A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 3

The Icy Heavenly Tears

Yi Ping said to Shui Yixian, “Xian’Er, now that we have almost recovered from our injuries, we should leave the mountains and head south. There are many top exponents like Huo Fu that have gathered here. You are from the Eternal Ice Palace and the way home is no longer safe for you. If the pugilists know that you are from the Eternal Ice Palace, they will not let you off.”

Shui Yixian exclaimed, “Do you really don’t know who I am?”

Yi Ping said, “You are from the Eternal Ice Palace and is a protégé of the Emerald Mistress.”

Shui Yixian sighed. It seemed that he really did not know that she was the Divine Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace. But it was not surprising. Very few people in the martial fraternity knew her real name.

She asked, “Surely you have heard of the Celestial Fairy?”

Yi Ping smiled, “She is the Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace. That is her fraternity name.”

Shui Yixian said, “The Celestial Fairy is me. I am the Celestial Fairy!”

Yi Ping was shocked, “That can’t be. Xian’Er, you must be playing a joke on me, right?”

Shui Yixian was solemn and she looked intently at him.

Yi Ping embraced her and said, “It doesn’t matter who you are. You are you. That is what matters.”

Shui Yixian was touched as she gasped, “Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping said, “Even if we were to die in the Heavenly Mountains, I will still follow you!”

Shui Yixian said lovingly, “The Eternal Ice Palace is renowned for these three skills, the Jade Icy Finger, the Divine Emerald Skill and the Frosty Icicle Swordplay. These skills are not suitable for you. Even though your internal strength is our sect Icy Heaven Tears, it is not suitable for men. I can however teach you how to utilize your martial skills…”

Over the next few days, Shui Yixian helped Yi Ping to refine his martial skills. Yi Ping was a quick learner.

He had not met a renowned master and most of his martial skills were picked from the streets and from fighting with thugs.

Shui Yixian explained the meanings behind the stances and taught him to look at various martial strokes in different perspective. Even though it was only for a few days, it was like a sudden enlightenment to him!

Shui Yixian was surprised at how fast Yi Ping could absorb her teachings. He was studious and could practice hard while she meditated upon the Divine Emerald Skill.

Three days later, she could completely circulate her vital energies in her meridian channels and had completely regained her martial power.

At the end of three days, Yi Ping saw a rainbow halo on her head. He was astonished and asked, “Xian’Er, are you alright?”

Shui Yixian smiled and opened her eyes, “Ping’Er, don’t you worry. Not only have I completely regained my martial internal strength, I have also figured out the tenth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears intricate formula. I have never dreamed that such a stage could exist. This crucial stage could be the key to unlock the mysteries of the Divine Emerald Skill. The master that left behind these cravings must be closely related to our sect.”

She got up and demolished the carvings on the wall with her palm force. In a few moments, the carvings on the wall were all but unrecognizable!

Yi Ping asked, “Xian’Er, why did you do that for?”

Shui Yixian said, “This martial knowledge is too dangerous to be left behind especially with so many pugilists in this vicinity. If it falls into the wrong hands, then it will be a disaster for the martial fraternity.”

Yi Ping nodded in agreement.