A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 25

The New Virtuous Palace

Young Master Qiu Wufeng was breathless. He had narrowly escaped with his life when he was attacked by Ye Lu the Lightning God, Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker and Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar.

He was laughing bitterly now. Ye Lu, Qiao Feng and Lu Baiyun were his former subordinates. Yet they had conspired to betray his clan. Overnight, the Qiu Martial Clan was massacred by these three evil men. More than three hundred of his clan protégés were all killed and the rest had surrendered.

He was fortunate to have escaped.

Gu Tianle was now the Grand Master of the Honor Manor and he had the lofty ambition to dominate the entire fraternity under his leadership.

The Qiu Martial Clan had always opposed the Gongsun Martial Clan and the Honor Manor. Over the years, there had been bad blood between the two major martial clans and many were killed.

It was only in the recent twenty-years that the Gongsun Martial Clan had overshadowed the Qiu Martial Clan. It was more the reasons to resent the Honor Manor.

The Qiu Martial Clan under the leadership of his father Qiu Cang, recruited Ye Lu, Qiao Feng and Lu Baiyun to the Qiu Martial Clan in order to strengthen the fighting strength of the Qiu Martial Clan. They were made the Masters of the White, Black and Yellow Factions.

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng were the ones that had maimed Gu Tianle and there were a bitter feud between them. By taking them in, the feud between the two martial clans deepened.

When Gongsun Bai had died, Gu Tianle took over the helm of the Honor Manor as the new Grandmaster, instead of Gongsun Jing. Gu Tianle proved to be even more ruthless than the late Gongsun Bai and his lofty ambitions were revealed the moment he had become Grandmaster. Many elders and protégés of the Gongsun Clan who had opposed him were killed immediately.

Just when the Qiu Martial Clan was secretly rejoiced over the demise of the once powerful Gongsun Bai, they were also betrayed by their own followers!

Gu Tianle had promised Ye Lu and Qiao Feng that if they could bring the Qiu Martial Clan into the Honor Manor, not only he would forgive them for their past transgressions, he would promise them great wealth and a position as one of the masters of the Honor Manor!

Naturally this offer was extremely tempting to them!

One would have thought that the Honor Manor would have suffered a great blow at the demise of Gongsun Bai. That was not the case.

Over the years, Gu Tianle had carefully nurtured his reputation as a fearsome fighter and his renown was not beneath that of Gongsun Bai; he had already gained fame and renown for killing Ji Yunzhong, the former Protégé Master of the Holy Hex Sect twenty years ago.

Now with the threat of the various unorthodox clans and even the heretic sects in the nervous horizon, there was no other person that was more suitable to lead the orthodox fraternity than Gu Tianle himself.

Because the Gongsun Clan had been oppressing the various orthodox clans for many years, when the Gongsun Clan had met with demise, few pugilists in the fraternity were willing to come to their aid even though what Gu Tianle did was not entirely righteous.

But who could say that Gu Tianle was entirely wrong? He had seized the power and had become the Grandmaster of the Honor Manor. What happened to the Gongsun Clan was their internal affair. The orthodox fraternity had never questioned the internal affairs of the various martial clans. It was because all the martial clans had their own clan rules and internal punishments. It was generally acknowledged that Gu Tianle was now the Grand Master and what was happening now was an act of asserting his authority for the stability of his rule.

Within the first month of assuming the leadership of the Honor Manor, Gu Tianle had established the twelve golden halls of the Honor Manor. Each of the golden halls was to be helm by a master with authority second only to the Grandmaster himself! Criteria to the golden halls were also very strict in the Honor Manor, selecting only the best fighters.

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng naturally did not want to be an enemy of Gu Tianle as they knew of his vengeful nature. Therefore when the Honor Manor had sent them a secret message to bring the Qiu Martial Clan under the influence of the Honor Manor, they had made the decision to accept almost immediately.

Young Master Qiu struck his fist bitterly at a tree truck as he cried out loudly, “Ye Lu, Qiao Feng and Lu Baiyun! You traitors! You have killed so many of my clan members. If I do not cut all of you to pieces, I will not rest!”

All of a sudden, Qiu Wufeng detected the presence of a living person as he said panicky. “Who is that? Who is so sneaky?”

A person jumped down from the tree above him and sighed, “You have not changed at all…”

When Qiu Wufeng saw him, he was startled and said. “Gongsun Jing!”

Indeed, it was Gongsun Jing!

Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “I am not a sneaky person. It is just that you are disturbing my rest.”

Qiu Wufeng had drawn out his long sword and said, “The Honor Manor is here finally. Gongsun Jing, you’re a despicable man. You have killed my kin and many of my followers. If I do not kill you today, I am not a man. Do you dare to fight with me one on one?”

Gongsun Jing drew his long sword as he said, “There are four things that you must know first. First, I am alone. Secondly, I am not from the Honor Manor anymore. Thirdly, I am not the one that has killed your kin. The one that has killed your kin is you!”

Qiu Wufeng interrupted angrily, “I am the one that has killed my kin? What rubbish is that? You are talking crap!”

Gongsun Jing said bitterly, “You may not but that is not what everyone is saying now. Because your affair with your father’s mistress is discovered, in your moment of foolhardy, you have killed your father. You have even tried to seize the position of Grand Master of the Qiu Martial Clan but are opposed by your elders. Therefore, your faction and those that oppose you broke into a power struggle. Eventually, evil cannot triumph over good and your wicked deeds are exposed by Ye Lu, Qiao Feng and Lu Baiyun who opposed your wickedness.”

Qiu Wufeng was enraged, “This is all lies! I would kill my father!? They are the ones that have killed all my kin!”

Gongsun Jin said coldly, “Do you think that with your puny skills that you can escape from the fraternity three topmost exponents?”

Qiu Wufeng was stunned. He slowly said, “They have intended to make me the scapegoat from the very start?”

Gongsun Jing said, “Now you got it…”

Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly as he said, “No wonder. But it is my lucky fortune that I have met you alone. I will kill you to vent my frustrations!”

Gongsun Jing said, “Hold! Don’t you want to hear my forth reason first?”

Qiu Wufeng said coldly, “You can say it now.”

Gongsun Jing said bitterly, “Like you, I am also a fugitive wanted by the Honor Manor and Gu Tianle.”

Qiu Wufeng was startled, “You are a fugitive too?”

Gongsun Jing said, “Look at my broken clothes. Do I look like I am lying to you?”

Qiu Wufeng looked carefully at Gongsun Jing. Indeed all his former finery was gone and he looked worn out. He muttered, “What happens?”

Gongsun Jing said, “Gu Tianle is now the Grand Master of the Honor Manor. The mantle should be helmed by me. But because Gu Tianle had become the Grand Master, all my other brothers and elders who had protested were killed by Jue Yuan and him.”

He paused before adding, “Like you, I am now a fugitive. My crimes? For killing my brothers…”

Qiu Wufeng lowered his long sword as he said, “To think that both of us who used to be the most powerful young masters of the martial fraternity would be in this plight…”

Gongsun Jing said coolly, “Indeed.”

Qiu Wufeng asked, “So what are your plans now?”

Gongsun Jing said, “What else? I have a score to settle with Gu Tianle.”

All of a sudden, there was a couple of wicked laughter. “I am afraid you don’t have the chance.”

Both Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing looked to the direction of the wicked laughter and saw Ye Lu and Qiao Feng!

Ye Lu said, “I have heard that anyone that could capture or kill either Gongsun Jing or Qiu Wufeng would be made one of the Masters of the Golden Halls of the Honor Manor. If we kill the two of them, would we be made the master of two golden halls?”

Qiao Feng laughed, “We cannot let them die until we have what we want.”

Gongsun Jing said coldly, “What do you mean?”

Ye Lu said, “Young Master Jing, I have heard that you are always the smart one. If Young Master Wufeng and you are willing to tell us where you hide your clan martial treasures and riches, we will definitely let you go.”

Qiu Wufeng shouted angrily, “Never!”

Gongsun Jing said coolly, “I do not know what you mean.”

Qiao Feng stepped forward, “There are worst fates that death itself. I would make you regret for not telling us what you know earlier.”

Gongsun Jing glanced at Qiu Wufeng as he said, “You are on my side?”

Qiu Wufeng said bitterly, “I hate to say this but yes, I am on your side.”

Gongsun Jing said solemnly, “Good. What past is the past. We should put aside our differences and fight on the same side.”

The reason that he had said that was because this fight was a critical fight. He did not want to fight against Ye Lu and Qiao Feng at the same time, yet he had to watch his back for Qiu Wufeng.

Qiu Wufeng said, “I agree with you.”

Qiu Wufeng was worried about the same thing too. Gongsun Jing words had assured him more or less even though it was hard for them to put aside years of differences and spat.

Qiao Feng said, “Are you done talking? As your seniors, we will let you attack us first.”

Gongsun Jing said, “Thank you!” And he immediately thrust his sword at Qiao Feng.

Qiu Wufeng was not slow either as he immediately raised his sword towards Ye Lu!

Gongsun Jing was a renowned swordsman in his own right and he had many martial masters while he was in the Honor Manor. However, no matter how swift or intrigue his swordplay had been, he could not steady his sword against the powerful windforce kicks of Qiao Feng and received a few hard kicks in return!

When swordplay could not be steadied, the openings were many and many of his stances became useless. Therefore he put aside his sword and used his fists instead.

Qiu Wufeng was a superior swordsman. His windless wordplay was renowned in the fraternity. Unfortunately, Ye Lu was his former martial master and was too familiar with his swordplay. In less than a hundred strokes, he had been struck a dozen blows by Ye Lu!

Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing were knocked on the ground at almost the same time. They were haggard and had several external injuries.

Ye Lu said coldly, “Are you convinced now? We will break every single bone in your body and make sure that you are living a worse fate than death. Unless of course, you will tell us what we want to know.”

Gongsun Jing laughed aloud as he spat out blood from his mouth, “I would die than tell you anything. Men like you will not keep any promises.”

Qiao Feng said, “We promise to let the both of you live and go your way. After all, we have a reputation in the fraternity.”

Qiu Wufeng interrupted fiercely, “Promise my foot! You have sworn your fealty to me and now you are after my life!”

Qiao Feng said coldly, “That is because you have murdered your father. That is why!” He raised his leg to kick Qiu Wufeng when all of a sudden, he saw a young man in white appearing quietly.

Qiao Feng and Ye Lu both took a step backward in startled surprise!

They were startled that someone would approach them so quietly until he was in full view of them.

Qiao Feng asked, “Who are you?”

Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng had recognized Yi Ping immediately!

The noble young man in white said coolly, “I am Yi Ping. We have met before.”

Qiao Feng looked intently at this young man but he did not remember ever seeing such a dashing young man before. He asked, “We have met before?”

Yi Ping said, “At the Heavenly Mountains, we once had a fight.”

Qiao Feng received a jolt in his head, “It is you!” He immediately attacked him with his multiple kicks!

He shouted, “Young man, I’ll recognize you!”

Indeed he had. He was still bitter about his defeat by a nobody in the Heavenly Mountains. This had caused him a great loss of face and caused him to be disdained by the Heartless Scholar.

Yi Ping said coldly, “Do you want to be defeated by me again?”

Qiao Feng did not show any mercy but displayed all his most epitome techniques. Yi Ping was startled but composed himself quickly as he unleashed a barrage of kicks in retaliation.

Try as hard as Qiao Feng in attacking him, this young man was like an impenetrable wall. He was astonished that this Yi Ping had progressed so fast in such a short span of time!

After a while, Qiao Feng was surprised at the persistent and strength of the young man’s kick that he shouted, “Brother Ye, why are you still standing there? Hurry and help me!”

Ye Lu was startled. Even though they were unorthodox fighters and honor did not mean anything to them but to gang up against a junior…if word get out that they would fight a junior together, they would lose their faces in the eyes of the other exponents in the fraternity!

Qiao Feng was shouting desperately, “Brother Ye, what are you waiting for! Hurry!”

Ye Lu sighed as he reluctantly entered the melee with his famous ‘Lighting God Hands’, fast as lightning, hit like thunder!

Yi Ping was gaining the upper hand when the Lightning God entered the melee fray. He quickly lifted another vital breath and focused his will with the ‘Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula’ and used the Divine Horizon Hands against Ye Lu.

Instead of weakening against the combined attacks of Qiao Feng and Ye Lu, Yi Ping was fighting even more furiously than ever!

They were surprised that Yi Ping could use his hands against Ye Lu, legs against Qiao Feng at the same time without breaking into a sweat!

While Yi Ping had been composed, Ye Lu and Qiao Feng was sweating and breathing heavily. They had taken several hits and had used up most of their vital strength and they had still not been able to hit him even once!

Yi Ping had used the ‘Resolute Strength Recite’ and the ‘Unfaltering Recite’ from the ‘Absolute Spirits Intricate Formulate’ to increase his resolute and speed. The stronger his opponents, the stronger he must be!

Ye Lu had never expected this young man to be so strong! Qiao Feng and he was one of the top exponents of the martial fraternity and they had fought untold powerful exponents together, including the Celestial Fairy. Even Gu Tianle was once mortally wounded by them. Yet this young man was able to hold them off effortlessly. It was totally unbelievable!

Ye Lu shouted, “This young man may not be able withstand our martial power at the same time!”

Qiao Feng immediately understood his intentions and he raised the martial power in both his hands. “That is right! No matter how strong he is, he will crack his bones if he tries to withstand our full strength!”

Ye Lu nodded and he too raised all his martial power in his hands as they charged at Yi Ping together! Because they were in close proximity and had suddenly changed their attacking stances, Yi Ping was caught in their midst! He immediately raised his martial power and displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon Hands!

There were a slightly visible blue and yellow flames that seemed to radiate from his shoulders as his hands became dozens of shadow palms as it sped towards Ye Lu and Qiao Feng as all three of them clashed against one another!

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng could not take the force of this stance which was greater than their martial powers that they were both knocked back onto the ground violently!

Even though the ‘Asper Continuum Horizon Hands’ was the second stance of the ‘Divine Horizon Stances’, it was not stronger than the first stance of the ‘Asper Horizon Hands’. It was because the second stance actually split the martial power evenly in-between the shadow palms.

Qiao Feng stared in disbelief! He could not believe that he would lose to this young man once again!

Ye Lu was famous for his Lightning God Hands and known for his speed attacks. In that single moment, he had counter-attacked with two dozen quick fists but he was still knocked back and was overwhelmed by more than an extra dozen strikes by Yi Ping!

Together with Qiao Feng, they had unleashed all their martial power as their own attacks split into dozens of shadow punches and kicks. But Yi Ping was still able to block off and counter-attacked with more than a dozen extra attacks more than them!

Yi Ping said coldly, “Now scram!”

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng picked themselves up awkwardly as they stared hatefully at Yi Ping. They were still able to fight and had not used up all their secret techniques.

Qiu Wufeng was stunned as he said, “You are going to let them off? These villains killed my clan protégés. You mustn’t let them off!”

Gongsun Jing was silent. He was known as Gongsun Jing the Benevolent but in his heart, he knew these two villains deserved to die.

Ye Lu immediately said to Yi Ping, “Young hero, since you have already said we can go and we are not your enemies, you have to honor what you have just said. Just because we do not fight you, doesn’t mean we fear you. We still have several techniques and tricks in our sleeves which we don’t want to reveal it yet. So, don’t force us.”

Qiao Feng warned Yi Ping, “Next time, you won’t be so lucky. When I am one of the masters of the Honor Manor, I will surely look for you. But today, you can take them both away. But it is only for today. You can’t protect them all the time.”

Yi Ping hummed coldly, “I think you are only trying to salvage your honor.”

Ye Lu said coldly, “Not at all. We have seen you with the Celestial Fairy. The martial skills of the Eternal Ice Palace are well known throughout the fraternity. Knowing that we are defeated by the Eternal Ice Palace is not a dishonorable thing. Farewell!”

Immediately Ye Lu and Qiao Feng took off. It was as though they had never been here!

Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing bowed with their hands to Yi Ping, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Gongsun Jing said, “Why do you come to our aid? Are we not enemies?”

Qiu Wufeng scoffed, “Maybe he saved you just to kill you personally.”

Gongsun Jing was startled as he took a step backward.

Yi Ping said, “I am just passing through when I heard the sounds of fighting. Out of curiosity, I have come to take a look. I do recognize you, Young Master Gongsun Jing. My feud is between your father and I.”

Gongsun Jing looked touched as he said, “I am no longer any master. You can call me Gongsun Jing. If you do not mind a down and out friend such as me, I will like to befriend you…”

Qiu Wufeng was startled as he thought, “This Gongsun Jing is really quick to recruit others to his banner. If I am slower than him, then I will lose a lot of prestige and face.”

So he quickly interrupted, “Brother Yi Ping, if you don’t mind a brother such as me, we can even become sworn brothers.”

Gongsun Jing lost his composure as he said coldly, “You call yourself a noble? You just interrupt a conversation between the two of us. I am about to ask Brother Yi Ping if he wants to be my sworn brother first!”

Qiu Wufeng said angrily, “I am the one that suggest it and you are trying to upset me by suggesting the same!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he looked at them before saying, “There is no need to quarrel over this. If Brother Qiu Wufeng and Brother Gongsun Jing did not mind, we can all become sworn brothers. I hope that the two of you will forget past feuds and get along well with one another. I have heard what had happened to you and I do not believe a word of it. At this moment of time, the two of you should unite against a common enemy and find a way to right your wrongs.”

Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were suddenly feeling awkward and were guilty. They lowered their heads in shame…

After some time, Gongsun Jing said. “Brother Yi Ping, you are right. But I have no other friends and with my skills alone, it not possible for me to challenge Gu Tianle or the entire Honor Manor alone.”

He turned to Qiu Wufeng and said, “Brother Wufeng, if there are any past offends, I hope that you do not put it into heart.”

Qiu Wufeng was stunned that the haughty Gongsun Jing would actually apologize to him. He began to stammer as he said, “Please forgive me for my past transgressions too…”

Yi Ping smiled broadly as he patted their shoulders, “That is the way. From now on, we are brothers…”

All of a sudden, he was interrupted by the terrifying shout of Ye Lu and Qiao Feng who had suddenly returned with fresh injuries!

From the look of that, they had just been attacked when they had just left a few moments ago.

Even Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing were startled at what caused Ye Lu and Qiao Feng to be so terrified. Was there a fighter that was more fearsome than Yi Ping?

An enthralling young maiden in yellow with no weapon in hand had just walked into view.

From Ye Lu and Qiao Feng terrified expressions, it was this young maiden that had caused them to be so terrified!

Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing were moved at her sight.

Qiu Wufeng immediately thought, “It is her? Even though she was veiled at that time at the Heavenly Mountains, I can still recognize her mannerism…She is indeed a wondrous beauty…”

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng both gave a shout as they attacked her at the same time in a desperate bid to escape.

Ye Lu raised all his martial power in his fist as he thrust his fist toward her but she simply raised her palm and there was a thunderous clapping sound as both hands clashed against one another!

Ye Lu was sent flying backward as he yelled aloud in pain!

Qiao Feng had raised his powerful legs and had attacked her with a powerful kick! But she simply raised her foot to retaliate against his kick!

Qiao Feng rolled backward as her kick missed him but there was a loud thunderous impact on the ground as her foot kicked against the ground!

The power of her martial power was startling and frightening!

Yi Ping gasped, “Youxue…”

Just when Qiao Feng had evaded her kick, he had immediately turned into the other direction to flee from her!

But another attractive young maiden had already quietly appeared as she eyed Qiao Feng with her long sword!

Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing immediately turned green with fright as their legs grew soft! It was because they had suddenly recognized this young maiden was none other than Ding Yunzi, whom they had recognized as from the Virtuous Palace!

Gongsun Jing would never forget that it was she that had chopped off his father’s head in front of him and it was she that had caused him to be in this miserable state…

Qiao Feng shouted, “Don’t you dare to stop me!” He immediately unleashed dozens of secret projectiles at her!

While he was famously known as the Shadow Kicker, few in the martial fraternity knew that his most powerful technique was actually his Shadowless Secret Projectiles! It was a secret that he did not want to reveal unless he had no choice!

Yi Ping was startled as he shouted, “Yunzi, be careful!”

The secret projectiles flew with a loud shrieking sound as it sped like meteor shower towards her!

Ding Yunzi whirled her long sword in front of her. As the secret projectiles struck her sword, it exploded multiple times with a loud clashing sound one after another as thick green fumes were given out!

The secret projectiles had been coated with poison!

Qiao Feng laughed aloud, “Young maiden! You are too inexperienced and belittle me!”

Yi Ping could not see past the thick smoke as he shouted, “You despicable man!”

But before he could take a step forward, the thick smoke had been cleared by Ding Yunzi’s whirling sword!

Qiao Feng was startled as he said, “You are unharmed?”

Ding Yunzi said coolly, “Do you think I have not second guessed that wily trick of yours?”

Even before he could recover from his surprise, he saw a flying scabbard towards him and had struck him on his chest!

The speed of the scabbard was simply unbelievable!

He raised all his martial power and kicked away the flying scabbard just in time. There was a loud cracking sound as he turned pale!

He had not expected this young maiden to have possessed such a great depth in her internal strength. As soon as he kicked the flying scabbard, his foot was fractured with a loud impact!

Ding Yunzi had actually stayed her hand. If she had thrown her flying sword towards him after he had kicked her flying scabbard, he would be too exhausted to avoid her follow up attack.

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng was breathing heavily as they said rapidly at the same time, “Just who are the both of you?! Why is that we have never heard there are such exponents in the fraternity? Which martial clan are you from? Do we even have a feud?”

“You really want to know?”

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng were startled!

A mesmerizing young maiden in a beautiful pink dress had suddenly appeared behind them!

Yi Ping gasped, “Lie Qing…”

Lie Qing smiled amiably, “I can tell you so that the two of you can die peacefully. We are from the Virtuous Palace.”

Ye Lu and Qiao Feng immediately turned white with ashen for they had heard that Gongsun Bai was killed by the Virtuous Palace…

Ye Lu hastily said, “What feud do we have with the Virtuous Palace? We have never offended the Virtuous Palace…”

Lie Qing smiled, “There is no feud in the past but there is now.”

Qiao Feng stammered, “What do you mean?”

Lie Qing pointed at Yi Ping as she said, “Who he wants to spare we’ll kill. Who he tries to kill, we will let live.”

Yi Ping was stammering, “All of you…”

Lie Qing smiled at Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing as she said, “I have heard that the two of you are going to become his sworn brother? Is that so?”

Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing immediately turned white. It was because they had personally witnessed the martial skills of the Virtuous Palace before. And now there were three of them…

Even though they were all enchanting and extremely beautiful, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were terrified because they knew they were going to die.

Gongsun Jing looked at Ding Yunzi as he said, “I may not be a hero but I am not afraid of death.”

Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly, “Even though I am afraid of death but I have nothing now. If I can die with my friends, it is at least better than being a coward.”

Yi Ping asked panicky, “Lie Qing, why are you threatening my friends?”

Lie Qing swept her crimson eyes at them one by one. Anyone that she swept past with her eyes could feel a cold piercing uneasy feeling that instantly shivered them!

Ye Lu said, “Five of us versus the three of them. If we join hands together, we can win…”

Qiu Wufeng said coldly, “I will rather see you getting killed than join hands with you. Don’t forget that I have a vendetta with you!”

Qiao Feng said, “We need to make a decision fast or we won’t survive this…”

But before he could finish, Lie Qing had dealt him a blow on his forehead and had moved swiftly past him and struck Ye Lu on his forehead at the same time!

There were two startling loud banging sound as Qiao Feng and Ye Lu fell down dead onto the ground!

Her speed was so startling that Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing were staring in shock!

Yi Ping shouted angrily, “Why did you kill them for!? They are already injured!”

Lie Qing blinked at him as she smiled, “I am helping you to kill all your enemies so that you can be a righteous hero.”

Xiao Youxue said coldly, “These villains deserved their just desserts.”

Ding Yunzi asked softly, “Does Young Master Gongsun Jing wants to avenge your father now?”

Gongsun Jing immediately said to Yi Ping, “Brother, since we have agreed to be sworn brothers, you got to help me avenge my father.”

At this, Yi Ping was stunned for words…