days. After all, it had taken her one hundred years to fully understand this formation and to break free of it.

Yi Ping said, “Lele, you got your internal strength back? Or some of it?”

The Joyful Goddess suddenly remembered that she was not supposed to exercise her internal strength so she quickly coughed innocently, “They have suddenly attacked me and out of self-defense, I have forcibly mustered my internal injuries. Now my internal injuries have worsened. My days may be numbered…”

Yi Ping was so worried that he quickly walked to her to comfort her, “Lele…!”

Yi Ping turned towards Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, rebuking them. “Look what have you done!”

Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still stunned by the Joyful Goddess’ slaps that they could only hold their cheek and stared tearfully at Yi Ping! It was because the Joyful Goddess’ martial strength was so pure that they could not believe that she had lost her internal strength for even a moment. They were also hesitating because they did not want to get another slap so soon!

But before Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er could reply to Yi Ping’s accusation, Lie Qing said. “Stop putting on an act. Let me expose your lies!” She had suddenly attacked the Joyful Goddess and they were fighting with dozens of blows instantly!

Everyone was stunned that both Maiden Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess were fighting again!

The Joyful Goddess gasped, “Lie Qing, you didn’t lose your internal strength?”

Lie Qing replied coldly, “That is your wishful thinking!”

The Joyful Goddess hastily replied, “No, that’s not true. I so happy for you…”

She was suddenly interrupted by an intrigue stroke coming from Lie Qing and she was forced to take two steps back! “Sister, listen to me…we can get marry together…”

Lie Qing hummed coldly, sending forth five more successive attacks on her. “Utter rubbish!”

Yi Ping was startled and so were the rest…

Yi Ping muttered, “Lie Qing, you didn’t lose your internal strength too?”

Lie Qing did not reply him as she was focusing all her efforts as she attacked and defended against the Joyful Goddess who was her match in terms of martial techniques.

What the Joyful Goddess lacked in martial power, she had compensated with her stunning agility and swiftness skill!

Lie Qing had temporary lost the strength of her internal strength after the ensuring clash with the Joyful Goddess. However, she had consumed the Divine Dragon Pill, a miracle pill that could rejuvenate her martial power and life force. With her martial foundation, especially the Invincible Divine Force, her internal injuries were healing at a rapid pace.

Moreover, the internal injuries that Lie Qing had suffered were lighter than the Joyful Goddess due to her Golden Impervious Body Skill!

The Golden Impervious Body Skill was a skill that could render most attacks harmless and lessen the damage inflicted. At Lie Qing advance stage of this skill, she could even go into a death trance so that even if she was gravely injured, her body could be able to recover. That was what happened to her when she was sorely defeated by the Divine Calamity!

At that time, Lie Qing had founded Virtuous Palace and was known as the Heavenly Temptress. She had six followers who served as the stewards of the Virtuous Palace, Xiao Boyi, Jing Xing, Ding Jun, Yuan Tieqi, You Nikuang and Qin Siyi.

One day, Lie Qing summoned her stewards and said weakly. “My very end is near. You have seen the deadliness of the Divine Calamity and the destruction that it had caused. It is best that you do not learn of the Invincible Divine Force anymore. That is how most of my martial clan has perished over the years. I have thought that with my martial level, I can actually have a chance…”

Jing Xing said tearfully, “Mistress, your eyes have turned crimson…no you won’t die…I don’t want this to happen…”

Xiao Boyi said, “You are not imparting the Invincible Divine Force to us anymore?”

Lie Qing said weakly, “It only bring you harm…”

Yuan Tieqi said, “Maybe you have learnt it wrongly. Maybe you can’t but others can.”

Jing Xing raised her long sword at Yuan Tieqi and Xiao Boyi, “Are you rebelling? How dare you be rude to the Heavenly Temptress!”

Qin Siyi said coldly, “Xiao Boyi, Yuan Tieqi, how dare you be rude to our mistress!”

Jing Xing and Qin Siyi were from the same martial protégé clan as Lie Qing, the Invincible Divine Clan. The Invincible Divine Clan was once the most powerful martial clan in the martial fraternity but its lofty ambitions caused its downfall in a major battle with various other powerful martial clans. Lie Qing was the only solo surviving member of her clan…

You Nikuang laughed, “If you don’t impart it to us now, there won’t be another time. Why do you think we have followed you even after the Invincible Divine Clan is destroyed? Do you really think we are so free and dare to risk the constant harassment of the other martial clans just for your sake?”

Lie Qing said weakly, “I have taught you many martial skills…how could you betray my trust…”

Ding Jun said, “You taught us all your skills? What a joke. You treat us like dirt and even want to drain our Divine Virtuous Force so that you can have enough martial power to overcome the Divine Calamity.”

Lie Qing said, “I have my own reasons…”

But before she could fully explain, You Nikuang, Ding Jun, Xiao Boyi and Yuan Tieqi had attacked her.

That very night, Jing Xing and Qin Siyi had sacrificed their lives for her. She was mortally wounded by the Divine Calamity and from her betrayers…

If it was not for the numerous loyal followers who had shielded her, she could not have escaped from the Virtuous Palace. But even if she could escape, what was the point? She would eventually die.

In her escapade, she had met a young man who seemed to be impervious to her mesmerizing hold with the Absolute Spirits Skill. This young man had not only unconditionally treated her injuries but had even sacrificed himself for her when the Divine Calamity struck again, turning the entire cavern into ice…

At first when she opened her eyes, she had thought Yi Ping was the same young man because they had a familiar look…

Back to the present, Yi Ping was now shouting panicky for Lie Qing and Lele to stop because they were in the midst of a heated confrontation, “Qing’Er, Lele! Stop fighting!”

But all of a sudden, Lele and Lie Qing seemed to have freeze and they were not moving!

Everyone was stunned to see them ceasing their fights all of a sudden!

Yi Ping asked, “What is going on?”

Lie Qing and Lele were trembling as they were looking at the entrance of the hall nervously at the same time and even their fingers were trembling!

It was because they had suddenly noticed that there were two maidens standing at the entrance of the hall quietly!

Everyone followed their glances and was stunned to see two heavenly maidens, one in light blue and one in light yellow standing quietly!

Yi Ping was the most stunned as he looked at the two familiar sights. He was trembling and muttering, “Yixian, Youxue, is that you…?”

Indeed, the one in light blue was the Celestial Fairy. Her sight was so stunning that she seemed so unreal that many in the hall were wondering if they were dreaming!

The sight of Xiao Youxue was also moving, she was always an enthralling young maiden and her air was unmistaken enticing to beholden. That was why Qiu Wufeng had recognized her even when she had veiled herself.

However, they shared the same cold demeanor and cold forbidden aura.

Even Yu’Er and Mei’Er were suddenly frightful, “Protégé Mistress?”

The Celestial Fairy said gently in an unhurriedly manner. “I have heard that someone is planning a wedding tomorrow.”

She seemed to be directing at the Joyful Goddess and Yi Ping at the same time…