A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 28


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Eternal Ice Palace versus the Virtuous Palace!

Xiao Youxue had run out of the city in tears, attracting stunned reactions and pitiful sympathies from many.

Those inside the inn may not be able to hear their conversations but they could hear Yi Ping raising his voice. When Xiao Youxue had dashed out of the room, the crowd began to curse the man that had caused such a delicate maiden to be in tears!

When she had reached the outskirt of the city along a river bank, after making sure that there was no one following her, she could not hold back her grief any longer. She collapsed on the grass as she wept bitterly.

She did not know how long she had been crying in the dark.

“Youxue, don’t cry please…” It was Ding Yunzi. It took her awhile to find her in the darkness.

Xiao Youxue fell into her embrace as she wept bitterly, “Why must fate torment me just like that? Why must the person that I like, is also the person that hates me the most?”

Ding Yunzi said, “Youxue, don’t cry anymore. It is impossible for you to kill the Celestial Fairy for I have seen her on the same day that you have lured us to the Honor Manor.”

Xiao Youxue sobbed melancholy, “Sister Yun…you are still trying to comfort me. I have really killed her with my own hands…”

Ding Yunzi was in bewilderment as she asked, “If you have killed the Celestial Fairy, then who is the Celestial Fairy that Xiao Shuai and I have fought against?”

Xiao Youxue looked at Ding Yunzi in her eyes as she asked, “You have really seen the Celestial Fairy? What does she look like?”

Ding Yunzi said, “I will never forget her sight. She is like a heavenly fairy and looked extremely delicate and graceful. Even though her voice is very soft and gentle, I can hear her clearly. Her internal strength is also terrible to behold. With just her sleeve alone, she can deflect Xiao Shuai and my flying scabbards…”

Xiao Youxue gasped, “You have really fought against her? Did my fath…Xiao Shuai and you kill or defeat her in the end?”

She had made that conclusion because if the Celestial Fairy had won against Xiao Shuai and Ding Yunzi, then Ding Yunzi would not be here talking to her!

Ding Yunzi said, “We didn’t fight any further. So the fight is inconclusive.”

Xiao Youxue asked, “Xiao Shuai let her go, just like that?”

Ding Yunzi nodded as she said, “It seems that Xiao Shuai and the Celestial Fairy are old acquaintances so when she had left, we didn’t pursue them. Moreover, we have expended considerable amount of our martial power and need the time to recuperate first.”

She began to sigh heavily, “Now I know why Xiao Shuai wants Yi Ping dead.”

Xiao Youxue asked, “He wants Yi Ping dead? Why? He didn’t even know him!”

Ding Yunzi said coolly, “At first I didn’t know the reason. Now I do. It is because Xiao Shuai may have feelings for the Celestial Fairy and that is why we are ordered to kill all the male protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace. Now I have finally understood that he meant to kill only Yi Ping because he is the Celestial Fairy’s husband!”

Xiao Youxue was startled, “Shui Yixian is still alive? She is really not dead?”

She was stunned yet she was relieved at the same time.

She said, “If the Celestial Fairy is still alive, why didn’t Yi Ping know?”

Ding Yunzi said, “I do not know the exact reason. There are many questions to be asked too. The only way for us to know is to ask the Celestial Fairy herself. But you have to be wary. The Celestial Fairy is looking everywhere for you too…”

Xiao Youxue smiled weakly, “Good. I have tried to kill her. She has every reason to kill me. As long as Yi Ping does not bear a grudge against me, I am content…”

All of a sudden, there were dozens of sparks in front of them as dozens of brilliant needles flew in their direction!

Lie Qing had suddenly appeared in front of them as she deflected the secret projectiles with her dark sword as she cried out alarmingly, “Be careful! There are others here too!”

Lie Qing had arrived just after Ding Yunzi but chosen to remain hidden as she did not want to disturb the emotional moments. After some time, she had suddenly observed two other maidens in black velvet dress had quietly moved towards Xiao Youxue!

If Lie Qing had not seen them with her very own eyes, she could not believe that they could move so rapidly in the darkness like apparitions and it appeared that they were just treading onto the tip of the grass!

Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi were alarmed! It was because someone else had not only secretly sneaked within their alert zone without their knowing and had thrown the secret projectiles in such a quiet manner!

Ding Yunzi immediately drawn out her long sword and saw that there were two maidens in front of them!

Ding Yunzi and Xiao Youxue were startled as they took a step backward!

Indeed it was Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian. It was only after the grand congregation in the Honor Manor that they had heard that Yi Ping and the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect had barged to disrupt the gathering. They had missed Yi Ping only narrowly!

Because Yi Ping was now a fugitive wanted by the majority of the orthodox fraternity, Shui Yixian deducted that since the Honor Manor was planning a western expedition to attack the Holy Hex Sect, then Yi Ping may well be there too since he was associated with the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect.

A third maiden was standing delicately behind the two beautiful maidens. She was very beautiful as though she was a goddess. All three of them were very fair and were very white. In the darkness, in their dark velvet dresses, they had appeared to be supernatural beings.

Xiao Youxue was shocked. It was because the third maiden that was here was indeed the Celestial Fairy! She thought, “She is really alive. She has really come to kill me…”

Lie Qing was startled too. It was because she was very sure she had seen two maidens but there were now three?! These two maidens that she had seen were identical and it was obvious that they were twins. They had a long precious sword in their hands and the secret projectiles were thrown by them!

Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian were equally startled. They had quietly moved into striking range and were confident they could not miss but their attacks were intercepted by a beautiful maiden with red eyes.

Even Shui Yixian was looking at Lie Qing as she appraised her opponent. All of a sudden, Shui Yixian hurled three silvery needles towards Lie Qing!

Even though the three silvery needles were hurled at the same time, the three silvery needles were moving at different speeds and that was what made it extremely deadly!

The first silvery needle flew with startling speed as it burst with an extraordinary power through the air. Lie Qing’s eyes were exceptional sharp as she raised her black sword as she said, “Secret Projectiles are useless against me…”

But to her surprise, the first needle suddenly grew dim and disappeared