A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 29

The Celestial Fairy versus the Heavenly Temptress

When Ding Yunzi had proposed that they joined hands to attack the Celestial Fairy, she had exchanged glances with Lie Qing and Xiao Youxue. Without exchanging a single word, they had understood that their main opponent was the Celestial Fairy.

Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing had underestimated the twin sisters and that took them off a considerable amount of time before they could time their attacks.

At the first opportunity, Ding Yunzi had thrown her flying sword towards the Celestial Fairy and Lie Qing had quickly seized the initiative to follow up an attack on the Celestial Fairy at the same time!

When Lie Qing had suddenly switched her target to the Celestial Fairy, Ding Yunzi was suddenly attacked furiously by Shui Meijian and Yujian in their bid to get past her!

When the twin sisters had joined hands, their attacks were extremely formidable! In less than five quick strokes, she was forced to step back!

Just when Shui Yujian was about to dash past her, she had suddenly hesitated and took three steps back! It was because Zuo Tianyi had suddenly appeared as he raised his long sword against her!

Nangong Le was right behind Zuo Tianyi as he smiled to the twin sisters, “Hello beauties, we have met again!”

At the same time, Lie Qing had executed her fatal attack upon the Celestial Fairy!

When Xiao Youxue sensed the startled expressions in the Celestial Fairy’s eyes, all of a sudden, she was guilty-stricken. It was because she remembered that she had “killed” her once and ever since, she had wished that she could somehow undo that awful deed. Because of that, she was unable to face Yi Ping with an open heart and suppressed her affections for him.

Before Lie Qing and Shui Yujian knew what had happened, Xiao Youxue was suddenly between them!

Xiao Youxue was slashed across by Lie Qing’s sword on her back while Shui Yixian had struck her multiple times with her fingers!

Lie Qing’s attack was so powerful that her slash cut through Xiao Youxue’s silver scale armor that she had worn inside her and even penetrate through her Golden Impervious Body; in that single instant, there was a large gush of blood that spilled from Xiao Youxue’s back!

Shui Yixian’s strikes were equally lethal! Even though the silver scale armor could protect against external blow, it was useless against internal energy as her Jade Icy Finger injured Xiao Youxue!

Xiao Youxue screamed aloud when she was struck at the same time by the two super exponents as she collapsed on the ground motionlessly!

Shui Yixian and Lie Qing were so stunned at the turn of event that they ceased their attacks at the same time immediately. Lie Qing was trembling and she dropped her sword; all her strength had been snapped away in that instant as her knees grew weak, causing her to collapse on the grass patch!

Xiao Youxue’s screams had caught the attention of everyone, who had all stop fighting and were looking in Shui Yixian and Lie Qing direction.

Shui Yixian was bewildered as she said to herself, “Why did she take this fatal attack from me? She has saved me…why?!”

Lie Qing was stunned as she thought, “I have killed her?! No, my target is the Celestial Fairy. She just suddenly comes between us…this is not the plan at all…Yi Ping will hates me forever now…”

Ding Yunzi was the first to react as she reached Xiao Youxue as she cried out to her, “Youxue, Youxue…” She was horrified to see that she was not breathing and the horrifying extend of her wounds as her blood covered the entire ground!

Lie Qing muttered, “It is no use. No one can survive the full impact of the Invincible Divine Force…”

Shui Yixian was expressionless as she said softly, “It is of no use. It is not just external injuries. I have fatally injured several of her vital points too. Even if we have a miraculous herb, in her state, she cannot even consume it…”

Ding Yunzi did not care. She took out a pouch and scattered its content of white powder on Xiao Youxue’s wounds but she did not even reacted at all. If a person was conscious, they would surely feel the painful sensational of this ‘External Wounds Drug’ but Xiao Youxue did not even have a slight reaction at all.

When Nangong Le had turned his head towards Shui Yixian, he was stunned that a maiden of her stunning beauty would actually exist in this world. He had thought that Ji Lingfeng and Xiao Youxue were already very beautiful. In that instant, he was totally mesmerized by her and forgot that he was in the middle of a fight.

If he knew that it was actually her that had caused him to be bedridden for two months, he would be in for a greater surprise.

All of a sudden, Shui Yixian said coolly. “I am going to take her away and give her an honorable burial in the Eternal Ice Palace. She is after all, the daughter of an old friend of mine. She shouldn’t be buried in this wayward place.”

Lie Qing picked up her black sword again as she said coldly, “No, you can’t. She is our friend.”

But the Celestial Fairy had already taken a step forward!

Lie Qing mustered all her martial power as she attacked the Celestial Fairy while saying to Ding Yunzi, “Sister Yun, help me!”

But Ding Yunzi was inconsolable. She did not seem to hear her and she was now weeping bitterly as she held a small bloodied doll that had tumbled to the ground…

It was because Xiao Youxue had already stopped breathing. As she wept, she recalled her bitter past and her childhood memories with little Youxue. She was older than her by seven years. She had virtually grown up with Xiao Youxue and she knew every happiness and sorrows that she had ever experienced for they were really very close sisters.

Because Xiao Youxue’s half-brothers were at least twenty years older than her, she was never close to them. There was once, she had wept most bitterly when Xiao Shuai forbid anyone from teaching her the Flying Sword Technique, causing her to miss the best opportune time to pick up the skill. And one of her most joyous times was when Ding Yunzi had given her a ragged doll that she had liked very much too; to this day, Xiao Youxue still had the small rugged doll even though they had fallen out.

Ding Yunzi was staring tearfully at the small bloodied doll now as she sobbed uncontrollably as she held her mouth…

Just when Lie Qing had leapt forward to attack the Celestial Fairy, she could feel a strong irresistible resistance that made every single forward step difficult for her!

She could see the Celestial Fairy putting her right hand behind her back while whirling her left finger tips at her. This was not the Divine Emerald Force that she had experienced earlier but was many times more powerful!

Lie Qing thought, “She was not using her full strength earlier?”

Indeed, Shui Yixian had now raised her martial power for the Divine Emerald Skill to the ninth level!

Lie Qing was determined not to acknowledge defeat. She had raised all her martial power and generated her Invincible Divine Force to its zenith too!

As Lie Qing struck blows after blows at her opponent, Shui Yixian waved her sleeves each time and deflected all her attacks while counter-attacking with her left fingers at the same time!

They were attacking so fast that bursting hot and cold windforce began to generate from them and soon they became a blur! Every strike, every miss that they had made, was so explosive that it was crackled with the raw thunderous impact of their martial powers!

Even though Nangong Le, Zuo Tianyi, Shui Yujian and Mei Meijian were standing quite a distance away, they still could not steady their footings!

Shui Yujian and Meijian immediately extended out their fingers and generated the Divine Emerald Skill to deflect away the powerful windforce that was sweeping malicious all around them!

Zuo Tianyi was stunned. The Infinity-Two Swordplay was an introductory to the principles of sword energy while the Infinity-One was the exact principle of generating sword energies. But this Lie Qing was unleashing shockwaves after shockwaves of deadly cold sword energies. Was that her true strength?

Zuo Tianyi immediately said aloud, “Everyone, muster your internal energies to protect yourself. Don’t let the invisible sword energy injure your vital channels!”

Lie Qing said coldly to Shui Yixian, “I would like to see how long you can maintain your internal strength against my sword energies and my martial power!” Even as she had spoken, she had attacked a dozen times in that very instant while evading and counter-attacking against Shui Yixian!

Shui Yixian did not expect Lie Qing was really so formidable and even though she looked so young, she seemed to be an extremely experienced exponent. She had mastered the Icy Heavenly Tears a long time ago and was not affected by Lie Qing’s piercing cold sword energies or else her strength would surely be snapped away very quickly.

If she got hit by Lie Qing’s sword, even her Icy Heavenly Tears would not stop her deadly sword energy from severing her vital channels. So she did not dare to be careless as she was now using both her hands!

Shui Yixian asked softly, “Just who are you?”

Lie Qing said coldly, “Isn’t that too late now to ask who I am? You may be formidable but you have not passed the Divine Calamity tests yet. As for whom I am, after I have drunk your blood, I will tell you!”

Shui Yixian was startled and she was rarely surprised, “You have passed the Divine Calamity?”

Lie Qing replied coldly, “How did you think I got my red eyes then? That is the mark of the Divine Calamity!”

Shui Yixian said, “That…is…impossible. That’s an impossible feat.”

Lie Qing said, “Others maybe can’t but I can!”

Shui Yixian said softly, “You will be my worthy opponent then.” As she said, she struck towards Lie Qing with her right fingers but missed her only narrowly, hitting the truck of a large tree behind her. The tree instantly became petrified and cracked under its own weight!

Lie Qing immediately retaliated with a counter-attack but was deflected by the Celestial Fairy sleeve; she struck the ground with her sword and the ground seemingly erupted forcefully with a thunderous impact that sent the soil and dust flying everywhere!

Even though the duel may looked uneven as Lie Qing had a deadly weapon in her hands but Shui Yixian was no less deadly; when she whirled her sleeves, those sleeves of hers when imbued by her martial power were like deadly spinning blades, disintegrating everything that it hits and could even deflect Lie Qing’s sword!

Everywhere they had dueled, everywhere that they had moved on to, it became a dead zone. All the others could only look on in utter disbelief at the sheer ferocity of their martial power!

Even Ding Yunzi had returned to her senses as the thunderous impact and the ferocity of the duel shook the very ground as furious hot and cold winds flurried merciless as though a hurricane was in the vicinity!

Lie Qing’s martial power was now at her zenith and her entire self was charged with the Invincible Divine Force Intricate Energy! At the zenith of her martial power and at the zenith of her Invincible Divine Force, she could use the ‘Pandora Darkness Merciless Strokes’. In that instant, her sword was charged with deadly sword energies as she sent one windforce after one another that sliced through the air in a deadly impact that utterly destroys everything in its path! All in all, she had sent seven deadly slices nonstop towards Shui Yixian!

Lie Qing was really merciless in her attacks as she had immediately used ‘Seventh Heavens Strokes’ which was also the most powerful stance of the ‘Pandora Darkness Merciless Strokes’. It was because she was gambling everything that she got against the Celestial Fairy!

Zuo Tianyi was stunned. These deadly sword energies were real physical sword energies that could destroy everything in its path as a projectile and was the invincible staging of the Infinity-Zero Swordplay! This was a mythical stage that was only rumored to exist and impossible to attain. For her age, it was impossible but he was seeing it with his own eyes now…

Shui Yixian knew that she could not escape fast enough against these energy projectiles. She raised her Icy Heavenly Tears to the tenth level and then raised her martial power again to raise her Divine Emerald Force to the tenth level as her fingers dissipated the incoming energy blades one after another!

Lie Qing simply could not believe that the Celestial Fairy could even dissipate her first energy projectile blades as she came closer to closer to her! By the time, she had unleashed her seventh energy projectiles, her entire body was trembling as her martial power departed away from her, so when the Celestial Fairy was close to her and used the Divine Emerald Skill at the same time, Lie Qing was flung back all the way backward by her opponent’s martial power as she coughed out blood!

Lie Qing tried to stand up but she simply did not have the strength anymore and the last blow that she had received may seem to be a simply blow but it was not. If she was not protected by her Golden Impervious Body, all her vital channels would be scattered. She really could not believe that a mortal being could actually survive her ‘Seventh Heaven Strokes’.

Shui Yixian did not have the confidence at all to dissipate Lie Qing’s deadly attacks. If she did not look for Yi Ping, then she could never have the opportunity to grasp the intricate formula of the Dual Inertness Intricacy. From that intricate formula, she had grasped a breakthrough for the tenth level of the Divine Emerald Skill. If she did not attain the tenth level of the Divine Emerald Skill, then she would never have the martial skill to dissipate her opponent deadly energy attacks.

By the third stroke, Shui Yixian resolute had weakened considerably and she had expended a great deal of her internal strength. It was a lucky thing that Lie Qing’s attacks had also weakened by a great deal. Her three most deadly attacks were actually the first three.

Shui Yixian said to Lie Qing, “I have won?”

Lie Qing said weakly as she said defiantly, “You are a monster! In this entire fraternity, there is actually a person such as you. But I will have the last laugh. When the Divine Calamity catches up with you, you will surely die!”

Ding Yunzi had pointed her sword at Shui Yixian as she said coolly, “No need to wait until the Divine Calamity. She will surely die today. She doesn’t have much internal strength left. To me, she is just an ordinary exponent now.”

Shui Yujian and Meijian were immediately at their protégé mistress’ side while Nangong Le and Zuo Tianyi were besides Ding Yunzi.

Shui Yujian said coolly, “Such bold words. Would you like to try?”

Shui Meijian added, “If she is confident at the very least, she would have attacked now.”

Zuo Tianyi said, “Yunzi, you still got me to fight besides you. If we join hands, few opponents in the fraternity would be our match.”

Nangong Le looked at Lie Qing, looked at Ding Yunzi, looked at the twin sisters and looked at the Celestial Fairy. He seemed to be in a dilemma as he sighed, “It seems that this fight is unavoidable.”

Lie Qing shook her head weakly, “We are not her match…we are not her match…Sister Yun, quickly leave while you can. Or else when she has recovered her martial power, there would be no escape. Leave me here, I won’t blame you…go tell the others…” All of a sudden, she coughed out more blood; her internal injuries were not light!

Zuo Tianyi said coldly to Nangong Le, “I don’t need your help if you are in such a dilemma.”

Nangong Le said bitterly, “Why are we fighting one another in the first place? Everyone seems to forget that the Celestial Fairy is our Brother Yi Ping’s wife and that we are all Yi Ping’s friends. Whoever dies here today, do you think Brother Yi Ping will be happy?”

Lie Qing was stunned. She had totally forgotten that the Celestial Fairy was Yi Ping’s wife.

Shui Yixian asked, “You know Yi Ping?!” If he was not Yi Ping’s friend, how did he know she was his wife?

Nangong Le said, “Of course, he is my sworn brother too. If you don’t believe, you can come with us to look for him.”

Shui Yixian pointed at the fallen Xiao Youxue as she said, “Do you know that she is trying to kill Yi Ping?”

Ding Yunzi interrupted, “If Youxue wants to kill Yi Ping, do you really think that Yi Ping will still be alive to this day? If she is really your enemy, will she takes the blow from you earlier?!”

Shui Yixian was stunned as she took a few steps back as she muttered, “Did I make a big blunder? She is also Yi Ping’s friend? What is their relationship?”