A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 27


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The Terrible Truth

Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng were seating at a cozy inn now as they were drinking to their hearts’ content.

They had booked a private room for eating and were seating around a large circular table and there were all kinds of food on the table.

Yi Ping looked at everyone before he finally said, “Other than Brother Tianyi, we are all broke and yet we are ordering so much food?”

Zuo Tianyi laughed, “It is alright. Don’t be shy and order all you can.”

Qiu Wufeng asked, “I didn’t know that a secular sect like the Infinity Sword Clan is so rich?”

Zuo Tianyi took out his money pouch and put it on the table.

Gongsun Jing immediately poured the contents out and to their horror; they saw only ten copper coins that spilled out of the money pouch!

Yi Ping said slowly, “This private room and all these food cost at least three silver and we have not considered the rooms that we have booked yet.”

Qiu Wufeng looked at Zuo Tianyi as he said, “And you are the one that suggest we come here?”

Zuo Tianyi laughed aloud as he said, “Don’t worry. We all can’t afford it but someone else will soon come along and pay for all these.”

Yi Ping asked, “Who?”

Zuo Tianyi smiled mysteriously, “A rich friend of mine.”

Gongsun Jing asked, “Do we know him? His name?”

Zuo Tianyi smiled, “You do know him. His name is Brother Qiang.”

Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng looked at one another in puzzlement. It was because they did not remember having known anyone with that name!

At this moment, Xiao Youxue, Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing had just entered the private room as they stepped through the thinly veiled curtains.

The inn was unusually crowded both inside and outside.

It was because as soon as Xiao Youxue, Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing had entered the Inn, a throng of visitors began to crowd into the place just to admire them. Those who could not get into the inn was standing outside and pointing at the inn!

Lie Qing stroked her long hair as she smiled, “This place is really so crowded. I have not seen so many people in such a long time.”

Even as they had entered the private room, Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng almost fell out of their seats!

It was because even the simply dressed Ding Yunzi had changed into a long flowing silk dress. They were simply too stunning and moving that Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng were staring at them for a long time.

Xiao Youxue was looking shyly because this was the first time that Yi Ping had looked at her in this way.

Yi Ping was the first to react as he said slowly, “Don’t forget that we have many enemies. You are all attracting too much attention and moreover, your dresses are all too revealing…”

Silk was a translucent material. During hot summers, it would grow cool and during winter, it would be warm. Naturally, it was also a beautiful but expensive material.

Gongsun Jing gasped at Ding Yunzi as he said, “So beautiful…”

Xiao Youxue said coolly, “Did it really matter? We are already attracting throngs of attention when we have entered the city. It doesn’t matter which outfit we are wearing. Why are you guys minding?”

It was true. Even without changing to the silk dresses, they were all absolute stunning.

Qiu Wufeng gulped as he stared at Lie Qing and Xiao Youxue, “I do not mind.”

Zuo Tianyi stared at Ding Yunzi as he said, “Yunzi, you are very beautiful…”

Yi Ping sighed as he said, “Somehow I have a very bad feeling tonight. Let’s leave the city immediately. The Honor Manor has a presence in this city. It is really unwise that we should be attracting so much attention…”

But before he could finish, a dashing man walked into the private room in an insolent manner as he laughed, “Maidens, can you honor me with your names? I, Nangong Le will be honored to know you.”

Indeed it was Nangong Le but he did not seen to have notice that Yi Ping, Zuo Tianyi, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing was in the room at all even though he was acquainted with them. His attention was entirely focused towards Xiao Youxue, Lie Qing and Ding Yunzi!

In fact, he had even failed to notice that Ding Yunzi was the maiden that had killed Gongsun Bai on that very fateful day!

It was only then that Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing knows that “Brother Qiang” refers to Nangong Le, a cockroach that could not be killed off and driven away so easily!

Zuo Tianyi had accidentally caught sight of the vain Nangong Le in the city. Knowing what he was like, he had asked Lie Qing to deliberately lure him to this inn!

Nangong Le was in the streets when he caught sight of three stunning beautiful maidens and when they had entered the inn; he began to push rudely through the crowd as he ignored the cursing and swearing.

Lie Qing smiled at Nangong Le, “So you are Nangong Le? I have heard of you.”

Nangong Le laughed merrily, “You have heard of me? I didn’t know I am so renowned. Hahaha.”

He thought, “I am so lucky today to find three wondrous beauties in this boring city.”

Lie Qing thought, “So he is the richest man in the fraternity. He looked more like a lecher to me.”

But she smiled as she looked at Yi Ping, “Unfortunately, we are having a meal with some friends here and it may not be convenient for us to talk.”

Only then did Nangong Le remember that he had barged into a private dining room. He quickly turned around to apologize when he saw Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng, Zuo Tianyi and Gongsun Jing staring at him.

Nangong Le was startled as he said, “Brother Yi Ping, why are you here? Do you know you are being wanted by the Honor Manor now? Isn’t this Qiu Wufeng? He has killed his father and elders. Gongsun Jing! All of you are wanted by the Honor Manor! Oh mine, even Protégé Master Zuo Tianyi is here. You are from the orthodox clan; surely you know that they are wanted by the majority of the martial fraternity? There is a heft bounty on their heads!”

Zuo Tianyi smiled bitterly, “So what? Are you interested in the bounty too?”

Nangong Le smiled, “Do you think I mind those little bounty?”

Qiu Wufeng sarcastically remarked, “You don’t mind those bounty but you want those renown very much. We all know you are a very vain person.”

Nangong Le clapped his fan as he said, “Who doesn’t want renown? Power, influence, riches, fame and glory, these are the pursuits of everyone.”

Lie Qing interrupted with a mesmerizing smile, “And beauties too. You have forgotten to mention it.”

Nangong Le laughed, “That is right. And beauties too.”

All of a sudden, Xiao Youxue closed the doors of the private room.

Nangong Le was alarmed as he suddenly noticed that the stares of everyone were hostile!

Xiao Youxue said coldly, “What about the honor of killing the richest man in the fraternity. That would be some renown.”

Nangong Le smiled bitterly, “Surely maiden you must be joking. You are too beautiful to be a killer…”

All of a sudden, Xiao Youxue drew out her sword and pointed at him. From her expressions, she did not seem to be joking!

Nangong Le immediately